31+ Best Aage Bohr Quotes and Sayings

Aage Niels Bohr was born on 19 June 1922 and was known to be a Danish nuclear physicist who had the distinction of sharing the Nobel Prize in Physics in the year 1975 along with James Rainwater and Ben Mottelson for discovering the collective motion as well as particle motion in atomic physics.

He was also responsible for developing the theory of the atomic nuclear structure depending on this connection. Below, we have mentioned several of the most well-known Aage Bohr sayings that you should not ignore whatsoever.

Aage Bohr Quotes and Sayings

-Ever since I completed my university studies, I have been linked with the Niels Bohr Institute, first in the role of a research fellow and also as a physics professor at the University of Copenhagen (in the year 1956). Following the demise of my dad in the year 1962, I became the director of the Institute till 1970.

-Any personal friendship which has developed from scientific relations with colleagues from various countries has become a significant part of the lives of both me as well as my wife. We also have traveled a lot together as a part of global scientific cooperation, and it has provided us with a very rich experience out there.

Aage Bohr Quotes

-I tied the knot with Marietta Soffer in New York City in the month of March 1950, and we were blessed with three kids, namely Tomas, Vilhelm, as well as Margrethe.

-My wife’s name is Marietta Soffer and I was married in the year 1950. We have got three kids, namely Margrethe, Tomas, as well as Vilhelm.

-For any person who has performed his responsibilities, death will come in a natural manner as that of sleep.

– Gothenburg happens to be the Liverpool or Baltimore or maybe Marseille which has been plagued by the demise of wharves as well as other industries and with complicated segregation of the southern European population, which once supplied a fantastic labor force that all of a sudden found itself residing in remote projects with no job at all.

aage bohr quotes

-I prefer behaving in an absolutely normal manner for the major part of my life on a regular basis even though I am mentally consumed with horrible visions of terror, sex, violence, and death.

-Even though you might be raised as a Catholic, there is one particular thing that you might be required to suffer at a very young age, which happens to be demise. Do you need to face all the major issues sparking profound queries like what exactly we are doing here, by the way?

-Through my dad’s experience, I understood that the way you last and what you need to endure is more relevant than what you have to suffer.

– I believe we truly evolved the way we speak regarding cancer. I remember how it was spoken to by my grandma, and no one would utter the word, just like the death penalty.

– I’ve been a pretty spoiled brat. I’ve got some temper, obviously my dad’s culture and traditions, and I became very good at ordering everybody. I was the Prince, and I totally terrified the workers. 

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