56+ Best Aaron Peirsolis Quotes and Sayings

Aaron Wells Peirsolis is originally the former American competition swimmer as well as the back stroker who was also formerly in the World Championship and not only this he is also the world record holder too. Besides this he is also the three time Olympian as well as the seven times Olympic medalist.

And it was only in 2011 when is retirement was also announced by him. Mentioned below are some of the most famous and popular sayings and quotes of Aaron Wells Peirolis.

Aaron Peirsolis Quotes and Sayings

  • When you ask of my life then I would just like to say that my life is always been full of ups and never of downs and so far my life has actually been so great to be honest
  • To be very honest no one actually told me any thing nor did I know what I just did now I actually need to just figure out every thing and not that I feel and I find every thing just to be bogus to me. 
  • I would like to tell you that I have spent all my life and also dedicated all myself just for promoting this every time and now finally I have this very opportunity in my hands by god’s grace.
  • Honestly speaking I feel myself to be blessed by God and I always wish and tend to tell my own experiences actually with all those people who are either swimmers themselves or even if they aspire to be the swimmers in their future
  • What I think is that now a days people hardly or rather rarely surprise themselves though they should do it often because self love should be priority in your life

_ To be honest I feel the man who is actually able to do all the very strokes and of all types are of course the ones who are gifted both physically as well as mentally and also I believe that their brain works or functions rather differently from those of the other people

_ If you really think so then I would like to make this very clear to all that we never swim for gaining that attention from any one. Nor do we actually swim to be rock stars. 

_ If you ask me that why I swim then I would just have one answer for you that I swim because I originally love swimming and I find it rather beautiful. 

_ To be more precise I would like to tell you that swimming is a sport that actually enable you in true sense to do some thing in which your are in love with certainly with out any other effects. 

_ Always keep in your minds that we are the one who can actually maintain as well as preserve these coasts as well as these oceans for our own future generations so that we can safe guard from being deprived of all that we have today

_ I am a kind of person who always keeps his own personal strategy ready every time just like I had one when I was competing with Michael that was actually to stay ahead of him at least 100m and then finally pull away. 

_ If you don’t know so I would like to tell this to every body that I am not scared of any one as such and so this keeps me ready and also full of confidence every time that I can actually race with any one 

_ To be very precise I never thought of racing with any one in particular it is only that I just want to race that’s all what I actually think of every time. 

_ Always keep in your minds that the oceans are actually the very lofe blood of our beautiful and so caring for this and keeping it beautiful is all our responsibility

_ I would like to say that if you really feel and want all our infinite generations to survive on this very planet earth then all what you need to do is to always take a stand for all those things that you actually love and do keep this in mind always 

_ For me if you ask then to me Retiring is the most weird or rather a strange word because here I am of just 27 and I still have a lot more to do in my life   

_ To be very honest I believe that I always had a very natural and that beautiful connection to the very waters. And this very connection that I actually have it is stemming from the very ocean 

_ What I believe is that the best thing which we can always hope to actually achieve is to properly educate or can make efforts to make people aware, basically to many number of people as possible for actually making them understand and making them realise that all the small steps taken by them every day are originally having negative affects on our own environment. 

_ I feel myself to be pretty different from others because where others just think that they would have another year to enter in there I keep wondering that the next year how many more of the world records will be broken 

_ To be very honest I would like to say that what all I have to is better or rather more than my expectations but also I do not feel myself to be satisfied because there is more that I can achieve as per my capability. 

_ Swimming is my first love because it actually rejuvenates me and not only this it also keeps me young. 

_ You should be actually aware about the true condition of our oceans and we should know that they are in despair. 

aaron peirsolis quotes

_ To be realistic long beaches are actually making efforts to acknowledge this very condition of our oceans. And I would just say as the aware and responsible people we should start working on this and for this purpose long beaches can be a perfect start. 

_ You all should actually know this fact that it is never to early nor too late for you to care or to preserve your very environment as well as your oceans. 

_ When every was originally catching up or rather picking up so fast then these guys they actually just pushed me. 

_ I would like to tell you people that this swimming actually took aways so many of my very faculties and it was that for all this long I just gave it all time and energy and to be more precise my every thing 

_ It was only that I just actually elated and also I just hoped but truly speaking I did not thought that I would really be able to actually do that

_ For me I always find it best and most relaxing specially when it comes to do swimming right in front of your parents as well as your friends and family. I always find it to be the best meet for my self 

_ For you all I have just one thing to say that you must feel that how would you really feel yourself if we would actually loose all our fishes happening today because of over fishing; if we would actually be losing all of our favourite beaches just because of the over building of that waste and all rest of the pollution and I believe this all would just happen because of us not realising its actual importance in our lives. 

_ My pool some times seems to me like a different one because it has all the big stands all those flags and also big and huge banners and cameras also it has may other decorations too around it. 

_ Always keep in your minds that I feel if you have actually brought se difference from your end and actually you have changed the very mind of even a small kid created that awareness of environment in to him then I believe you have really done your job very well 

_ I actually just keep wondering that how frequently does a particular person gets that very gold medal in the World Championships! 

_ I would like to share this with all that it has been the biggest opportunity in my life that what I always wished for and wanted too I achieved it at last of being the very ambassador of my most important swimming and that to throughout the entire United States it is now that I can actually help more of people and also can I now excite the new swimmers and inspire others too   

_ I really wish to make people more aware about the sports that actually involves water in to it. 

_ You believe it or not that one day it would definitely be like boom boom and boom

_ There are people who have been actually told by their parents as well as their coaches that it all actually sounds to be like trite 

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