Agriculture Company: 6 About us Page Templates

When visitors go to your website, the first place they go is your landing page. If they have an interest past your landing page, they will probably go to your “About Us” page to learn more.

What to Write in about us page of Agriculture Business?

  • Mention the establishment date of the company.
  • Mention all the necessary licenses and certifications that you have. 
  • Mention the names of your loyal partners and clients
  • Mention your contact details so that contacting you is not a hassle.

When a website visitor decides to go to the “About Us” page fo your AgriCulture business, he or she is on a fact-finding mission, as well as looking for the “story” of your AgriCulture business.

It’s crucial that your “About Us” page says what goods or services your AgriCulture business provides.

About us Page Templates for AgriCulture Business.

Template : 1

‘Organization Name’

We work close by agriculturists, makers, producers, retailers, governments, and different associations to satisfy our motivation to support the world in a protected, dependable and practical way. Together, we make efficiencies, create developments, and help networks flourish.

In America, ‘Organization Name’ ‘s activities began in 1987. It has organizations in refined oils, nourishment fixings, grain and oilseeds, cotton, creature sustenance, mechanical claims to fame, and exchange organized back. ‘Organization Name’ markets driving buyer brands of palatable oils, for example, Nature Fresh, Gemini, Sweekar, Leonardo Olive Oil, Rath and Sunflower brand of hydrogenated fats.

It likewise advertises wheat flour under the Nature Fresh brand name. The Animal Nutrition business of ‘Organization Name’ gives creature feed and premix and nourishment for water, dairy and poultry. It markets creature feed and premix under the brands, for example, Provimi, Purina, Citura and ‘Organization Name’.

The Grains and Oilseed business begins grains and oilseeds at 200 capacity areas. It utilizes in excess of 3500 representatives working crosswise over workplaces and plants and a system of distribution centers and terminals.

Template : 2

‘Organization Name’

We assembled our name on giving ages of families healthy, incredible tasting chicken. Be that as it may, the present ‘Organization Name’ Foods is a lot more. As qualities and practices around sustenance have changed, so have we. Today, we’re trend-setters remarkably situated to reshape feeding our reality.

Today, we not just have the quickest developing arrangement of protein-driven brands, we offer more prominent straightforwardness into all that we do.

We conjointly promote property farming practices that square measure economically viable, environmentally friendly, strengthen our communities and shield the health of gift and future generations.

With our experience in developing growth methods, property agribusinesses, operational potency, and integration of stakeholders in price chains we’ve created custom-made solutions to bridge the gap between real challenges across the provision chain.

Our agriculture strategies and practices square measure supported protecting our earth’s natural resources through technology and innovation and with efficiency exploitation the land, material, and water in our overall operations.

Template : 3

‘Organization Name’

Sustain life is our responsibility. This isn’t constrained to sustenance generation – it reaches out to tasks, activities and causes we grasp. So as to convey quality items, we have a group committed to advancing each day. We are in excess of 100,000 representatives around the world.

An extensive group that has a worldwide vision, without leaving aside the nearby needs.

Every colleague is essential to make ‘Organization Name’ one of the biggest nourishment organizations on the planet. We are guided by qualities that fill in as a compass for our work. Morals in all activities, straightforwardness in our esteem chain and development are non-debatable focuses for us.

Our portfolio has in excess of 30 brands, among them the monster Sadia and Perdigão, which together began the historical backdrop of ‘Organization Name’ . Qualy, Paty, Dánica, and Perdix, among others, speak to the organization around the globe with a typical reason: to deliver things with a quality standard that starts with the production of our creatures and closures at the table of our buyers.

In any case, we do none of this by itself: notwithstanding the ‘Organization Name’ workers, we have the help of in excess of 13 thousand incorporated makers, in excess of 30 thousand providers (4 thousand just of grains, wheat and oils) and in excess of 200 thousand clients.

Working along these lines, it potentiates little human acts and extends the conceivable outcomes of self-improvement.

The restoration of connections, in a cooperative and comprehensive way, is made conceivable by the porous shape that today incorporates the entire world. This is our locale, which is assorted, ambitious and enthusiastic.

Template : 4

‘Organization Name’

‘Organization Name’ , an organization with more than 60 years’ involvement, is a worldwide sustenance industry pioneer with more than 235 thousand representatives around the world. ‘Organization Name’ works generation stages and business workplaces in more than 20 nations and has an assorted item portfolio that incorporates many in a flash conspicuous worldwide brands.

The organization is additionally dynamic in different areas identified with its center business, for example, calfskin, biodiesel, collagen, cleansers, glycerin and regular housings and possesses squander the executives, metal bundling and dispatching organizations that help its worldwide tasks.

The organization’s assorted portfolio incorporates brands, for example, brand1 ,brand 2, brand 3, brand 4, brand 5, brand 6, brand 7, brand 8, brand 9 and 1855, among others.

This scope of items and its worldwide impression signifies ‘Organization Name’ can serve more than 300 thousand clients in excess of 150 nations.

‘Organization Name’ opened up to the world in 2007 and its stock is exchanged on the BM&F Bovespa’s New Market, which offers the largest amount of corporate administration on Brazil’s capitals advertise. In 2016, the organization recorded BRL 170.3 billion in net incomes.

Template : 5

‘Organization Name’

‘Company Name’ is an agriculture house providing innovative, property and result-driven solutions and services to agriculture, commercial enterprise, and food process sector across the worth chain.

‘Company Name’ has experience in developing growth methods, property commercial enterprise, operational potency and integration of stakeholders in price chains that helps produce custom-made solutions to bridge the gap between real challenges across the provision chain.

For an extended time, American agriculture has been dour by low productivity and lower quality of the product. The product from the American agriculture market weren’t able to view within the international market, leading to lower demand and lesser financial gain to the farmers.

In distinction, smaller countries like Netherland progressed fine with high productivity, a lot of exports and accrued financial gain for farmers. we have a tendency to felt that the matter with American agriculture was that it absolutely was not being run within the industrial line.

Agriculture on a world scale was developing as an enterprise that desires promoting and management inputs. However, In America, this wasn’t being provided to the farmers. American farmers had sensible data concerning agricultural practices, however, lacked technological, management or monetary skills.

we have a tendency to completed that so as to extend productivity and creating the farmers earn a lot of we’d like to produce them with data of management, technology, and monetary skills. This meant that agriculture should be remodeled into commercial enterprise.

We specialise in contributive to the expansion of alimentary and healthy crops and foods, making quantity and enhancing the quality of living and dealing of the farmers by providing our shoppers with services like:

  • Project designing and Development
  • Project Management and jailer Implementation
  • Financial services and Partner Search Search
  • Modern Agriculture and price Chain Development
  • Policy consultative observation and analysis
  • Organization Development and capability Building

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