A Speech on Animals Have Rights Too

Good (—) one and all. I am here to speak a few words about animal rights. Just like us human beings, animals also have their rights. After all, aren’t human beings animals too? Often people do not realize that they have the right to live here peacefully just like us because they are of a lower rank species than us. We are all familiar with how animals are being tortured for the gain of humans.

Many animals are being tortured in labs for experiments and in places like zoos and circuses to entertain people; they are being killed for food, put in horrible environments, and made to suffer. 

Experiments on animals should be banned. They should not be used for breeding and selling. They should not be killed for food, medicine, or clothes. Using animals like donkeys, elephants, etc., for heavy labor should be stopped. The hunting of animals should be put to an end. Using them as entertainment in zoos, circuses, and other places should be abolished.

We must know that humans and mammal animals have so much in common, including biological complexity, consciousness, and awareness.

They know what is happening to them. They also have likes and dislikes and make conscious choices. The quality and length of life matter to them, just like us. So next time you think of hurting them, know that you are hurting a human who deserves all the rights to live in peace.

Animals are not put on earth as slaves to humans or serve humans. All of us are put here with the same purpose, to survive. It is ethically and morally wrong to put them to harm. Just like us, animals do have their own families. They socialize with other animals. They have to provide for their family and feel pain and sadness when they lose their family or herd member, just like us.

Try to think from their perspective. Even if you adopt or buy animals, do not treat them as your slaves. Try to include them as a family and treat them with respect. Give them love, good food, and adequate shelter. Do not try to remove animals that live in the forests from their natural habitats.

They are designed to live in the forests and may not be able to survive elsewhere. Even if they do, they will be living a life of misery. So be compassionate and have moral ethics.

It is high time we address such issues as many animals are being endangered and extinct because of human activities. Just because they cannot speak and react as humans do, it doesn’t mean they cannot feel the pain of cruelty that is being done to them. Just like us, they too have feelings, emotions, pain, and a need for socialization.

We must try our best not to harm them. Let them get the peace and right to life they deserve. All animals have rights irrespective of their rank of species. 

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