201+ Sprinkle Invitation Wording Ideas To Make Your Own

A baby Sprinkle is celebrated to Sprinkle the expectant mother with all the love and care and the things she shall require for the newborn. However, Baby sprinkle was invented for a mother about to give birth to her second child. Here are a few Baby sprinkle invitations that you can use to invite your friends and family and be a part of this blessing. 

Baby Sprinkle Invitation Messages

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Baby Sprinkle Invitation Wording Ideas

  • It’s our Baby Sprinkle. Please become a part of our celebration.
  • It pours when it rains. Please join us for a Baby sprinkle as we are about to greet two-time mommy [name].
  • Yes, the rumors are correct. We have another guest. Please join our family and be a part of our joy and celebration for this Baby Sprinkle. 
  • Oh man- We are having another Sprinkle. Join us for a Baby Sprinkle at our home. We are about to become four from three. 
  • Boy, oh, Boy. We are about to welcome another bundle of joy. Please be a part of this casual party that we are inaugurating in honor of our new family member. -We are welcoming a baby girl. Our hearts are Awhirl. Let’s a get-together for this small celebration that we are having in honor of the little angel who is now a part of this family. 
  • Sugar and spice, everything feels so nice. Two wasn’t enough, so we did it thrice. Please be a part of this Baby sprinkle as we are about to celebrate the arrival of our imminent son.

Sprinkle Invitation Wording

  • Hola Friends! We are about to welcome another family member; please be a part of this celebration of ours. Here are the details: 
  • Saturday, April 10. 2:30-6:00 PM.
  • At our place.
  • And please don’t feel obligated to bring a gift. It is all about your blessings and love that we want from you. We shall be waiting for you.
  • I cannot wait to share with you guys this Joy of ours. We are about to welcome another baby girl. We want all of you to be there at our place on the auspicious day of Baby Sprinkle. Please come with loads of love and blessings. 
  • Twinkle, twinkle, it’s a sprinkle. Little hands and little feet, another little one is about to make our family complete. 
  • And another one is about to join the family. You are welcome to honor the baby at his first Sprinkle. 
  • A new tot is about to join our lot. Please become a part of this sprinkle.
  • We have started to reconstruct our home since another member is soon to join. Join us for this beautiful occasion and sprinkle the love on our baby. 
  • We are so excited to see our family grow. Another set of little fingers and little toes. 
  • Let us all celebrate this day. Another tiny tot is on the way. 
  • Now our only daughter is about to become an elder sister. Join her as she welcomes her sibling into the family. You are invited to the Baby sprinkle. 
  • Join us for the Baby sprinkle as another member joins us at the family dinner table.
  • Bibs, diapers, and more nappies. Another baby is here to make our family Happy. Join us on our new journey of becoming parents for the second time. 
  • We cannot explain how excited we are to welcome another kid into our family. We hope you shall become a part of this excitement too. Please join us for the Baby Sprinkle and bless us with love and joy. 

baby sprinkle wording

  • Please join us for a Baby sprinkle in honor of our again-to-be mother. 
  • Little toes and little nose. Little presents tied up in bows. Come join us for this Baby sprinkle at our place. 
  • Sprinkle with Love. As [name] is about to give birth to another beautiful kid. 
  • Oh! Baby. Please become a part of our happiness and bless the new mom-to-be. 
  • Bibs and bottles galore. The [surname] is having one more. The big sister has a lot to share. Please join for the sprinkle to show how much you care. 
  • We are excited to welcome another teddy bear. [name] is expecting her second child. Please bring a special gift to sprinkle love on her. 
  • Oh! Newborn babies are such fun. [mother’s name] is expecting another one. We are organizing a small get-together for the baby to come. You are cordially invited. 
  • We don’t need huge presents on this special day. Just be there and make hay. This baby sprinkle is about the new child to come. So be there on time to show your care and love. 
  • We are about to celebrate a big day. Our second child is on the way. Come join us for this Baby sprinkle.

Baby sprinkle invite wording & Sayings Ideas

  • with another beautiful angel on the way, come join the [surname] on their big day. Please be a part of their first baby sprinkle and bless their family. 
  • As I am about to become a big brother, I welcome you all to my sibling’s baby, Sprinkle. Come join my parents and me and help us double this happiness. 
  • We are about to become a tribe of four from three. Please join us on this great day and sprinkle love on both our kids. 
  • Our baby boy is about to become a baby brother. Come join us on our bid day. It’s a little get-together, so don’t bother yourself with the gifts. 
  • We are extremely happy to invite you to this gala event, where we are celebrating in honor of our second child. Please join us on this day and double up our happiness. 
  • Can’t wait to share this amazing news with you all. We are soon going to be four from a family of three. Please join us for this casual get-together and sprinkle your blessings on the mother.
  • [name] is going to be an elder sister now. Yes, we are expecting another baby this fall. We invite you to this baby sprinkle which we are hosting in honor of our new family member. 
  • Sprinkle Love. This time it’s a Boy. The [name] invites you all to celebrate the happiness of another kid. Please join them on their big day. 
  • I am about to be called dad by another kid. We shall be extremely grateful for your presence on this beautiful day of our lives. Please join us for this baby sprinkle and show love to both of our kids.

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