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Here, we have assembled the best collection of Bible sayings and statuses expressing your belief in the lord. Scroll down and share your favorite on WhatsApp statuses. 

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Having Faith Bible verses Captions And status

-God gave everything back. But in double. 

-Life lies in hope. 

-Hell and heaven only exist in this world. 

-We are still prudent Christians because we look to Christ instead of us. 

-Determination is the first step on the ladder of success. 

-The more we depend on God, the more reliable He appears to us. 

-The privileges the lord provides you are greater than the price you have to pay. 

-Never waste today for yesterday. 

-Put on new valuables, not just clothes. 

-Thank God for giving me such a wonderful life. If I don’t love it enough, please forgive me. 

-God is the lord of Second Chance. He will never give up on you. 

-Timely prayer is like a strong bond. 

-If you don’t thank God for every smile, then you have no right to complain about every tear. 

-Prayer and chants can remove poisonous elements from life. 

-I am very lucky to thank God for everything that happens to me every day. 

-The most important thing in life is happiness, which cannot be bought. 

-It is doubtful whether God can bless a person in a large amount before hurting him deeply. 

-Burn your ego and see the difference.

-There are many possibilities for life and two for eternity. 

-God knows his secret plan for what he will do for the world with my hands. 

-Keep calm and believe in God. 

-Thank God for giving me such a wonderful life. I love every bit of it.

-I entrusted my life to God, and in the end, he gave it to me filled with happiness. 

-When we pray, we should pray with a clean heart and soul. 

-Only God can change our destiny, so we must act accordingly. 

-We need to turn on self-awareness, not just lights. 

-I like to think of nature as an infinite radio station. As long as we listen to it, God will speak to us through it every hour. 

-The gift we get from God is who we are. Our gift to God is what we have become. 

-It is always good to look at events and situations in a positive light. 

-First of all, I want to thank God for giving me a gift and thank God for giving me a second chance to live a better life. 

-Faith and hope are the driving force of life. 

-Don’t worry; God is always on time; trust him. 

-The angel flew to the church to save everyone from misery. 

-Suffering for the benefit of others is a sign of a wicked soul. 

-Believe in God, believe in the beauty that is coming. 

-Letting go is a sign of the strong. 

-A small love seed can create a beautiful garden.

Bible verses Captions And status

Inspirational Bible verses Captions And status

-The Lord is my light and my salvation; who am I afraid of? The Lord is the strength of my life; who am I afraid of? 

-The salvation of the righteous comes from Jehovah; he is your strength in difficult times. 

-On the day I screamed, you answered me and encouraged me with the power of my soul. 

-Jesus looked at them and said to them, “It’s impossible with man, but everything is possible with God. 

-Oh lord, let us not be discouraged; although the people outside of us are worn out, the people inside are still new day by day. 

-Christ, please give me strength; I can do everything. 

-Because God gave us the Holy Spirit, not fear, but strength, love, and self-control. 

-We should not focus on what we see but should pay attention to what we don’t see Yes, as the Bible says, what we see is temporary, and what we cannot see is eternal. 

-Compassion is the temple of God. 

-When you change your attitude towards things, your attitude towards life will change accordingly. 

-Every experience in life is a lesson, and every loss is an experience. 

-The secret of happiness can only be found when you free your heart from all the attachments in the world. 

-Life is like a strong bridge across the sea of ​​change. Don’t build a house on it. Continue to build a bridge over the sea. 

-Broad-mindedness is one of the most important virtues on the path of spiritual practice. 

-Always remember, if you fail or fail in life, don’t miss the lessons you have learned. 

-Sometimes a word is enough to change everything. 

-Prayer is a dialogue with God. God knows your heart very well. He does not care about your words, but the attitude of your heart. 

Bible verses Captions And status

Bible verses Captions And status

-Life’s Biggest prayer: wait patiently for change.

-You should pray for the blessing of life because God knows what is good for us. The formation of prayers is beyond the imagination of the world. 

-We pray when we need and need, but do we pray when we are happy and happy? 

-Pray with all your strength because prayer is the only voice of faith. 

-Dear God, thank you for giving us such a good life; if we do not have enough will to love it, please forgive us. 

-When the world collapses, remember that our God is the lord of Second Chance. He will never give up on us. 

-The more we believe in God, the more we find that he is trustworthy. 

-When you feel that the world is your enemy, look up to heaven, and you will know that God is with you. 

-You can dedicate yourself to God by helping others, and God will give you double happiness. 

-Life and nature can be difficult, but God is kind and simple and will never confuse the two.

-Pray that every minute, every hour, and every day of your life will be safe and happy. Bless you. 

-Good Morning! I wish you a happy day! Your warmth is the blessing of my life!

Bible verses Captions And status

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