Client invitations: 87+Wordings Ideas to Write

A business client is somebody who will buy goods from your company or pay for the services your company has to offer.

Unlike customers, clients tend to have some sort of arrangement or a professional relationship with the seller.

So to be successful, it is extremely important to maintain a healthy relationship with your clientele so that the business doesn’t get affected.

One of the ways to maintain a harmonious relationship with business clients is to organize an event dedicated to their loyalty.

While planning is the most pivotal part, the process of inviting the clients comes second to that. So here are some invitational wording ideas to invite many of your business clients

What to write in a business client meeting invitation?

  • Make sure to make your clients feel important
  • Mention the venue and time
  • Mention you will be happy to be their host 
  • Mention how important the clients are for you

Clients Invitation wordings Ideas

– You and the family are cordially invited to an event where we will get the chance to show how much your faith in our company means to us.

– It has been a total rollercoaster ride doing business with you. Accept this invitation and grace your presence at the event organized by our company on (date) and (location).

– We are more than glad you chose our company for collaboration. Do come to our party on (date) at a location and give us chance to appreciate our professional relationship.

– Neither of us has got the chance to talk about anything other than business. So please come to the event on (date) organized by our company at (location).

– We have loved doing business with you and hence you and the family are cordially invited to an event organized by our company on (date) at (location).

– May this relationship between us remain as strong it is now in the future. On (date) we are having a get together for all our clients for which your presence is requested.

– For a change let’s keep aside our business relationship and have a wonderful evening on (date). Your presence at the party held at (location) would completely be our honor.

– We are more than grateful to have you as one of our faithful clients so please give us a chance to serve you a wonderful evening on (date) at (location).

– (Company name) would like to invite you and the family for our annual client get-together evening. Please be there at (location) as we celebrate our business relationship on (date).

– It is nothing short of a fortunate occurrence when you have decided to extend our business relationship. We ask you to be present at (location) on (date) for a delightful evening.

– You are cordially invited to attend the grand evening of clientele get-together on (date) at (location). It would be our pleasure to have you as our guest.

– There will be cocktails and hors d’oeuvres served at the grandest evening on (date) organized by (company name) for all of our clients. Please be there for the party at (location).

– We at the (company name) believe in maintaining an honest and satisfactory relationship with our clients. So do visit for a wonderful evening on (date) held at (location).

– Your presence would be greatly felt at the annual social event held at (location) organized by (company name) for all of their clients. We are hoping to see you there on (date).

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– (Company name) has organized an evening that is solely dedicated to our faithful clients. We will expect your presence on (date) at (location).

– Other than the profits, it is time to share the joy of working together for many years and hence your presence is requested on (date) at (location) organized by (company name).

– (Mr. Name) President of (company name) would like to request your presence on (date) for an evening dedicated to the celebration of our precious clients.

– We at (company name) request you to attend the gala organized and held at (location) on (date) to discuss our future collaborations and celebrate our professional relationship.

– As your loyalty and friendship towards our company is unmatchable, we have decided to throw a social gathering party just for our beloved clients. Please be there on (date & location).

– We know you have a thing for wines so there is a wine tasting ceremony included at the annual gathering of our clients held at (location). Please be there on (date).

– (company name) has decided to organize an event just for our wonderful clients on (date & location). You and the missus are cordially invited to spend an evening with us.

– It is dedication and loyalty which makes you one of our best clients and hence you and your missus’s presence are requested on (date &location) for a delightful evening.

– We are humble and grateful for all your trust and support for our company. So let us appreciate your involvement by attending the event that is dedicated to our clients.

 – You will forever remain our most cherished clients. So do join us for an evening of culinary delights and wine tasting organized by our company for its special clients.

– (Mr. and Mrs. Names) thank you for all the business opportunities you have provided for the company. So do attend the gala held at (date & location).

– Our company’s success over the years wouldn’t have been possible without you. We only request your presence for an evening of celebrating our loyal clients.

– We cannot be more grateful for how you have been supporting our business; hence, we would like to have you as our esteemed guest for the party on (date & location).

– Our Company has reached a reputable position in the industry. We want to celebrate the fact with you as you are one of the reasons for it. The party’s on (date & location)

– They say clients are nothing short of being a God. So please grace your presence for the party on (date & location) and give us a chance to appreciate your fidelity.

– Our Company is celebrating its 15 years of establishment and it wouldn’t have been possible without your support. Our joy would be complete if you are there with us to celebrate.

– With humility and joy in our hearts we would like to invite you for an evening of celebration with all of our devoted clients. It would be our honor to have you as a guest.

– (Company name) has organized an evening gala, especially for all our inspiring clients. We hope you come and enjoy an evening of music, drinks, and appetizers.

– You have started as one of our clients and now you are our business partners. On (date) you and the family are cordially invited to attend the celebration of our relationship.

– This year you are invited to attend our company’s success party held at (date & location) because our clients are the sole reason for our success.

– You are invited to celebrate the beginning of our company’s new venture. You were always by us when we were small so want you by our side when we grow.

– For all the business you have provided for us, the company would like to thank you by inviting you and the missus for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres on (date & location).

– You and a guest are cordially invited to our company’s wine-tasting party. Many of our clients will be there and your presence is also expected.

– On (date), we are rolling out the carpet for all our business clients. You are cordially invited to the celebration as you are one of our pillars to success.

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