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Chant on the moon day is celebrated on 15th august of every year. On this day, thousands of people gather around to chant (howl) into the parts of heaven. This day is celebrated with family and friends and to connect with nature.

Chant On The Moon Day messages:

– Chant on the moon day is the best day to connect with nature; it tells us the unheard stories reside in the heart.

– On thus chant on the moon day go out with your friends and how the songs of friendships.

– Go on adventure because of its chant on the moon day.

– On this chant on the moon day, let your negativities go out, absorb positivity, and become happy.

On the chant on the moon day, the moon is at its most immense size and full power, proving that we are the utmost top of our life at least once in a life.

On the chant on the moon day, the cherries become sweeter due to the moon’s effect, tells us that when you are at your best, make others life sweet with your presence.

– No one can celebrate this day while sitting at home; it’s a punishable crime.

– The cherries are harvested at sunrise, telling us that early morning always pays off.

– This day gives the mind the clarity required; make sure you are out to receive maximum clarity.

– On this chant day, when you howl, make sure positivity and prayers are coming.

– Be like moon matter, how much anyone tries your shininess cannot remain hidden.

– Moon is beautiful still. Some people look at their scars in the same way, no matter how successful you are; some people will always talk about your failures.

– The real happiness lies in the coming home after a long day at work and then going out howling, enjoying with friends in warm weather.

– While howling on the chant on the moon day, don’t forget to howl all your weakness and worries.

– Be so hardworking that you shine bright like a moon.

– I am planning to take my wife out on a long drive, and observe the moon from a hill. This is the best day to spend time with your loved ones.

– The moon phase decrease and then slowly becomes a full moon, similarly in the same way, when you are at your lowest phase, you will reach the top too keep thriving.

– The moon is the loyal companion. It never leaves your side, even in darkness.

– Make your personality magical, like the moon. I hope you will spend the day with your loved one.

– Go out, sit with your friends, share your worries, don’t let these worries and tensions take over you.

– Exchange your negativities with the positives on the chant on the moon day; your soul needs a makeover too.

– Chant on the moon day is like a makeover for soul and personality all in one.

– Those who say they don’t like chant on the moon day have never experienced the spirituality of the chanting in the moon, on a ground full of grass and soul full of hopes.

Chant On The Moon Day quotes

Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”
― Anton Chekhov

“Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.”
― Mark Twain

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