At What Age Should Children Be Allowed to Have a Cell Phone?

Permitting the child for using the cellphone is actually a topic of argument. It is risky. It becomes a challenging task for the parents to control their desire to buy a mobile phone. They usually ask for mobiles to be in touch with friends and form social groups.

Most important thing is that the price of the mobile is quite high and there can be chances of getting lost by the kids. The data packs are also costly and sometimes unaffordable. 

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Allowing your child to have a cell phone during their young age is always a topical question that every parent faces in their lives. They may have a lot of false habits and consequences over the kids that most parents skip noticing.

Young children often argue with their parents to get a cell phone for them to keep their social life active. Providing cell phones will make your child more independent, and secretive in some cases. Soon as a parent you won’t be able to reach them during necessary times of the day, especially when they start to travel. 

Letting children have a cell phone always comes with a set of concerns;

Way of usage and the cost. Children are too young to learn the importance of how to use expensive things and also how to be careful not to be lost. Mobile phones are expensive in general. Even though it is to call their parents, children would never accept to have cell phones that don’t have all the latest smart features. So, the responsibility will also increase. Children might not be much aware of this, and be too careless to lose or break these.

Not only that, the cost of the data packs that have to be recharged will also increase when more apps and games are installed. 

Crossing lines and making chances to get hurt. We often see our kids get addicted to cell phones at such a young age. They tend to carry these everywhere they go, making it irritating for the parent to see. Some kids due to overuse of cell phones might get into trouble like getting cheated online and posting sexually explicit or inappropriate posts causing unerasable damages.

There are chances of kids falling into cyberbullying. A child’s mind is fragile and innocent, they don’t know many things that the parents don’t want to share for their good just because they are young. But, allowing them to have cell phones might let them explore social media, sexually related websites, and many other things that might be creating a path for them to slip into many bad habits.

High responsibility to always have an eye over them. Kids are not aware of the high-risk factors that lay behind using cell phones. Parents should always make sure they have an eye over their kids to make sure they do not chat with a stranger, share personal information out to the whole world, watch inappropriate videos or messages, make unnecessary calls or online shopping, or even overuse these phones and cause health issues. Some children use phones every time that they are never aware of what’s going around them, this might lead to small or big accidents at schools or roads. 

Despite all, if you are willing to provide a cell phone to your child make sure as a parent you always keep track of what is going around with their children, age doesn’t matter. Try avoiding toddlers and primary school children.

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