Chocolate Company: 16 Best About us Page Wordings

When visitors go to your website, the first place they go is your landing page. If they have an interest past your landing page, they will probably go to your “About Us” page to learn more.

When a website visitor decides to go to the “About Us” page for your Chocolate business, he or she is on a fact-finding mission, as well as looking for the “story” of your Chocolate business.

It’s crucial that your “About Us” page says what goods or services your Chocolate business provides.

What should you write in about us page for Chocolate Company

  • Mention the date and year of its establishment.
  • Mention regarding the founder of the company and the story of the brand.
  • Mention all the locations where your company serves.
  • Mention properly about the variety of chocolates your company serves
  • Do not forget to mention your happy clients’ reviews.

Chocolate Business About us Page Samples

Template: 1

We’re a US chocolatier with a rich history.

Our originator, Johny Harding, began moving custom-made chocolates in downtown Seattle, the US in 1943. After 100+ long stretches of making fine chocolates, you become acquainted with some things about doing it right.

At ‘Organization Name’, everybody—from our chocolatiers to our in-shop chocolate epicureans—is constantly enlivened to remove you from the customary.

We source premium-quality fixings from around the globe and pick nearby alternatives at whatever point conceivable. We never trade off on quality, and you wager you can taste it.

All that we make at ‘Organization Name’ is created with just 100% feasible cocoa. We pay a premium for cocoa to guarantee our rancher accomplices and communities are upheld by projects that enhance their benefit and the occupations of their families.

It’s extremely very basic, it’s a decision we’ve settled on in light of the fact that it’s the correct decision to make.

Really the US and genuinely heavenly, ‘Organization Name’ is a family-possessed organization that is gladly about chocolate.

Template: 2

‘Organization Name’

We are over a multi-year-old brand that has appreciated notoriety for being the most choice high-quality chocolates in the US.

Longing for something phenomenal? If it’s not too much trouble attempt our rich drain, dim or white chocolate, outlandish nuts, or experience our stunning focused pralines and truffles.

It was properly said that a fair eating regimen implies chocolate in two hands. Everybody has an alternate palette, particularly with regards to chocolate and brownies.

Our mom may love the mouth-feel of silken white chocolate, while you may go gaga over the exceptional fragrance of dim chocolate and your companion may want for our salted caramels

Regardless of what kind of chocolate treat you are fantasizing over today, ensure you are getting an eminent portion of a portion of our varied blend of handmade chocolates, only made only for you.

Planning to start a chocolate store? So make sure to read out the useful thing to know about starting a chocolate store.

Template: 3

ABOUT ‘Organization Name’

We, at ‘Organization Name’ plan, fabricate, and extraordinarily blessing wrap chocolates, to fit all events and convey delight to your uncommon day.

We make chocolates for you, as a token of warmth for different occasions like New Year, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries and some other day you need to make uncommon.

You can choose from a wide assortment of chocolates going from plain rich chocolates to nutty focuses, from crunches to seasoned rarities, from rich truffles to delicate caramels, and a lot more to satisfy the chocoholics.

Every one of our chocolates is hand wrapped in the light of style and interests keeping your event.

We are additionally devoted to making customized bundling and teaching your customized plans to the chocolates bundling to convey delight to your extraordinary day.

‘Organization Name’ guarantees to leave a ‘Chocolaty Signature’ in your heart.

Template: 4

The ‘Organization Name’ Story

For the love of chocolate

We are a family endeavor devoted to making premium quality chocolate and cocoa items since 2000.

The craft of making chocolate is one that is carefully and affectionately culminated after some time. Furthermore, our image ‘Organization Name’ is an impression of our energy and love that goes into making fine chocolate.

Careful attention

We make our very own chocolate and cocoa items with the most extreme consideration and individual consideration.

Ideal from sourcing quality cocoa beans from select cultivators in a part of the country to cautious checking of the maturing procedure; we are engaged with at all times.

We utilize all-around aged beans and pursue a stringent flavor improvement procedure to guarantee the wealth of our chocolate.

Unadulterated love, unadulterated chocolate

At ‘Organization Name’, we have faith in unadulterated chocolate that is wealthy in flavor and free of destructive Trans fats.

We make a scope of unadulterated chocolate ‘Organization Name’ containing 52%, 70%, and 85% cocoa.

This ensures ‘Organization Name’ chocolate ‘Organization Name’ has the brilliant regular smell, surface, and kind of cocoa while holding all the medical advantages of cocoa, which are generally lost.

Our Chocolate and Cocoa Products

‘Organization Name’ has its very own scope of premium chocolate ice cream parlor and arranged chocolate items, which incorporates chocolate syrup, chocolate spread, and chocolate bars.

We likewise make fine quality enrobed chocolates with different fillings (coconut, mint, nuts, caramel), just as formed chocolates.

We have wholesalers for these over the state. We likewise supply our premium unadulterated chocolate ‘Organization Name’ chunks to chocolatiers who make fine chocolate candy parlors.

Our Pure Cocoa Butter

We likewise make unadulterated cocoa margarine, which is an astounding lotion utilized in the scope of skincare items.

The ‘Organization Name’ cocoa spread is prime press and holds every one of the advantages of cocoa margarine, guaranteeing smooth and very much hydrated skin normally.

The ‘Organization Name’ Seal

‘Organization Name’ is prevalent quality chocolate with a high level of cocoa spread. It dissolves easily when contrasted with a compound, which generally contains hydrogenated vegetable oil (Trans fats) instead of cocoa spread.

At ‘Organization Name’, we pursue normal procedures to make our ‘Organization Name’ chocolate without including any vegetable fats.

This holds all the brilliant medical advantages of cocoa while securing its incomparable flavor.

Our solid, Trans Fat free chocolates are the decision of numerous individuals who have made way of life changes in the wake of being determined to have maladies like malignant growth and diabetes.

Minutes, for example, these make us feel glad to be sure and influence our adventure to appear to be considerably progressively uncommon.

‘Organization Name’ unadulterated chocolate  and candy parlor are made with the Conching procedure to guarantee that all the decency of unadulterated cocoa is held.

We pursue an all-inclusive Conching time to build up a rich-tasting and flavor-filled chocolate.

Since Conching holds the flavonoids in the cocoa beans, ‘Organization Name’ ‘Organization Name’ chocolate isn’t just prevalent in taste, it has various medical advantages.

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Template: 5

At ‘Organization Name’ Chocolate we make stone ground chocolate. Cacao is so unpredictable in flavor that we need to give it a chance to yell boisterous and glad.

That is the reason we do less to bring you more. We stone granulate natural cacao beans into flawlessly grungy, negligibly prepared chocolate with intense flavor and surface, dissimilar to anything you have ever tasted.


‘Organization Name’ organizer and CEO Alex Perish took his first nibble of stone ground chocolate while going in Seattle , US. He was so motivated by the rural power that he chose to make a chocolate processing plant back home in Somerville, MA.

Alex apprenticed under a moline in Seattle to figure out how to hand-cut rock process stones to make another sort of American chocolate that is basically created, however genuinely great.

In 2004, he authoritatively propelled ‘Organization Name’ with his significant other, John Keeth, who is ‘Organization Name’ ‘s Chief Design Officer, and planned the majority of the bundling.

‘Organization Name’ is a pioneer in moral cacao sourcing. We were the first U.S. chocolate producer to build up an outsider ensured Direct Trade Cacao Certification program.

We keep up direct associations with our cacao ranchers and pay a premium over the Fair Trade cost for their cacao.

We accomplice just with cacao makers who regard the privileges of laborers and nature.

When visitors go to your website, the first place they go is your landing page. If they have an interest past your landing page, they will probably go to your “About Us” page to learn more.

What to write in the about us page of the Candy store?

  • The establishment date is essential to disclose.
  • An exciting brand story helps you to capture the attention of customers.
  • Share your team who are putting efforts day & night to serve the customer better.
  • Share information regarding your other store’s location if you have.
  • Contact information is vital to book orders.

When a website visitor decides to go to the “About Us” page fo your CANDY STORE business, he or she is on a fact-finding mission, as well as looking for the “story” of your CANDY STORE business. It’s crucial that your “About Us” page says what goods or services your CANDY STORE business provides.

Candy Company About us Page Templates

Template: 1

On the off chance that you’ve at any point ventured inside a corner candy store, you know it’s one of the coolest, most otherworldly places on earth.

At the point when cousins Tim Cook and Candy Cook propelled in July 2009, their objective was to bring this corner candy store encounter on the web.

Tim and Candy, who experienced childhood in a third-age, family-possessed candy organization, likewise needed a shopping field where littler candy producers would get an indistinguishable presentation from bigger makers and elusive confections were bottomless.

With their industry experience and connections, the cousins virtual vision came to reality rapidly. is currently the universes online corner candy store, and its developing exponentially, on account of thousands of fulfilled candy sweethearts, retailers, and occasion organizers around the world who are getting the message out about where to locate the broadest and best candy determination by shading, brand, type, and event.

Template: 2

It’s been told here that enchantment begins – from these pages you will discover charming conduct from home, gourmet candy for candy treasure for yourself, any blessing giving present for chocolate arrangement pressed in spectacular blessing towers Perfect for where an uncommon touch is required.

‘Organization Name’ online candy store offers extreme shopping knowledge since it is exceptionally straightforward, quick and proficient … and additionally exceptionally fun as well! Simply comprehend our determination, candy blessing container , gourmet chocolate , one of a kind tidbits, and other incredible gathering, make your choice, at that point finish quick, safe checkout. After this, we will take care to guarantee that your conduct is prepared to reach and appreciate the crisp goal.

You will see that a portion of our delicate relations require quick dispatching amid the hotter months – that is on the grounds that we have thought everything for you: ‘Organization Name’ ‘s valuable chocolate requires extraordinary consideration amid transportation so it is guaranteed Could be cool and crisp, and for the fortunate beneficiary in the correct shape!

A large number of our blessing choices come in bundling that serves as an administration for your candy, for example, our candy dish and obviously our wicker container. Proceed: Serve your conduct specifically from bundling.

Furthermore, bear in mind: If you purchase gourmet candy online from sweet peat, at that point you realize that you are getting a similar premium quality candy and chocolate which you will discover visiting our store . The equivalent new, carefully assembled sweet, which is the most flawless piece of the components and enclosed by the equivalent awesome bundling that we know.

Regardless of whether you are looking for yourself, your companions, family or business, everybody realizes that when they see ‘Organization Name’ on the bundle, something astounding will occur.

Template: 3

Company name is well known for making the word’s colossal candy store idea first in Singapore and extended the world-over through the online store

With the quantity of shops extending in the district, company name is presently serving a vast scope of mainstream confections, chocolates and candy themed stock to candy darlings in India.

At company name, our central goal is straightforward: eat upbeat

Template: 4

‘Organization Name’ was established in Nov 2013.

From the snapshot of its creation, the organization put the majority of its undertakings to lead the best portrayal of the brand ‘Organization Name’ on the Indian market.

After the essential exercises to promote the ‘Organization Name’ mark in different shopping centers, the group focused on building a methodology for perhaps the broadest circulation of its items.

‘Organization Name’ offers us the chance to come nearer to the happiness of a kid’s grin and dreams by furnishing us with an approach to feel perpetually caught by the mysterious universe of adolescence and the life-changing taste of its items, with which we will dependably associate with.

The supervisory group of ‘Organization Name’ contains spouse wife team Larry and Keeth. They have both accomplished their Bachelors qualification from U.S.A. also, Larry is a M.B.A. (Fund) from the presumed Institute of Management and Research. They’re youthful, vigorous, and resolved to make ‘Organization Name’ a mass market mark in India.

The group of ‘Organization Name’ wishes you upbeat biting!

Template: 5

We have a great deal of fun eating and moving the candy we ate as children. Now and again we are asked how we can move multi year old candy. It makes us grin and our reaction is that our candy is straight from the producer.

We don’t make the candy, we found the makers who are still in the business and after that move their candy on the web. We bundle and ship our candy each day so it gets into your hands (and mouths) rapidly.

Statement of purpose

The mission of the ‘Organization Name’ is to give youth candy recollections, for example, a way that it celebrates God and His arrangement for our lives. Our objective for each candy arrange is that it results in a “charmed client” who will tell their companions.

Template: 6

Welcome to ‘Organization Name’ , your neighborhood online candy store! We’ve been effectively in business for more than three ages now, and we owe our flourishing business to the majority of our reliable clients – in particular, you!

One of the inquiries we frequently get notification from our glad clients is in the event that we’ll ever offer free delivering. Well – here’s the mystery behind online candy store free dispatching – it doesn’t exist!

The facts demonstrate that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and regardless, somebody needs to pay for that “free” shipping. By and large where free sending is offered, it’s rather cunningly added to the costs of the things, so you’re not really getting free dispatching. Presently, we’re of the reasoning that we ought to open up to our clients, so deceiving you into supposing you’re getting on the web candy store free transporting simply isn’t our style!

Rather, we plan to keep our online candy store costs as low as could be expected under the circumstances. We don’t generally have power over transportation costs and would love to see them much lower, however we do have authority over our costs and need to pass our delightfully low online candy store costs on to you.

It’s our privilege to be forthright about the genuine article behind free sending, while as yet having the capacity to give you candy costs to enchant your sweet tooth, rather than discharging your wallet.

We do have a ton of fun deals consistently, so make certain to agree to accept our online candy store pamphlet to remain aware of everything on deals to enable you to spare a couple of additional bucks, as well!

We likewise routinely hold candy challenges for our internet based life candy-cherishing companions on our ‘Organization Name’ Facebook, @CandyPam on Twitter, and @’Company Name’ Candy on Twitter, so keep your eyes stripped and your mouse prepared to click when we hold our next candy challenge.

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