A Speech on Elderly Citizens on Fixed Income Should Receive Free Public Transportation

In my opinion, providing the senior citizens of the nation with the facility of the free public transportation will  always encourage them to make the good use of it, and will not force them in using their cars, which means fewer car accidents and also fewer pollution  on our roads. Elderly people always need the public transport, essentially because we need very few of them driving on the roads to reduce the numbers of those devastating crashes and accidents that have occurred many times previously.

The elderly are both by body and mind very old and cannot be able to do some of the tiresome things that we do now. Most of them have retired and aren’t earning anymore money now. They’re just living on their previous savings. Usually, elderly people always like to visit their grandchildren or children or at least visit somewhere, and they are the people who have the most time on their hands, due to their no work situation, so they would be ready in using the bus a lot. It is not good for the authority to take transportation fare from those jobless and aged people.

The old people in general aren’t as well-aware of the various situations of their surroundings as their younger generation. When they are driving a car they can cause many unwanted situations due to this reason. If we put them on the public busses it can make things very easier for them and for us as well. Also it can prevent many harmful accidents. Diving can prove to be difficult for them for their old age so this can improve their lives in many ways.
They could be sick sometimes for their old age and can’t drive their own car properly to the hospital or other important places.

I also think that the elders have really been here for us for our entire lives and since at one point they lose their driving strength and ability, I think it would be a good idea to give them a safe way of transportation instead of forcing them to walk. It would be very nice for our society and country as well.

  A lot of elderly usually do not have a personal car because they have hearing or vision problem as well, or some have old timers and that can really affect the person like an old person. So that’s why I think the elderly should obviously get a free transportation pass or policy.

Elderly people are getting old as time passes and thus have weak bones. It’s very tough for them to travel on feet. We should be good and kind enough and give them free bus rides. No matter how much space they use or how they behave, they’re getting old and weak. They have body pain and also many troubles while carrying their bags and other heavy things and I think we should help them out as per ability. So yes I think we should offer them free transportation so they could get where they need to reach.

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