Should College Athletes Be Paid for Being on The Sports Team?

Good (—) one and all. I am here to talk about whether college athletes should be paid for being on the sports team. For the past few years, the proposal as to whether the student should be paid for being in the sports team has been receiving quite contradictory responses college athletes and student-athletes have been supporting the idea of students being able to make money during their college careers through sports.

On the other hand, college administrators and athletics administrators have always been against this idea. According to the surveys conducted college students have supported this idea and are an agreement that they should be paid for attending Sports. What had been seen during the server is that not only the athletes supported the idea of being paid but other students also supported the idea of college athletes being paid. Being paid gives athletes and overwhelming support and helps them to build more profit and image and boost their self-confidence and motivates them.

When students participate in athletics from their college it promotes the college and also gives the recognition. The authorities of the college have to provide them with ample incentives such as a payment to keep them regular and to compensate for them raising the name of the college. Through the students will be able to have the first-hand experience of the sports field and you will know what is in hand for them in the future. Being paid they will not feel as if they are doing a hobby but will most likely be choosing sports as a profession.

In my opinion, instead of Universities and colleges spending lavishly and unwantedly on Infrastructures and focusing on building facilities using observed sums of money it is better to use that money for a better purpose and till your good players and build a healthy and competitive environment for sports players and athletes in colleges and Universities.

According to statistics college athletes spend a minimum of 40 hours per week dedicating themselves to the sport including the game and training sessions. This is more like a full-time job on top of their studies and academics including assignments exams and other responsibilities. They need to put intense hard work and dedication to excel in the sport. It is important that students are appreciated for their efforts and they deserve to be paid for what they go through.

To excel and flourish in the sport they must put sports as their priority which may lead them to put in a few hours to study. This may affect their academic performance and may have long-term effects on their future careers. They should therefore be given a payment for their dedication. Coaches receive high and extravagant salaries considering their workloads and it is unfair that the athletes receive nothing after putting so much effort and hard work into it. It is also important that the expenses that these athletes must take on first special events, food, wardrobe, equipment have to be covered.

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