A Speech on Columbus Day Should Be Eliminated

A dominant way of looking at history has been worshipping great men. Many who excel in politics, fighting war, experimenting or dreaming, as though it’s just a succession of events guided by male overachievers. They canonize these figures and study their acts. In case you forget how awesome they were, you can also find their sculptures all over your town or days named after them.

A day which should be either renamed or no longer known as a federal holiday, much like Columbus Day which is an American occasion celebrated on the second Monday in October. The occasion respects Christopher Columbus as the principal individual to find America. Nonetheless, Columbus Day is the festival of a man that, truth be told, didn’t find America. This day causes a ton of agony for some individuals.

The occasion should at this point don’t be commended in light of the fact that it doesn’t have a lot of importance any longer, and it is a token of the shocking events that the locals endured. The certainty that the occasion observes Christopher Columbus for ‘finding’ America is crazy.

That man was not the main individual to find this land. Leif Erikson is accepted to be the genuine first outcast to come to America. He came to North America and furthermore, established Vinland; be that as it may, he wasn’t generally the primary individual to find North America. Locals had been there well before him. The Natives of this ‘new land’ that Columbus probably ‘found’ had been there for a very long time before his arrival.

Columbus was welcomed with friendliness when he showed up in the Bahamas by inviting, tranquil individuals known as the Lucayans, Taínos, and Arawaks. These individuals toiled for quite a long time to fix his messed up transport. Columbus was so intrigued by the difficult work that he held onto their territory for Spain and oppressed them to work in his gold mines. This was only the first of Columbus’ numerous terrible complaints.

He perseveringly killed, assaulted, and subjugated the individuals who lived on the land that he ‘found’, and he asserted the land as his own. Columbus isn’t the man from the story we as a whole hear in kindergarten. By his time, everybody realized the earth was round. He ventured out to North America searching for gold and land. He was the reason for countless passings. Columbus oppressed the Native Americans and rebuffed them mercilessly on the off chance that they didn’t agree.

He was dreaded by many, particularly including the Natives. Columbus Day was made by a gathering of Catholic men called the Knights of Columbus during the 1930s. These men needed a catholic saint as a good example for their children to turn upward to. The occasion started in 1934 because of campaigning by the Knights. The occasion isn’t an American custom, rather it is an ongoing misstep. It commends a vicious killer and attacker who took the place where there is a huge number of individuals. The genuine history of Christopher Columbus should be made known, and this occasion that praises him should be overlooked. 

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