Loss Of Sister: 65+ Best Condolence Card Messages

Sisters have been the partner in our life stories since the very childhood. We start to know the world together. We play our first games together. Sometimes we prank each other, sometimes we fight and blame each other for our own wrongdoings, but she becomes a cordial part of our life.

We may have many friends in our life, but our sister remains one of the best among them. So if we lose them in our life is like losing a greater part of our life. Here are some condolences for someone who lost her sister:

Condolence card Messages for Loss of Sister

-Your loss is great. Words will become short in expressing my feelings.

-Please have my heartiest sympathy.

-Losing a sibling is irreplaceable. Peace be with her.

-Heartbroken at the loss. Words are not always a good medium to express, but please accept this card as a token of my condolence.

-At many bends on our road, we lose someone. Can’t imagine that I am bidding goodbye.

_It is hard to bid goodbye to a sibling. My penitent mind sympathizes with your loss.

_Memories are hard to forget. I have no word to soothe you. Praying that the soul rests.

_Nicest flowers are plucked at first. She was one of them. You will recover from this.

_Sweet memories are like wine. Cherish her in your memories forever. It soothes us.

_When a pure soul gets away from us, God carries her through meadows. Accept this card as my condolence. 

_She will stay with you always in your memories.

_Humans are memories when they are no more with us. She resides within us.

_Sharing your sadness will help you more. I am always with you.

_She is unforgettable and loveable. Let’s celebrate her remarkable life.

_It was a privilege to know your sister. She will be god’s most coveted gem.

_I know nothing can ease your pain, but my help will always be here for you whenever you need it.

Condolence Card Messages For Loss Of Sister

_My mind is full of grief. Wishing you much support.

_It is a great feeling to know her personally. Her memories will be with us forever.

_Please accept this card as a token of love and support for you and your family.

_My deepest condolences for such a wonderful person.

_I know you are in a difficult time. My feelings are with you forever.

_Hope this card helps you remain comfortable.

_ God may help you in difficult times.

_She was an incredible person. She is going to be here.

_Her loss is like a shock. In this hard time, may my words soothe you a little?

_ She will never be forgotten, I hope you will find comfort in this time.

_Losing a sibling is unbearable. May this card comfort you.

_The news is shocking. hope her eternal journey will be smooth.

_Siblings are irreplaceable in our life. May she will find peace.

_Your loss will be so hard to bear

_ She is one of the sweetest angels of heaven now.

_Accept my sympathy card.  She was admired. We all will pray for her in the coming days.

_Your loss is like a shock to us. You have all my wishes and sympathies. Hope she will always be remembered for what she has accomplished in her life.

_The memories she left are the most memorable. Hope she will find peace.

_I am sincerely sympathetic for the loss of your sister.

Condolence Card Messages For Loss Of Sister

_I am sorrowful for you. She was one of the most graceful women I have ever met in my life. Word seems to be inadequate to express my feeling. I will be thinking of you in the coming days and will pray for your family.

_Sadness has taken over my mind. It was great to witness your bond with her.

_ Please accept my regards for your great loss. Hope god will give you some courage to move on from the sadness and grief.

_When somebody moves away from our life, grief prevails in our minds. But try to reveal her in your mind. This will help you in this time.

_Cannot believe that you have lost her. She was a very special woman that she had a sibling like you. You have my regards for your loss.

_ May god bless and comfort you in this difficult period. I am truly sympathetic for your loss.

_I can’t believe this loss. The omnipotent god will give you grace and courage to go through this rough water.

_Deepest regards to the entire family. We all share your grief.

_She was the most excellent woman. We all are going to miss her a lot.

_She just left without warning. Now we only have her memories to cherish.

_From the beginning, siblings are with us. We all expect to have them at the end too. Sometimes this doesn’t happen. Please accept my heartfelt sympathy for you and your family ever after.

_Sisters are so precious that her loss paralyzes our minds. My prayers are there for you.

Condolence Card Messages For Loss Of Sister

_I hope that the almighty lord will give you some strength to overcome this grief and this rough time. My blessings are with you. 

_Prayers and fond memories are just the things that she left us. I am also grief-stricken to hear about the loss of your dear. My prayers are with you always. Most heartfelt condolences.

_Remembering the gentle soul. Her fond memories will remain with us forever.

_ I will hardly forget the kind nature she had. Hope for her eternal rest.

_My penitent mind is sympathetic. Hoping that she sleeps.

_I am sorry for the loss of your dearest one. The lovely memories will live on.

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