Daughter Born Wishes: 251+ Messages to Congratulate

Starting a family and having kids are milestones in a person’s life. Parenting takes immense patience and courage. Life does not get much happier than the arrival of a little person in the family.

What To Write On The Birth Of Daughter Card?

The news of a new life, the new baby, is itself so welcoming. on top of that if it is a girl/ daughter, then the happiness doubles. So you should consider congratulating the couple on the new arrival of a little lady boss in the family. It can be done by writing a pleasant card to them about such events.

It’s like adventure, thrill, and miracle all happening together. Welcoming a new baby girl into the family is always overwhelming but, at the same time, very emotional. Let’s welcome the newborn daughter into the family. 

Congratulations On The Birth Of Your Daughter

Welcoming a new life on earth is the most beautiful thing. So if you can congratulate a couple on their baby, this article can be your go-to site. 

Congratulating a new couple on their first baby is surely a heart-melting moment. It is more beautiful when the child born is a girl.

  • Congratulations on your new baby.

  • Congratulations to the new member of the family.

  • Welcome to this beautiful home, baby.

  • You will be a great mother.

  • Welcome to the world, baby girl.

  • Congratulations on having a beautiful baby girl.

  • I am so excited to meet the new lady of the family.

  • Congratulations to the young couple on being blessed with a baby girl.

  • Baby girl is the lucky one!

  • Congratulations on the new baby. Hope he stays healthy.

  • This little princess is warmly welcomed. 

  • Congratulations to the growing family.

  • Finally, a new member! Happy for you.

  • I wish you and your new baby a happy and healthy family.

  • Congratulations, you are blessed with a baby girl.

  • Welcome, little angel.

  • Hope her smile is as beautiful as her mother’s.

  • Hearty congratulations, dear.

  • Congratulations on the birth of your daughter.

  • I am happy that you have got a baby girl.

Congratulation Messages on Birth of Daughter

  • Congratulations on the birth of your little baby doll! She is the cutest baby I have ever seen. God bless her and you. 

  • Congratulations on giving birth to your little princess. I can’t wait to see her and hold her.

  • You people are going to make wonderful parents. Congratulations on the arrival of your baby girl. 

  • Your little girl is so precious, and you will be the best mother. She will grow up to be a kind-hearted, generous person. Congratulations to both of you!

  • So finally the little princess arrived at your family. I am so happy for you. Congratulations!

  • It will be an incredible journey for you and your husband, being parents and watching your little girl grow daily. Congratulations! Wish you all happy with all my heart.

  • Congratulations on being the parents of this beautiful baby girl. I will visit her soon, till then if you need anything, I’m here, just a call away. 

  • Your baby girl is the most adorable and sweet newborn I have ever seen. Congratulations on your newborn baby girl!

Congratulation Messages On Birth Of Daughter
  • People fantasize about having a little princess, and you are so lucky that you have her in your arms. Congratulations to you!

  • I hope your little baby doll grows up to be a real, strong woman like her mother. More power to you, girl and congratulations. 

  • Sending loads of hugs, kisses, and love to the little girl you brought to this world. Congratulations honey. 

  • May your little girl bring joy and happiness and make your home a paradise. Congratulations and all my best wishes to you!

  • A girl is a best friend to her mother and a princess to her father. I am so happy you have been blessed with a baby girl, congratulations!

  • It has been a long journey, but now it is going to be a whole new life with her. Wishing you the best in giving birth to a little girl. Congratulations and all the best!

  • She will make you smile, she will make you happy, and she will make you proud. Congratulations on having a daughter. 

  • Hope she grows up to be a strong, independent, and intelligent woman. Congratulations on bringing a little princess into this world. 

  • What great news that you have given birth to a little angel. I hope she brings all the blessings to you. Congratulations darling!

  • She is just cute as her mother, and I love her tender feet. Can’t wait to see her again. Congratulations to both of you. 

  • Get ready for a roller-coaster journey with your little one. Seven blessings to her and to you too. Congrats!

  • Having a new member in the family is always an occasion to celebrate. I am so happy that you had a cute baby daughter. God bless you, and congratulations.

Congratulation Messages On Birth Of Daughter
  • Congratulations on welcoming the new and prettiest member of your family. Things will get much more interesting with your baby girl, so I hope you get to be the happiest parents. 

  • I hope you enjoy every single day with your baby girl. I wish you joy, happiness, and good luck. Congratulations on being parents!

  • So finally, the day has arrived, and you brought a beautiful angel into this home. Congratulations! I could not be any happier!

  • Speaking of a little girl means speaking of miracles. I am so happy you had a daughter. Congratulations!

  • I hope she gets to live life with the best possible parents, and congratulations to you proud parents of a baby angel. 

  • She will grow up fast, so make sure you are with her as much as possible. All my love and hugs to her, and congratulations! You did really well, be happy and stay blessed.

  • There are going to be hard days but trust me, just look into your little angel’s eyes, and that’s going to make everything easier. Congratulations on being blessed with a baby girl!

  • I hope you make the best memories with your little one. She has been blessed with the best parents in the world. Congratulations!

  • She will make you happy, she will make you proud, and she will stand there with you always because she is going to be the best daughter of the best parents in this world. Congratulations, and I love you, baby girl!

  • Finally, the wait is over, and your baby girl is here! Congratulations, and I hope you experience new things every day with her. Make your parenting worth it; congratulations. 

  • Get ready to start a magical journey with your little baby girl. Wish you happiness and luck in the world! Congratulations!

  • Be happy with your baby girl because these miracles don’t happen often. She is going to make your every day memorable and cherishable. Congratulations!
  • I am so happy for you two; congratulations, and stay blessed. 

  • Congratulations, you guys! My warmest wishes to you two! Take love and give your baby girl loads of love from me. 

  • Her sweet little smile made my heart melt. She is so precious and adorable; I am so happy; congratulations!

  • The room has been painted and filled with toys, dolls, and teddy bears! Waiting to welcome the little girl! Congratulations to both of you. 

  • Showering you and your little baby angel with best wishes and love. Congratulations!
  • I am as thrilled as both of you; bring her home real soon, and congratulations on being the parents of this sweet little one!

  • Welcome to the real world, little girl; you are going to love it! Wish you happiness and send you love, honey! And Congratulations to your lucky parents, little one!
Congratulation Messages On Birth Of Daughter

Advance Wishes For Newborn Baby

When you already know there will be a new member in your house. You tend to prepare a lot for their welcome. Advance wishes to your loved ones who welcome new happiness in their family and make them feel that someone is supporting them.

  • I am so eager to meet the new one.

  • Congratulations on stepping on a new journey.

  • I bless you and your coming child with a healthy life.

  • Wishing you lifelong happiness.

  • I got so excited after hearing about your new baby. Happy for you, sweetie.

  • I pray for the safe delivery of your baby.

  • May God bless you with a beautiful and healthy baby girl.

  • I bet parenthood will be the best part of your life.

  • Happy for you, my love.

  • Heard about your new baby. Congratulations.

  • Hearty cheers to the new one.

  • Countdown to the most beautiful day of your life.

  • Warm wishes to the coming angel.

  • May your life be filled with happiness with the coming of your baby.

  • Congratulations on becoming a parent.

  • My joy has bound. Welcome, little angel.

  • Your efforts will give birth to the most beautiful being on earth.

  • Welcome to the world, baby girl.

  • Congratulations on having a baby girl.

  • Many wishes to the little one.

Newborn Baby Wishes To Myself

There are different stages to life. One is to be a child, then adults, and then a husband or wife. When a couple announces the news of pregnancy, it marks the beginning of a new life as parents. 

News of a new baby in the family excites the other relatives too. People wish the new mother and baby a beautiful life ahead.

  • Warm wishes to parents for their new baby.

  • Congratulation to the new member.

  • Welcome, princess. 

  • The day of the arrival of your little one will be the most memorable.

  • A day of great happiness.

  • This new baby is like a ray of hope in our lives.

  • A lot of happiness and health to your child.

  • Looks like there is a new arrival.

  • The journey of being a parent is beautiful.

  • A piece of heaven on earth.

  • I welcome our little prince.

  • Hope you have all the luck, little princess.

  • You guys deserve all the happiness.

  • Your baby is like the sun of your life.

  • Wishing you and your baby years of health.

  • Congratulations, love, on getting a baby girl.

  • It is so wonderful to have a newborn in your family.

  • Glad to welcome a sweet smile to our lives.

  • I wish you to hold and cherish every moment with the new baby.

  • Wishing the newborn to be the reason for your lifetime happiness.

Newborn Wishes For Baby Girl

Born as a daughter, becomes a mother. A woman has the sole power to create and carry life within her. She is strong both mentally and physically. 

Moreover, in this era, women are more than just baby-making machines. They work in every field and excel in them. When a baby girl is born, it needs to be celebrated happily twice.  

  • Congratulations on conceiving a baby girl.

  • Happy to have a girl in our family.

  • Sometimes it is good to have a newborn to spend time with. Waiting to meet her.

  • I am going to be an aunt! So excited to see the new baby.

  • Happy to welcome a new life to my family.

  • You are blessed with the most beautiful gift of God.

  • It’s official! It is a girl.

  • The warm feeling of a girl child makes me happy.

  • So thrilled to have you on board!

  • I pray for your child to have a bright future.

  • Congratulations, you are going to be a mother.

  • Hope this daughter is the reason for your smile.

  • I am grateful to you for bringing the little one to life.

  • This child is my moon.

  • Welcome, little princess.

  • A daughter is the best friend of a mother.

  • You will have a beautiful girl.

  • This baby is really lucky to have you as her mother.

  • Wishing you and your little princess a prosperous life ahead.

Wishes For Newborn Baby Parents

Becoming a parent for the first time brings many challenges and new experiences. It is funny and beautiful. The feeling of carrying your child in your arms and loving them more than yourself makes parents before God.

  • Congratulations to the young couple for conceiving their first baby.

  • Happy to meet the mother of this generation.

  • I wish you guys to be the best parents.

  • Hope this journey fills your life with joy.

  • There is nothing happier than being parents.

  • Welcome on board! New parents.

  • I hope you will take care of your child well.

  • The world’s best part is unlocked. Parenthood!

  • Hope you and your child have a healthy life.

  • Wishing you both a nice first experience of being parents.

  • Hope that you enjoy this journey.

  • Falling and learning to be parents.

  • Feel the little feet of your new happiness.

  • Congratulations to the brave new parents.

  • Huge congratulations on the newborn.

  • Hope this child unlocks the best part of your life.

  • I wish you both the strength to be great parents.

  • The first word of your child will bring you the greatest joy.

  • You will be the best father ever there for a girl.

  • Having a baby will add a tremendous responsibility to your life.

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