93+ Death Status And Messages

In this world, everything is mortal, even humans. One day, everyone has to sleep in the lap of death forever after living a wonderful life.

Nothing really changes! To make everyone realize the reality of death, we have got some strong words associated with death. Following are some Death Status And Messages.

Death Status And Messages that hit REALITY

-Not only the opposite of life, but death is a part of life. 

-People never die. They just change their living worlds. 

-The body of an individual may die, but his soul remains alive, eternally. 

-A wise person never dies by surprise. He always remains ready to travel. 

-I know, you didn’t die. You are alive in a different dimension, a different world. 

-If you stop expressing yourself, you are dead inside instant that point!

-No matter how rich or poor you are – the final destination of all of us is GRAVE.

-Our greatest loss in life is when our closest ones are dead inside. 

-Don’t show grief on my death. I’ll always walk beside you ’till you come to my world. 

-I am not scared of death, but I fear living in this society anymore. 

-It’s easier to smile and lie when you are hurt, empty yet dead inside. 

-When death is close, people can realize it and don’t fear.

-I’m heartbroken inside because I cannot be with my family. 

-Dear, now that you are gone, please save a seat beside you, for me. 

-It’s the end of life – what should I be afraid of?

-Teasing Death means to grapple with oneself upon a cunning foe who never loses.

-Death is the eminence of our life. Its hourly possibility always remains high.

-Sometimes, we need a longer time to admit someone’s death that our mind already knows. 

-A man should never fear death. He should fear never getting a chance to begin living. 

-Death removes all sins, sorrows, and debts. 

-People really don’t know why they are alive until they realize what they would expire for. 

-It is frightful to think I’m no more alive!

-In reality, the day we step into this world, death begins its walk. 

-Day by day, death keeps walking towards us, without hurrying, hustling!

-Living in a poor society is frightful than dying. 

-There she is. The biggest star in the sky – my Mom. She still sparkles like the same.

-Death is surviving into those lives who have dodge death once. 

-Remember, our loveable ones are still alive in our lives, within us. 

-I have a Ph.D. degree in bitchiness, humor, and murdering people. Wanna piss me off?

-I don’t fear death. I just wanna be where my parents are. 

-“Death” is the absolute yet infinite art, the art of reality!

-I don’t want to die if there are no pups in heaven.

-With a well-organized mind, death will be an adventurous journey!

-To appreciate the beauty of death, all it takes is the misery of life. 

-Life may feel dreamy, but death is reality. 

-Death leaves the emotions torn into pieces that cannot ever be stitched back together 

-Is death always about the soul leaving the body behind?

-If the soul can get salvation, why the body goes through torment post-death.

-I can only pray that my family can withstand this hour of grave post my death.

-The heart breaks every bit every second post-death of a close one

-I can forget about his/her death, but what about the memories? 

-When I meant until death does us apart, I never meant this. 

-Losing on someone you love is the feeling that makes you hate death

-You don’t know death can strike the strings of melancholy to loom over a family for long.

-If you haven’t yet seen the death of any of your loved one, you are luckier than most others.

-Death breaks living human beings apart 

-I pray that his/her pain from this earth are left behind now that he has moved to the heavens 

-I don’t believe in ghosts, memories are enough to haunt me to death 

-What makes me better at handling death is because I work at a grave

-I have seen people cry at church for the loss of their loved ones, my lord be with them

-One soul attains salvation, the others stuck here on earth have nothing to smile about now

-Death and pain come hand in hand. I have never seen happy people at funerals

-I’m not afraid of death, I just don’t want to be around when it happens. 

-For a well-organized mind, death is simply the next great adventure. 

-I am the one who must die when it is time to die, so let me live my life the way I want. 

-Fear of death stems from fear of life. A fully alive person is ready to die at any moment. 

-The man learned so much that he learned to die. 

-Death never surprises a sage; he is always ready to go.

-Die to pay off the debt.

-Death does not accept bribes.

-More dead than living. And their number is increasing. Life is getting weirder.

-Man is a dead animal, but the fact that he is dying does not make you feel sorry for others.

-Cowards die many times before they actually die.

-The brave will never taste death, except once.

-It is better to run from death than to feel its grip.

-Farewell is only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul, nothing can separate them.

-Because there is no glory in sickness. It doesn’t mean anything, there is no honor to die. 

-Our death is not the end if we can live in our children and the young generation. Because they are us; our bodies are just the withered leaves of the tree of life.

-When I die, I want to die, like my grandfather died peacefully in his sleep.

-Death ends life, not relationships.

When I Die Status

It is normal for individuals to share their sentiments and views around mortality; nevertheless, this is a topic that many people may want to avoid discussing because it may be a tough one to broach.

However, it’s critical to remember that death is a normal part of life and that it’s a time to mourn and honor the deceased’s life. Listed below are a few possible samples of what a WhatsApp “when I die” status may resemble:

  • “I hope that when I pass away, people will remember me for the love and care I showed them, and for the wonderful influence I had on their lives.”

  • I want my friends and family to know that I will always be there for them in spirit and treasure the memories we made together when I passed away.

  • “When I pass away, I want people to remember me for the things I did, the people I helped, and the good things I brought to the world.”

  • “I want my legacy of love, kindness, and charity to go on after I’m gone,” the speaker said.

  • “When I pass away, I hope that instead of grieving for me, my loved ones will celebrate my life and the memories we made together.”

    “I want people to remember the love, laughter, and joy I brought into their lives when I’m gone.”

  • “When I pass away, I want my loved ones to think of me for my bravery, my tenacity, and my dedication to living life to the fullest.”

  • “I wish to leave a legacy of hope, inspiration, and optimism when I pass away.”

  • “I want my friends and family to look back on my life and see that I lived it with integrity, passion, and purpose.”

  • “I hope that when I pass away, people will honor my life, reflect on my journey, and be appreciative of the time we spent together.”

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