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The Dewey Decimal System Day is observed on December 10th to celebrate the life of a person who invented the unique Dewey Decimal System of library classification. That person is Melville Dewey, who published the system in 1976. The system organizes the library materials by fields. 

Dewey Decimal System Day- Messages

Hey, I want to share a cold fact with you; only three countries do not use the whole world’s metric system. Those countries are the United States, Myanmar, and Liberia. 

-Today is Dewey Decimal System Day, so let’s celebrate the life of Melville Dewey. He was a great person during his time.

-We will go and talk to the librarian of our college library and find out how they keep track of all the books in the building using the Dewey Decimal System. This will be a fun activity today.

-I am going to the library to study about the Dewey Decimal System, as its Dewey Decima System Day. There are many things to know. Do you want to come along?

-It’s unusual to see that only three countries in the world don’t use the standard metric system. If they decide to use that System, it would be easier for the people who travel to different countries.

-Every year, we celebrate Dewey Decimal System Day on December 10th, the birth date of Melville Dewey, the person who invented the Dewey Decimal system of library classification.

-Hey, did you know that the Dewey Decimal System has been translated into 30 different languages. It feels good to learn something new every day.

-I think we all should go to the library today to learn more about the Dewey Decimal System. It will be a great tribute to the inventor of the System, Melville Dewey.

-Do you know that Melville Dewey was the founder of the American Metric Bureau and was also a big follower of the metric system.

-The editorial offices of the Online Computer Library, Inc., where the Dewey Decimal System is published, is currently located within the Decimal Classification of the Library of Congress.

– If we are allowed to, we should visit the library and learn some interesting facts about the Dewey Decimal System comedy. 

-Our school is going to celebrate Dewey Decimal System Day to celebrate the life of Melville Dewey, the inventor of the System of library classification.

-I learned an interesting thing regarding the Dewey Decimal System from my friend. I learned that the System organizes library materials by fields and that ten fields are further divided into smaller, more specialized areas.

-The Dewey Decimal System has several real-life applications all around the world. On this day, we should learn about its importance and apply it in our day-to-day life.

-The most famous libraries in the world use the Dewey Decimal System to organize and classify their books. 

-My friends will be visiting the city library today to learn more about the System so that I will come home late.

-We should give props to Melville Dewey for creating this ingenious System of the organization and being a big supporter of the metric system. 

-We should do something today to celebrate his contributions because its Dewey Decimal System Day. We will enjoy this day to the most.

Dewey Decimal System Day quotes

-All that is born and destroyed is reborn in the sweep of the ages; Life like a decimal ever recurring repeats the old figure. 

-Sri Aurobindo 

-Counting in octal is just likst counting in decimal–if you don’t use your thumbs. 

-Tom Lehrer 

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