Essay on Elephant in English (1000 Words)

The Biggest Land Mammal And Animal Is The Elephant. It Is Exceptionally Brilliant And Known For Its Sharp And Sharp Memory. In Certain Nations, Individuals Treat Elephants As The Type Of God.

How do Elephants look?

The Elephant may have skin shading Black and Gray. We view them as relatives of extinct species named mammals.

The Elephant has a huge body, four thick or huge legs that assist with protecting stability and equilibrium. It likewise has two huge ears for an external pinna and an auditory meatus.

However, the eyes or tails of an elephant are short. It has a long trunk, where their noses (just Elephant inhales from this multitude of nostrils), an elephant might fill water from its trunk.

Uses and Importance of Elephants

We as a whole comprehending the animals were all helpful. Additionally, the elephants are of incredible utility to nature. They have the biggest body opposite every one of the animals and can take a timberland visit, frequently when the vacationer comes to a woodland.

The timberland guide regularly involves the Elephant as a car even though the Elephant is among the greatest animals that different animals don’t even harm or kill and for its huge and tall bodies, neither of the animals will attack travelers.

Many utilize the Elephant’s trunk to snatch, eat food, and can likewise be utilized by it to separate long parts of a tree. To put it plainly, a trunk for an elephant works like some human hand. An elephant was outfitted with finish tusks close to the storage compartment. Such tusks look like huge canine teeth, and they don’t.

This current elephant’s tusks are utilized for unique purposes, like ornamental, cosmetic, designing, etc. The things that are produced using either the Elephant’s tusks were profoundly important or exorbitant.

Be that as it may, elephants are presently being taken advantage of however at the profoundly estimated market cost. It ought to be suspended, or, more than likely the presence will end.

Elephants are a fundamental piece of this climate. They should be secured and focused on yet not for childish reasons killed and chased.

Calmest Animals in the world

Generally, an elephant is by all accounts a quiet animal who loves agreement and harmony, yet it might very well be the most perilous animal on the planet on the off chance that it becomes emphatic because of another disturbing excitement. Additionally, after their demise, they’re helpful to people.

A couple of animals have a quiet psyche when we talk about animals. An elephant is one of those animals. They’re extremely quiet yet still. They generally guarantee they don’t hurt any blameless individual and don’t meddle in some other company they give, they stay with their gathering.

If someone meddles with Royal Forest Animal, there’s no question that his shot at endurance is under 1%. This is because at whatever point you visit some woodland and zoo, you don’t accept it except if the Elephant fears why he fears you. Here, elephants hang tight for the perfect opportunity.

Types of Elephants

Elephants were found generally in Africa and India. The African elephants are more critical than the Indian elephants. African elephants, separately male, and female have a trunk with a solid handle contrasted with India and the Elephant to Asia.

Asian elephants are very or more modest than African elephants, just the hold of Indian elephants isn’t stronger than that of the African elephants.

Elephants are tracked down regularly in profound African and Asian woodlands — strikingly India, Thailand, Cambodia, or Burma. Elephants were found in Assam, western Bengal, Karnataka, Arunachal Pradesh, and Mizoram of India.

Elephants love to swim in streams and waterways. In old times Elephants were utilized in battles during a large portion of the former times. They are essentially ridden on for extraordinary conflicts. That animal is strong and exceptionally insightful at a similar period. Elephants were herbivores, benefiting from the vegetation-long parts of the tree, food varieties, bamboo, leaves, etc.

An elephant group involves two viz: male and female. When they are grown-ups, male elephants get partitioned; it is their own decision to be isolated from their families.

Not once do the female elephants get unmistakable when seen from close. They like to stay in the elephant bunch. Elephants truly can hear the voice of the wide range of various Elephants from within 5 miles. Elephants’ listening power is outrageous, attributable to their extremely long ears.

Facts about Elephants.

  • The Elephant is a living animal of immense size on the planet.
  • The Elephant is a fairly savvy, submissive animal.
  • The Elephant’s legs are four, two little eyes, two huge ears, a trunk, and a little tail.


For huge distances, even an individual can ride on the rear of an elephant. As a pet, they should give outrageous consideration given its remarkable size. Conversely, a wild elephant is undeniably more destructive than a pet.

They frequently keep an elephant all through the zoo, in which guests and onlookers come to watch it. This animal is likewise important for a bazaar bunch, in which it plays a lot of gifted showcases to engage the crowd. This lets us know that elephants can be viable, and they can see all. I want to believe that you preferred this paper on elephants.

Frequently Asked Question:

Why are elephants endangered?

They are endangered species because humans do Ivory trade with the help of Elephant Tusk. Moreover, they also use their habitats which eventually leads to their extinction.

Are elephants afraid of mice?

They say that elephants are afraid of mice because they may go into their trunk which leads to irritation and blockage. This can make it hard for the elephants to breathe or take water. 

Are elephants intelligent?

Elephants are known as extremely smart and cool mammals on earth. They have larger brains than any other mammal on this earth. They are three times as big as the human brain and neurons. They have demonstrated impressive capabilities both physically and mentally.

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