100+ Exam Quotes & status for WhatsApp

Here are some of the best WhatsApp statuses for topping the exam so that you can wish your seniors the best of luck. Go through them; you will definitely love them. And do not forget to share it on your WhatsApp Status.

Best “Exam” Quotes & status for WhatsApp

  • I wish I could insert a memory stick in my brain for topping the exams. 

  • The exam is over. I am resurrected! 

  • We are dedicated geniuses; please don’t bother. 

  • The more we study, the more we discover our ignorance. 

  • I didn’t lose… My success was only delayed. 

  • Don’t worry, do your best, forget the rest, I wish you all the best. 

  • Don’t waste the whole night studying, because you will sleep during the exam. 

  • Although I will top the exam, we still have time to revise. 

Exam Quotes

  • I can only say, “Damn exam! 

  • I know I am smarter than my grades. Best of luck with the exam. 

  • What is the main reason for the failure? I think of these as exams.

  • The more you prepare for a particular exam, the less sure you are about the answers you want. 

  • He has always topped the exams and always will. 

  • No Wha​tsApp or Facebook! It’s exam time now. 

  • I have enough time to prepare for the exam. I’m sure that I will top the exams.

  • No exam in the world can test you because you are a topper

  • The exam is the only way to learn the way things are done in a few days. 

  • I love topping exams because it’s breezy upstairs. 

  • Toping exams is not easy, but it’ll be worth it.

Funny Quotes & status for WhatsApp

  • Like Gandalf said, ‘You shall not pass if you don’t study at all

  • Now that I topped exams, I shall be on my way to forgetting what I learned.

  • Just like Christmas, I spent the day before the exam hoping for a miracle.

  • No, people don’t call me an accidental topper.

  • My and my exam are in a very complicated relationship.

  • I can top almost every exam, yet Love is the only exam where I fail regularly.

  • I am so forgetful that I forgot to fail my exams, and instead, I topped.

  • I have rocked the exams without any stone.

  • I am the slumdog millionaire of exams  who aced every question

Exam WhatsApp status

  • You have my permission to celebrate my academic excellence

  • I topped my examinations, and it could, well, be in an accident.

  • If every exam came with a 50/50 option, then I’d top more often.

  • Topping exams is easy when you’re sitting beside a genius

  • You can also top your exams, but you have to confuse them with your answer.

  • Plan A is studying, and when that fails, only praying can help you top exams.

  • Fun fact: You cannot top exams by sleeping on your books.

  • I can’t remember anything about how I topped my exams

  • Motivational WhatsApp status on Top exam

  • Google can’t help you during the exam, but Google will hire you if you top the exam.

  • Exams are concerned with the enhancement of human productivity

  • More than topping the exams, it is about giving the effort.

  • Excelling your exams is not a skill but an attitude you should have.

  • Focus on the exam as a horse focuses on winning the race

  • Treat exams like the small hill you’ll conquer along with moving mountains.

  • Exams are the little battles of life that you have to go through.

  • There’s no secret to top exams. Fortunately, it only requires hard-work

  • Everybody wants to come first, but only some want to do the hard work for it 

  • To get closer to a better tomorrow, work hard before exams.

  • You are born to top the exam, but the topper must have a plan.

  • We must not only strive for high grades but also strive for higher learning.

  • You were born to be the winner. It’s time to prepare for it.

  • Focus, mind, and determination will help you top in exams.

  • If you struggle today, it will help you top in the exam tomorrow.

  • Do not continue to sleep; wake up and chase your dreams.

  • You are capable of becoming a topper. Do whatever is in your hands.

  • It is your dream to come first, and you will have to work hard.

  • Study hard to top in exams, and it will never disappoint you.

  • Don’t look for excuses. Just keep studying hard.

  • Your goals will be the roadmaps that will help you top the exam.

  • Do not fall asleep to dream. Study hard to fulfill your dreams.

  • I must not stop until I top the exam.

  • Show the world how exceptional you are by topping the exam.

  • Until you work hard and top the exam, it seems impossible.

  • Do not stress out. Just focus on topping the exam.

  • You should always aim to top the exam and never be second

  • Never stop studying until you top the exam.

  • Your sacrifices will pay off when you top the exam.

  • The defeats you encounter initially will motivate you to be the topper,

  • I will never surrender unless I top the exam.

  • Intelligence, along with confidence, helps us to top the exam.

  • Practice will make you crack the exam, but belief will help you top.

  • It always seems impossible unless you top the exam.

  • Prepare yourself to top the exam and not just to pass.

  • Believe in yourself to top the exam. Don’t just pretend.

  • Along with dreaming, prepare yourself to become the topper.

Exam Quotes

  • Remember, your exam is the opportunity to prove that you can top.

  • Aim to top the exam because your victory is right around the corner.

  • Take the stairs to success, and you will top the exam.

  • Daily affirmations create great confidence to top the exam.

  • Tell yourself that you can come first, and you will!

  • Setting goals is the first step toward topping the exam.

  • Keep your eyes on the top, and you will succeed.

  • It is possible for an ordinary to top extraordinarily.

Exam motivational quotes & Status For WhatsApp

An amazing and unique collection of the most beautiful, current, fantastic, and finest WhatsApp quotes for tests and quotations about exams, inspiring exams status, humorous exam quotes, and amusing exam sayings created. Something you may copy and distribute to your friends to wish them success in their examinations

  • 80% of the test is always dependent on one missed class and one topic for which you did not study.

  • Sometimes we complete the exam, and other times the exam completes us.

  • We glance above, down, left, and right for inspiration, desperation, and knowledge during tests.

  • The more you study for the exam, the less certain you are of the correct answer.

  • What is the primary cause of failure? I believe it is EXAMS. What are your thoughts?

Good luck message & Status For WhatsApp

Wish your loved one luck with a special message. Find the appropriate phrases to convey your happiness and express joy. Don’t worry; you may personalize our phrases and send them to your loved ones. So, this time wishes your pal good luck and happiness.

  • Make your luck, thus no best of luck, but all the best!

  • May the fairies of Heaven bless you with good fortune! Stay blessed and fortunate.

  • Nobody else on the Earth should come before you. So be a happy person and enjoy a calm existence. Best of luck to you.

  • Please try to fine-tune your fate so it is completely favorable to you. This is the reason for your existence. Best of luck to you.

  • Resist if anybody tries to use, mistreat, or abuse you – harshly, and always have a sense of self-confidence. Best of luck to you.

Motivational quotes & Status For WhatsApp

Some of the Motivational Statuses include practical information that may be used to construct a solid personality. So now I’m going to provide a Motivational WhatsApp Status. Additionally, I’m confident your friends will be inspired after reading this Motivational Status for WhatsApp that Inspires You.

  • The higher you bounce, the harder you fall.

  • Regretting squandered time is even more time wasted.

  • Act with boldness and let others do the talking.

  • I appreciate all the teachings, dear past. I’m prepared future.

  • Anyone may stand up in front of them once they have faced God.

Testing motivation quotes & Status For WhatsApp

Motivational quotations helped most of us through difficult times. They may be able to assist you. I compiled a vast collection of motivational quotations for students and graduates. I hope they are beneficial to you.

  • “Success is not by chance. It takes dedication, hard effort, learning, studying, sacrifice, and, most importantly, a love of what you are doing or learning to accomplish.” -Pelé, a Brazilian footballer.

  • “There are no success secrets.” It is the outcome of careful planning, hard labor, and failure-learning.” -General Colin Powell, former Secretary of State of the United States

  • “Everyone says I didn’t give up my seat because I was exhausted, but that’s not true. I wasn’t physically exhausted. No, I was only tired of surrendering.” -Rosa Parks.’

  • “You can always accomplish and succeed at something, no matter how challenging life may appear.” -Stephen Hawkings.

  • “You can’t harvest where you haven’t sown if you’re attempting to succeed without working hard.” -said David Bly, an American politician.

exam WhatsApp status

It’s time for you to encourage those who could be getting ready for an exam or test by sending them some encouraging Exam Status in English. All of these Exam statuses are available for you to utilize to motivate and encourage someone close to you who you wish luck with an exam but who is experiencing exam stress.

  • Why don’t you join me in my exam room, Google?

  • I’m in a complex relationship with my education.

  • May God grant you prosperity in your exams. I bestow high marks on you. Best wishes.

  • Dear Colleagues, Exams and grades come and go, but once you go insane, you go insane permanently, so be careful.

  • Don’t stay up all night studying since you’ll fall asleep during the exam.

Test Whatsapp status

Today, we’re sharing the greatest exam statuses, wishes, and quotations with you so you may wish your friends, juniors, and seniors the best of luck. We’ve also included some amusing test statuses and statements below. Consequently, let’s begin with the exam status, quotes, and wishes.

  • How to Study for Exams: Cry.

  • Each student gains a supernatural power when the test’s final five minutes come.

  • Scientology law: Unless examinations are taken, the book remains in a condition of rest or is coated with dust and filth.

  • There are instances when complex problems have straightforward solutions.

  • Maintain your composure and struggle through the last exam.

Exam preparation status

We understand how stressful test time may be. However, you should submit your Exam Status and Quotes to your social networking app to concentrate. I hope you like this essay and choose your best status; please forgive me if I bothered you. We should get going right away and stop wasting time.

  • How can we, as students, read everything if a teacher is unable to do so? We want justice!

  • Exams exhaust us and make us worried and ill; I’m eager for the day when exams are no longer necessary. Given how many examinations there are in life, I’m certain it will be a day in heaven.

  • Before being someone, everyone is nothing.

  • One individual does all of the work on a group project. Everyone claims responsibility.

  • Exam Hall is another name for Hell.

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