A Speech on “Should exotic animals be kept as pets?”

Good (—) dear students. Most of you might have pets at home. Commonly, we can see pets like cats, dogs, fishes, birds, and other domestic animals. It is good to have pets at home. It helps you be animal friendly and understand the language of animals. They also serve as a good way for you to get away from boredom. But there are a few dangerous animals that should be kept away from your home.

These animals include exotic animals like bears, big cats like tigers, lions, jaguars, snow leopards and pumas, scorpions, giraffes, hyenas, snakes, rodents, certain insects, non-domesticated canids, etc. these animals may cause severe damage to the people living in the house if they are untrained. It may be fancy to have such animals in the house and they may look cute when they are young. But as they grow old and start developing wild behaviors, they may be a threat to people in the surroundings.

Such animals require special care, food, and maintenance. They are only to be handled by professionals who have received adequate training. When people who cannot afford this owns these pets, they pose physical and health risks to anyone who comes in contact with it. Another problem is the confined space that they have to live in, as opposed to their vast natural habitat. This may frustrate the animals and may engage in risky behaviors. Households, especially those with children should compulsorily keep them away from these animals. Avoid buying exotic animals when you are looking for pets. No matter how hard you try, you cannot alter their biological needs. 

These untrained people try to change the natural characteristics of these animals by trying to make them friendly and mutilating them. This should never be done. Some owners may have no idea as to what these animals carry or what their requirements are. Some animals may be carriers of dangerous diseases and infections.

When people come in contact with these animals, they get infected and may not be able to survive as animals survive. In some cases when these animals can no longer be handled by the owners, they are abandoned, leaving them in a place where they unfamiliar and may bear severe consequences of not knowing how to live in an environment other than the house they lived in. 

There are many federal, state, and local laws that deem it illegal to possess exotics animals. If you ever come across people with exotic animals in possession, please do let the authorities know about it for the sake of the animals and the people living around. Let exotic pets live in forests or wild areas where they are supposed to live. Do not try to inhabit them in a place they do not belong. If you want pets, you can always go for domestic pets that are more friendly to humans. Take such decisions wisely so as not to hurt them or the people around you. 

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