Farewell Speech for Outgoing Students in School on Farewell Party

A farewell is a very significant part of one’s life. This is a day when we say goodbye to one part of our life and welcome a new chapter. We spend a lot of years in this place and so just a minor thank you cannot compensate for all the emotions related to this place and the people. 

So I wouldn’t just say a simple thank you, as it is the last day in my school and I would like to make it more memorable and more precious for my dear teachers and friends.

First of all, I would like to thank our respected teachers, as they took our hands and lead us to where we are today. We have learned a lot from them. All the knowledge we have gathered to date is because of the hard work of our teachers behind us.  They have supported us through all these years and have always guided us to follow the right path.

After our families, it is the teachers who help us to know the world more clearly and teach us about the environment and society. They have taught us important lessons about life. I personally think these lessons have helped us to live a more independent and confident life. 

Teachers as our guide master, have always been strict for our betterment but obviously not always strict. They did enjoy along with us all the field trips we went on. They did make the classes interesting so that we can quickly and easily grab the subject. They even gave us free classes just so we can have a fresh mind and start working the next day. I’m very grateful to have such teachers in my life.

Now to my dear friends, who have supported me through thick and thin, it felt great to study and work alongside. You all even made the punishment look funny. You all have shown how to overcome difficulties in life by coming together. All these years we have fought for silly reasons which are funny when we think of it now. We have grown side by side.  I hope you guys will stay in contact even after we choose different paths in our life.  Thank you for making my school day so wonderful and precious. 

I would also like to thank the janitors, the security guards, the gardeners. They have never let us faced any technical or any kind of issues during our school hours. They have done a lot for our school and classes. I thank and respect them with all my heart. 

I’m grateful to my family and my destiny to bring me to such an amazing school. I cannot believe today is the last day. It makes my eyes watery by thinking that from tomorrow onwards I won’t attend the classes anymore or waiting for my bus, or to see my teachers and friends. 

I’m thankful to all of you for bringing out the best out of me. These years have been the best days of my life. Thank you, everyone.

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