A speech on “What Are the Fastest Growing Careers?”

In these modern days as the economy develops and technology improves, the career opportunities are shifting gradually. Any specific jobs are expected to enhance more than others in the future years. The fields which are expecting growth can be noted as home health care, energy, education, mathematics, and many more.

First we can talk about the job of solar photovoltaic (PV) installers. Solar photovoltaic (PV) installers have to assemble, install, and maintain various types of solar panel systems. Many of those are on rooftops or other large areas.

A PV installer have to learn and understand many complex electrical and mechanical types of equipment. They also have to work on their feet—and outside—most of the day.

To work as a PV installer, you need at least a high school diploma. Many colleges and trade schools teaches courses on PV design and installation process. PV installers also are able to receive practical training on the job.

After that we can talk about wind turbine technician jobs are also increasing. Like the PV installer jobs, wind turbine technician jobs will also increase as people are starting to use the alternate sources of energy—like the, wind. Also called as wind techs, the wind turbine service technicians has the ability to assemble, install, maintain, and repair wind turbines.

Wind turbine techs have to be habituated in working in confined spaces like, wind turbines and also at tall heights. They can learn their trade through many community college courses or trade schools.

Home health and personal care aide provide help the elderly adults or ill people who need care and help in their everyday lives. Aides help them with eating, bathing, and dressing, and may also give medication or checking vital signs.

Home health and personal care aides can work in a client’s home, but in some cases are employed in some homes or assisted living facilities.

Most home health and personal care aides must have an evaluation or receive a certificate. In some cases those technicians need more formal training at vocational schools, community colleges, or other similar programs.

Occupational Therapy assistance and aide help patients to maintain, develop, or revive daily living skills. Both assistants and aides work under the training of an occupational therapist. Occupational therapy assistants supports the patients to perform many exercises and fitness activities and teach them how to use some necessary equipment. Occupational therapy aides clean and prepare treatment areas and helps the patients in many ways. 

We can next talk about information security analyst. In these types of jobs business in a digital age means protecting the private data of the customers—or risking ugly public relations problems.

To minimize the risks of the customers many companies are eager to hire the information security analyst. The information security analysts have to get a bachelor’s degree in an IT-related area of study. 

On the other hand, a physician assistant (PA) has to conduct and learn physical examines, diagnoses, and treats many illnesses, and performs a group of other duties under the supervision of a professional.

Mathematicians and statisticians have to analyze the data and perform various mathematical calculations and functions to learn about many real-world problems. They might design many surveys or opinion polls to collect data. Many mathematicians and statisticians have the opportunity to work for the government, while others can work in many research institutions.

There are some many other professions like, genetic counselor, speech language pathologist, physical therapist and many more.

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