A Speech on “My Most Favorite Subject at School”

Good (—). All of us might have had the most favorite and least favorite subject in school. I am here today to speak about my favorite subject at school.

My favorite subject is English. It is the subject I spend most of my time exploring and learning. It is also the subject where I score the highest.

One of the main causes a student loves a subject is because of the teacher. Even if it is an interesting subject, a bad teacher can make it the most boring subject. I am blessed to have the best teacher to teach me English.

Her vivid explanations and enthusiasm while teaching makes me love the subject more and more every day. The way she brings life to each character of a novel or short story is magical. I wait for my English periods to come.

It is the time when I can have colorful imaginations and fantasies come to reality.

I love reading stories, novels, plays, and essays. I imagine myself to be the characters and make those illustrations real by making up the situation.

I look up at the writers with so much awe as to how they imagine and write such amazing stuff. My favorite genre is fiction.

My favorite book is the Harry Potter series. I am amazed at how JK Rowling has created such an amazing piece.

I would recommend all of you to read the book more than watching its movies as while reading, you get a thorough experience of it.

Through the study of English at school, I have been introduced to various authors, their inspiring lives, and the fantastic and creative works they have contributed to the world of literature. 

By learning English at school, I am also introduced to new words, usages, idioms, and devices, which thrills me. I am also able to unleash my creativity by writing poems, essays, and stories when my teacher gives us topics for writing.

I also enjoy writing English exams the most as it does not involve the struggle of mugging up concepts and plainly writing them down on paper. English is not a test of your memory like every other subject.

It allows you to be creative and innovative and to give your own interpretations of poems, novels, and stories. 

I find it fascinating to understand what the author or writer may have had in his or her mind while writing a piece of art.

Their personal experiences must have contributed to the writing that they bring out. It is also amazing to see the portrayal of social systems that are demonstrated within the writings. Literature is the reflection of society.

Writers knowingly or unknowingly reflect their society through their writings. Isn’t it wonderful to know the practices and environments that people lived in the past, colored with the beauty of words and lines?

I would like to take up literature in the future as my career and would love to be a writer someday.  

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