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The folic acid awareness week is celebrated from 5-11 January of every year. This week’s main aim is to spread awareness about the diseases caused by the lack of folic acid among infants. It was started in 1997 as part of CDC-backed National Birth Defects Prevention Month.

Folic Acid Awareness Week- Greetings

– This day celebrates by spreading the awareness about the folic acid among the citizens. We must make people understand the importance of good health.

– Folic acid is the most required acid in our body; make sure you tell people about it—happy national folic acid awareness week.

– Not all acids are harmful. Some are important for our health too. Don’t judge a component by its name.

– The pregnant women need folic acid the most it’s our responsibility to make sure it reaches everyone. 

-Carrying a baying is women’s responsibility and taking care of it is ours—happy national folic acid awareness week.

– If you want a healthy and longer life, include folic acid in your diet. The more nutritious the food, the longer the life. 

– Green vegetables, beans, and cereals a day, keep the deficiency of folic acid away—happy national folic acid awareness week.

– Your body needs folic acid to make new cell make sure their nutrient is reaching them. Be a good human.

– No one likes to stay hungry, not the cells, take folic acid, and feed your cells properly—happy national folic acid awareness week.

– Instead of paying attention and planning on attacking other countries, the world should focus more on spreading awareness about health.

– The world will only be a better place to live when everyone is aware of fitness. Happy national folic acid awareness week.

– Health is the biggest asset. Once gone, it cannot be regained.

– Deficiency of important nutrients is the biggest terrorism we need to eradicate now.

Folic Acid Awareness Week- Messages

– The immense happiness in the world is a healthy body and mind.

– The peaceful mind resides in a healthy body, so if you want to be intelligent, be healthy first.

– When we are not healthy, our life automatically becomes dull and boring.

– The folic acid is required and most important during the first few days, so make sure it reaches to correct person at correct times.

– The women bring new life to the earth. This is the least help we can do by providing folic acid.

– Not all acids burn the skin. Some acid-like folic acid burns the unhealthiness of the body.

– You don’t have to be a hero to save the world. You can save the world by making people aware of their health.

– Folic acid awareness week is there because everyone knows one day is not enough to tell people about health.

– When you don’t compromise with your dreams, then why to compromise with health.

– Health is like true love. We understand its value when it is no longer with us.

Folic Acid Awareness Week- quotes

“Anger’s like a battery that leaks acid right out of me. And it starts from the heart ’til it reaches my outer me”
                            ― Criss Jami, Venus in Arms

“Everything was becoming allegorical, understood by the group mind, and especially this: “You’re either on the bus…or off the bus.”
                            ― Tom Wolfe

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