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National Fossil Day is an American-originated occasion celebrated in the second week of October every year. It was first observed on 13th October 2010 in the United States of America to promote the scientific and educational values of fossils. Fossils are the basis of living. They are traces of life and livelihood through ancient times. 

National Fossil Day Greetings:

-Celebration of a very noble cause paying homage to the very little-bothered remains leads us to the origin of life on Earth. 

-Ever since the beginning, the American Geosciences Institute has been observing the special occasion through the entire second week of October every year. Let us all together pay tribute to their endeavors.

-The American Geosciences comes up with mind, buster various fun events that secretly hold the real message under the cover—wishing you a great day ahead.

-A heartfelt gratitude to all the paleontologists of all ages who had put in their time and knowledge to gather these resources, which are not an easy icing on the cake.

-Heartfelt thanksgiving to all of them who collectively brought out the hidden meaning and ideas that held the potential to bring out the real secrets behind the origin of lifeforms.

-The National Park Service and other partners (which counts to over 270) hosted the National Day for the first time during the Earth Science week. They introduced many events to gain public interest and attention.

-To all my dear paleontologist friends, I wish you a great day ahead. I hope you’ll spend the day with your loved ones, but not in the museum.

-It is an excellent day for all the science enthusiasts to discover the hidden paleontologists in them and enlighten others with a similar kind of curiosity as they hold. 

-This day can also be such a day dedicated to digging out the answers to all the unanswered questions in the context of the theme.

National Fossil Day Messages:

-Today’s the day to step into the local museum, which we barely noticed and gather some knowledge or do some research about fossils, at least for the sake of the occasion.

-This particular day was established to spread awareness among people about the importance that the fossils hold. More or less, fossils are the basement or the root layer of all the knowledge which has been possible in today’s world. 

-The legacy of the auspicious day should no way be let down, for they are the building towards evolution and development.

-The trademark of the occasion is that every year, a new unique logo is created to mark the auspicious day’s celebration in order to attract public attention and importance. 

-The new logo is revealed much earlier in the mid of January, and it thereby attracts a significant share of the limelight. It also highlights excellent stories in the context of the fossil record of life.

-Fossils are the best sources of scientific and logical pieces of evidence and explanations. Not everybody can decode the information that those fossils hold. 

-This day marks a tribute to those Paleontologists who have helped us understand the underlying information regarding all important aspects of plant and animal life forms and past climates and landscapes.

National Fossil Day quotes

-Through the study of fossils I had already been initiated into the mysteries of prehistoric creations. 

–Pierre Loti 

-Language is fossil Poetry. 

–Ralph Waldo Emerson 

-Transitional forms are generally lacking at the species level, but they are abundant between larger groups. 

–Stephen Jay Gould 

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