A Speech on “Why Friends Are Important to Me”

Good (—). Today I am here to talk about why friends are important to me. As you all know, friends are very important in a person’s life and those who do not have friends or have lost friends sure feel like they miss an important part of their life. No matter how old you are, having friends makes your life fun and survivable.

I have a pretty large friend group. Most of my friends are of my age. A large number of my friends are from my school, some from my neighborhood, some from my music class, some from church, and some from my drawing class.

As you may have understood, I make friends wherever I go and my friends are the most important part of my life after my parents. My friends understand me on a level I can’t even understand myself. They are there for me no matter what. When I am sad, they comfort me, when I am happy, they join in my celebration. As it is said, friends divide your sorrows and multiply your happiness.

It is through them that I have understood the importance of sharing, caring, and being generous. Like everyone, I have few friends whom I consider as my family and I am closer to them than my family. There are various things that people cannot share with their family, and can only be shared with their friends. We connect easily with our friends and our friends can relate to us better than anyone. My friends know me better than my family. We discuss all sorts of things together.

We talk about sports, music, classes, and life matters in general. I cannot survive without my friends. Even if we get into small fights, we solve it quickly because none of us can survive without each other. My friends make my school-life bearable. They help me with my homework, they help me study well, they cover up for me when needed, and also support me in whatever I do.

My friends are very honest with each other. If we find mistakes with others, we help them out by pointing out their mistakes and guiding them on how they can do better. That is a much-needed thing in everyone’s life. Only true friends will directly speak about what they have done wrong without sugar-coating or lying.

I am very lucky to have friends on whom I can rely when I am confused to make decisions in my life. I have never regretted a choice that my friends help me make because they know what is best for me and what will bring me harm. My friends understand my emotions best and always try to bring out the best in me and do whatever suits me best.

Friendship is a privilege and we have to embrace it in every moment of our lives. Friends are the family we choose. I am forever grateful to have such wonderful friends in my life. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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