A Speech on “Should Guns Be Allowed on College Campuses?”

Allowing any kind of weapon around a general individual legally or non-legally is always a threat. Though if might be for personal safety reasons, it will never assure complete safety of yourself and that of the others. Generally, more than 75 percent of parents and students will oppose carrying concealed guns in and around the campuses.

By letting students carry these weapons inside the campus cannot guarantee that it won’t be used inside the campus, but it is of high risk if the student carries it outside the campus. Most of the fights or arguments that occur inside the campus might be given a harsh and dangerous answer while being outside the campus. This could be even deadly to those who carry guns and also the ones who don’t carry guns. 

More the guns inside the campus, the more the threat. A normal citizen does not have any need to carry a weapon, especially students or teachers in the college. Any crime or harassment a student faces they have full rights to express their views and complaints to take a proper decision by the faculties, parents or even in some cases police authorities. Out of any place in the national schools and colleges should be the safest places made for young people to feel comfortable.

They should not be exposed to the harsh and dangerous community at least from a young age. They should be given proper information and classes on how dangerous these weapons are and also about the bad people who are from such dangerous communities. 

Violence is not always the answer for easier and safe surroundings. Carrying such concealed guns inside the campus will force every student to carry one for themself out of fear to feel safe just in case they have to face any threat. It can even start up a fight and in any heated argument or fight, it could be shot accidentally out of anger causing an injury to someone else or even kill someone. 

School or campus shootings have always been a huge issue in many states in the U.S history since 1997 to 2007, resulting in many deaths and more injuries. Nowadays the laws have been so strict to avoid such shootings. Our modern world has changed since many years due to these strict laws, but still, the need for self-defense stays in every citizen anyplace or anytime. As the world is changing, technology and weapons have upgraded so much, making the world even more dangerous; though the laws have become strict, these crimes keep increasing too at some places. 

Despite this, authorities make sure everyone stays safe and do as much as possible to stop the general citizen from carrying a concealed gun in their homes, offices, schools or even campuses to avoid the risk of generating a fight that could be hazardous. Campuses are a place where students come to learn knowledge and good behaviors, don’t bring these dangerous weapons into their life to build a fearful life. 

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