256+ December Wishes, Messages & Status That’ll Spread Cheer for All To Hear!

As the year ends, it prepares you for the coming year and fills you with hope and excitement. If you have witnessed January to December, you must thank God for that.

Here are a few messages that you can send to your loved ones and show gratitude to the almighty for the beautiful year and the more amazing years to come.

happy new month December Wishes

  • I wish you a month full of joy and happiness. May you laugh more than how much you have laughed the entire year. Happy December.

  • May this month of December God surprise you with the thing that you wanted the most the entire year. Happy December.

  • May you be blessed with your heart’s desire this December. Happy December.

  • May the divine listen to your cries and all your wishes come true. Happy December, all.

  • May you rise above your peers and keep growing and glowing. Happy December to you.

  • May the Almighty become your fortress and rock and help you overcome all the adversities in life. Happy December.

  • May you overcome all the shortcomings you have encountered in the entire year. Stay calm; December shall be full of joy and pleasure.

  • Since this is the last month of the year, all your miseries shall come to an end too. Happy December to you.

  • Let no devil stop you from achieving your goals. May you strive harder and in the forward direction in the last month of the year.

  • It is December! Let us all celebrate the end of a beautiful year and wait for amazing months to come.

  • I wish you amazing experiences as we approach the new year. Happy December.

  • May the largest piece of the pie be on your plate this December. A happy new month of December.

  • Since this is the last month, I wish no bad things come near you and your beloved. Happy December.

  • May the best things of the last month of the year be in your favor. A happy new month of December to you.

  • May you be surprised with new year presents by the Almighty before it is even a new year. Happy December.

  • May your presence be celebrated and enjoyed even in December. Happy December.

  • I wish you are protected by God at all times in this cold weather. Happy December.

  • Make the most out of this cold weather with your near and dear ones. Happy December.

  • May God stay by your side in every action that you take this December. Enjoy the cool weather to the fullest.

  • This month shall be loaded with surprises, love, happiness, breakthroughs, and peace for you. Happy December.

  • Keep striving hard; you shall beat them all. Welcome the month of December, the month of relaxation with an open heart.

  • May you live under the Divine glory and keep moving ahead in this new month of December.

  • May this December you strike through that deal that you have been waiting for the entire year. I know you can make it.

  • You were raised like a champion, and you shall win this year too. December is loaded with victories; stay calm.

  • May your angels guide you to what you seek. A Happy December to you.

  • Embrace yourself for all the joy you are about to receive for your hard work this December. Cheers to a great last month of December.

  • The doors of opportunities will open wider for you this December. Make the most out of each of them.

  • Let the dead past not burden you in the new year to come. Relax and breathe in this last month of December.

  • With joy and peace in my heart, I wish you a very Happy December.

  • All is well that ends well. I hope the year ends with a blast.

  • Cuddle up with your loved ones in this cold weather. May your hearts be warm this December.

  • Just a few days left for the New Year to come. Enjoy the last month.

  • Everything that seemed impossible in the previous months shall come to life this December. May you achieve everything before the year ends.

  • May happiness never leaves your life. Happy December to you.

  • May you accomplish the most in the last month of the year and have a great start to the new year.

  • May the snowmen and fairies fill your heart with warm memories of childhood this December.

  • The summer will be here soon; till then, enjoy December at its best.

  • Can’t wait for the new year to come and new resolutions to make. I hope your December is joyful.

  • Winter might be harsh; embrace yourself for the cold weather. Happy December.

  • Giddy up and be ready to visit the church and spend time with your family. December is knocking at our doors.

  • The last of the year will be full of amazing and enthralling experiences. May you grow with each passing day in December.

  • The adversities have come to an end. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Happy December.

  • May you be acknowledged for your work and make the most out of your life. Happy December.

  • May this last month of the year be so amazing that you remember it in the year to come. Happy December.

  • The month of completeness is here. It is December already.

  • May you be showered with love and happiness before the New Year brings new hopes for you. Happy December.

  • Can’t wait to sit together and enjoy December. Happy December.

  • I am lucky that I have a wonderful friend like you with whom I celebrate this last month of the year. Happy December.

  • May your life gets completed with new hopes and dreams this December as the year is about to complete. Happy December.

  • The winter is beautiful, and so will be December. Enjoy your December with your loved ones.

  • The warmth and love of your family will help you fight the cold in life. December will be full of surprises.

  • The roads will be slippery and snowy, be careful and take care of your family. Happy, beautiful December.
Happy December Wishes

Happy December wishes

December!! A month of joy and a month filled with happiness and fun! The last month of the year and just one month close to the new year! All of you get your sleeves rolled up and ready for a new fight!!! We all want to have, and December is only about fun! Christmas is a festival of fun! Everyone waits for this festival of joy!

As this is the season to be jolly!!! Wish everyone around you a very wonderful December to light up their day even more!! Here are a few wishes you could use:

  • Happy December, pals! Only wish you all happiness, good health, and lots of laughter!

  • Wish you a December filled with laughter, fun, and happiness!!! Let’s celebrate this month of joy for the rest of the month!

  • Wish you a very fruitful and joyous December! Have lots and lots of fun as we celebrate the month of joy!

  • Wish you all a very happy December!!! May this December bring a lot of joy like it always does!

  • Wish you an amazing December today and for the rest of the month!! May happiness knock on your door for the rest of the month!
Happy December Wishes

December greetings

December is a favorite month for everyone! I mean, there is snow everywhere! All you have to do is decorate your house and have fun with your family and friends! It’s just a month away from the new year, so make your December count! Here are a few December greetings for you to use.

  • Greetings to you, my friend!! May this December be the happiest month of your whole year!

  • Wish you a wonderful December, my friend! Let’s celebrate this month and have so much fun while doing it!

  • A very happy December to you and your family, my friend! Have the most fun month yet!

  • Wish you the happiest month of the year, my friend!! May this December be all about fun and happiness!

  • Wish you a very happy December, my friend! Have one of the most amazing months ever!
Happy December Wishes

Happy December 1st

As you enter December, it is going to be so fun and fabulous with all the time that you spend with your family and friends! There’s snow which also means snow fight! December is a month when everyone in the family starts, from a baby to older people; enjoy it! So here are a few December greeting messages for you to make everyone’s month amazing too!

  • Happy December 1st to you, my friend! May this month be filled with good food and fun!

  • On December 1st, greetings to you, my friend! May today and the rest of the month be as amazing as possible!

  • Wish you a very happy first day of December, my friend! May this month start with happiness!

  • A very happy December of first to you, my friend! May this month of yours and everyone else’s is filled with happiness!

  • December 1st is the welcome of even more months!! Wish you a month of happiness, love, and laughter!

Happy December birthday

To have your birthday in December is fantastic! I mean you get to celebrate your birthday with your family and friends! You can have so much fun unwrapping your birthday as well as your Christmas gifts! So here are a few December birthday messages for you.

  • Wishing you a very joyous birthday! You were born in the most fun and joyous month ever! Wish you love, laughter and happiness!

  • Happy birthday, my friend! You have your birthday in the month of joy! Let’s celebrate your birthday and have so much fun!

  • Happy Christmas and birthday to you, my friend!! We get to have double fun because of your birthday and Christmas!

  • Wish you a very happy birthday, my friend! Your birthday is in December!! Let’s start off with a snow fight!

  • Wish you a very happy birthday to you, my friend! May your birthday be as joyous as December!

Happy first day of December

December is the last month of the year and is just a month away from the new year! So what you wanted to do this year can also be done in the month! In addition, you still have time to kick off a few things from your bucket list which are still left to do this year! So here are a few December messages for you.

  • Wish you a lot of happiness on this first day of December! May the rest of your December be filled with lots of laughter and fun!

  • On December 1st, greetings to you, my friend! I hope the rest of your month is filled with fun, love, and laughter!

  • I wish you a very happy first day of December, my friend! May the whole month be filled with happiness!

  • Happy first day of happiness to you, my friend! May this month be filled with a lot of happiness and joy!

  • My wishes to you and your family on December 1st! Wish you love, laughter and happiness always!!

Good morning Happy first day of December

You must start your first of December with a smile to have a great month ahead! Lots and lots of new possibilities and new opportunities will find you if you have a great morning with your positive attitude! Start your morning well and spread these few messages to others to kick their morning!

  • Good morning and a very happy first day of December to you and your family!! May 1st of this month bring you so much joy it lasts forever!

  • I wish you a happy morning and the first day of December, my friend! May today be the start of fun that goes till the end!

  • Good morning to you! Wish you a very happy first day of December! May happiness, fun, and laughter find you in every way!

  • Good morning to you! And also wish you a very happy first day of December! Wish you lots of joy!

  • Very happy morning and the first day of December to you, my friend! Wish you joy and laughter!

Hello, December Captions And Status

-December is a call for all my whimsical moods. 

-A toasty December is what I wait for the entire year. 

-The spirit of December is all about conviviality for me. 

-Sharing can be really beautiful in December. Isn’t it? 

-December is my favorite month for some inexplicable reason. 

-I am in the mood for joy because it’s December already.

-December is all about retrospection for me. 

-Dear December, you are my sojourn of complacency. 

-I love this chilly December because it brings along so many gleeful memories. 

-I feel December’s depth is immeasurable. 

-December is my swing under the sun. 

-A fleeting December is what I am trying to hold onto. 

-Practising gratitude is the best thing I am doing this December. 

-December is all about tinsel trappings. 

-Life is ephemeral but December seems like a permanent imprint on my soul. 

-I feel December has high brand value. 

-Wish I could fly to Neptune this December. 

-December is a vacation for all my weary moods.

-I love watching snowy mountains in December mornings. 

-December is my secret fountain of inspiration. 

-December is my tidbits of euphoria and self-satisfaction. 

-It is so beautiful to admire the landscapes of December.

-I wish I could experience how December feels in Venus. 

-Setting beautiful Christmas wallpapers because it’s December. 

-Buying Christmas decorations for a sparkling December. 

-December is all about resplendence and shining things. 

-Engaging in a deep conversation with my Christmas tree this December.

-Detoxing my thoughts because December is all about fresh starts. 

-Flipping through the pages of old albums is the best thing on a December evening. 

-Don’t you feel December is a month fraught with creativity and eloquent expressions? 

-Red Pillowcases bring on my December moods. 

-December is a month of being a couch potato without feeling guilty about the same. 

– Brewing ginger tea on this beautiful December evening made me happy.

-December calls for celebrating our dreams. 

-December is the final chapter of a novel with happy endings.

-December is the deepest expression of my soul.

-I am traversing my own depths this December. 

-December is all about reflecting upon my decisions.

-I bought a bumblebee stalking for my quirky December. 

-December is my month of retro looks and quaint charms. 

December Whatsapp Statuses

December Inspirational Status

December is considered one of the most exciting, fun a month filled with lots of laughter. Spreading your happiness to others would definitely make their day, and they would be happy to read your thoughtful wishes. So here are a few inspirational Status about December you could use.

-I hope your December is filled with only fun, laughter, and positive vibes. Happy December to you, my friend!

-I wish you a happy December, my friend! May your December be filled with good things.

-Live every day like it is your last; that way, you can have more fun! Happy December to you, my friend!

-May your December be filled with positive vibes and so much fun. Happy December, my friend!

-I wish you a fantastic December, my friend! I hope your December is filled with lots of love and laughter.

Happy First Day Of December

The first of December is the start of the month, which is so fun-filled and with lots of love. December is always different from the rest of the months because it is only a month away from the new year, and this month has the most exciting days ahead! So here are a few happy wishes for the first day of December you could use.

-I wish you a happy first day of December, my friend! Hope the start of this month is filled with so much fun and laughter, and may it last for the whole month!

-Happy first day of December, my friend! I hope this month is filled with lots of love and laughter.

-The first of May day of December, be the first best day of your month, my friend! I wish you a lovely first day of December!

-I wish you a very happy first day of December, my friend! May this day be the start of your great month with lots of fun, love, and laughter!

-Wish you a very happy first day of December, my friend! I love you all so much! May today be the start of your amazing month.

December Status And Sayings

What image appears when you think of the month of December? Snow, fireplace, and gifts! Yes, that is how December is. A month to have so much fun with our family and friends. December is the last month of the present year, which pushes us to the next new year! Here are a few December Status you could use.

-Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! May happiness jingle into your life and spread smiles to you and your family.

-December is the month when you have hot chocolate every day and cuddle with your person or a blanket and make yourself warm!

-Kids look forward to the month of December because it is filled with fun, laughter, and gifts! And adults look forward to spending more quality time with their friends and family!

-December – is a month filled with lots of laughter, fun, and love! A month filled with only positive vibes!

-December brings so much fun, laughter, and love into your life and a month filled with great memories.

December – a month that is filled with loads and loads of fun and laughter! A month where everyone spends quality time with their family and friends and makes great memories! Here are a few happy first-of-December messages for you to use.

-I wish you a very happy first of December, my friend! Hope today is the day when your fun days start and last forever!

-Happy first of December, my friend! May this day be filled with positive vibes, fun, and laughter and last for your whole month to finish off this year.

-Having a great start to the month will help you have the proper mindset to have the month ahead so fun and happy! I wish you a very amazing first of December, my friend!

-May your first day in December bring you lots of joy and happiness! I wish you and your family a very happy first of December!

-Happy first day of December, my friend! May your whole month be filled with lots of fun, laughter, and love!

Good Morning. December Status

Having a good start to December gives you a feeling that your whole month will go well and well. No matter what having a good start to your day with your smile makes it count! So take your time in spreading your smiles to others as well. So here are a few good morning Status during the month of December you could use.

-Good morning to you, my friend! May you start your day with a smile and have a month filled with lots of love and laughter.

-I wish you a very fantastic morning to you, my friend! May your whole month be as extraordinary as you are!

-I hope you have the best morning today so start your day with a smile! Good morning to you, my friend! May you have this month filled with positive things and so much fun!

-I hope you have a fantastic start to your month! May your month be filled with happiness and love.

-Good morning to you, my friend! I hope this morning you take your time to be grateful and thankful for what you have and what you get! May your December be filled with lots of love and laughter! 

Romantic december Status

-She is the warmth I seek in December evenings. 

-He is my December of hopes and dreams. 

-You are like a flicker of light on a frosty December evening. 

-Cuddling with him near the fireplace is my kind of December. 

-December is my month of baking and cooking for my love. 

-He is my December of pleasant dreams and chilly weather. 

-December is flinging so many chocolate hearts on my plate. 

-My lover knows what my ideal December looks like. 

-You are my cozy blanket of December.

-And how I wish to dance under the falling snowflakes of December with him. 

-It’s so beautiful to watch the graupels in December with my bunny. 

-I am up for waltzing with my lover this December. 

-Snow on the snaky road in December calls for some midnight adventure with my love.

-I love making hot chocolate for my little heart in December evenings.

-You are the best gift I received this December.

-He is my cozy cushion of a December afternoon.

-He is the reason behind this delightful December. 

-I wish I could send him all my love in a box this December. 

-This December is going to be special with my prince charming. 

-December is my month of love and hugs. 

-My December mornings are so much happier after finding him.

-Long phone calls on December nights have something special about them.

-I am singing songs of love this December and feeling it. 

-Romance is the bosom buddy of December. 

-Cupid is striking me with an arrow this December.

-Time for twists and twirls because it’s December already.

-I need a talisman to protect myself in the chilling December winters. 

-My December is all about church gatherings and gratitude.

-Warm coffee and December cold have an age-long friendship. 

December Whatsapp Statuses

Poetic december Status

-I feel December is painted with hues of pink and scarlet. 

-The lost dreams of December are wavering on my soul. 

-My eyelids quiver in the dazzle of December.

-December is my old trunk of memories. 

-December is a sensation of looking back and accepting things as they are.

-Colourful wrappings papers of December are my favorite!

-It’s still snowing back in my December of love. 

-Ivy vines of December know how to hold on to memories. 

-I dream of maple leaves on December nights.

-My plight of regrets ends in December.

-My love for December is the deepest and warmest of all.

-December feels like a greeting from heaven.

-Snowflakes are covering everything in this December of solitude.

-Revisiting my long-lost wishes because December is all about magic. 

-Winter fairies are gifting me an ecstatic December. 

-December is a lullaby for my wry hours. 

-My heart is flying along the sands of time because it’s December already.

-December is the muse for my happy poems. 

-Flowers that bloom in December is my favorite. 

-I love how the world hibernates under the blanket of December.

-Icicles of December look pretty cool. 

-I love watching the frozen windmills of December.

-Singing songs of spring because December is so gloomy.

-December has her own symphonies which touches me deeply.

-December’s aura is all-encompassing.

– How deeply enthralled I am by the beauty of December landscapes. 

-Flowers of December convey sweet thoughts to my soul.

-It’s already Spring in my December garden.

-Calendula flowers are blooming in glory in my December garden. 

-Wildflowers of December know how to beat the cold.

-December is a threshold of ecstasy for my heart. 

-I want to float as the swiftest cloud in the December sky.

-I can hear December playing the lyre of happiness.

-Melodies of December are playing with the strings of my heart.

-Fond memories of December have saved my otherwise mangled life.

-Doodle arts and self-portraits are my safe haven in December.

-Being spellbound by the charms of December. 

December Whatsapp Statuses

December Status for Booklover’s

-I love the idea of love, and December is the perfect time for reading love novels. 

-Cool bookmarks and a nice book are my kinds of December.

-Jane Austen’s Novels are making up my December moods.

-A cup of chocolate coffee and a Sherlock Holmes mystery series are my December.

-Reading Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf for a thoughtful December.

-December is perhaps the inspiration behind Novels with a happy ending.

-I want to read more fairy tales this December.

-A good book can give me a good night’s sleep in December.

-Self-help books are making me happy this December.

-Decorating my bookshelf to match up with a splendid December.

-My dream of a mini library is getting fulfilled this December. 

-December is a perfect time for reading fantasy novels. isn’t it?

-Books and December are addressing the issue with my loneliness.

-I have accepted the challenge of reading 5 books this December.

-Participating in the readathon is my thing for a nerdy December. 

-Elusive poems are filling my life with joy this December.

-My December is full of Wordsworth and Keats. 

-The Narnia series is a perfect read for December.

-I might read a fantasy book to peen into a magical world this December.

-I would breathe books in December. 

-A world tour is possible by reading books this December.

-I am searching for a book that might sum up my feelings for December.

-December is all about devouring Victorian novels.

-A good book might remove the cobwebs of rotten thoughts in December.

-Unfinished works by eminent authors and December go well.

-I hope I find a book that answers a few confounding questions this December.

-More stories can be added to my December stories.

December Status for foody

-Marshmallows taste better in December.

-I need some hot chocolate to sail through this frigid December.

-Coffee saved me from getting frosted in December. 

-Bought a candy jar to cater to my December moods.

-December calls for a family gathering.

-I love food and more food for December.

-I am opting for a Vegan diet this December.

-Healthy eating is a priority for me this December.

-A little weight gain is allowed in December. 

-I need more sprinkles on my cupcake because it’s a bright December.

-Italian Omelets are making my December evenings happier. 

-Apple pie in December is my dose for positivity. 

-December is all about eating and dining with friends and family.

-Grilled chicken and mashed potatoes can give me a sumptuous December lunch. 

-December adds lovely flavors to fruits and veggies.

-Have you ever noticed things taste so much better in December?

-December is a perfect opportunity to add extra cheese to my burger. 

-Homemade banana cookies are my staple in December.

-I will try out sushi this December.

-December is all about gorging on delicacies without feeling guilty. 

-Mexican wraps and hot chocolate drinks are my kinds of December.

-I am Dedicating my December to exotic dishes. 

-Tuna salad tastes so much better in December.

-I am gifting myself a box of dark Chocolates this December.

-Made Japanese cheesecake for my neighbors to spread some love this December. 

-Chopsuey is my bestfriend in December. 

-Chicken noodles can cure the boredom of a December evening. 

-Drinking a lot of water is my resolution for December.

-I am going on a food saga this December.

-The most favorable month for foodies is December.

-Caesarean salad and my December nights go well.

-“Eat, drink and repeat” is on my playlists this December.

-Dry fruits never fail to pep up my moods in December.

Cool December Status

-December is a sanctuary for my wild thoughts.

-I am choosing hope to begin with this fabulous December. 

-Oh Dear, December you are what my heart longs for the rest of the year. 

-Lying on my bed and dreaming of warmer days soothe me in December.

-Once you choose hope December cooperates!

-I am doubling my leisure time to enjoy the aura of December.

-Decorating my Christmas tree because December likes to dazzle and glow. 

-Fairy lights and December create the magic. 

-December is a month for the pursuit of peace and gratitude. 

-Chasing the sparks that fly in December afternoons.

-My December is sketched with nostalgia. 

-Starting from a blank page because December is beyond comprehension. 

-The December fog is a phenomenon of mysticism. 

-Pink ribbons are my December of old charms.

-Just hoping that December ruffles my stagnant thoughts. 

-December is a month of reveries and contemplation for me.

-I am facing my fears this December.

-Fond memories are keeping me warm in December.

-Buying wools to knit a pink sweater in December.

-I am giving up my tunnel vision and embracing the vastness of December.

-I am hugging December never to let go of its spirit ever. 

-Scarlet nail polish and December makes a perfect combination.

-My curls look prettiest in December outings. 

-I am still raving about my last December and feeling every bit of it. 

-Santa Clause used to play a pivotal role in my childhood December. 

-How ardently I used to wait for December celebrations when I was a kid. 

-Stuffed toys and books are my kinds of December.

-Bought elephant printed pants because I want a fun-filled December. 

-Gourmand perfumes are my favorite in December.

-December means experiencing the thrill of having chocolate cakes and pastries.

-I am experimenting with my moods this December. 

-Waking up late every morning, because hey it’s December! 

-The impact of December is gigantic.

-Buying a new camera for a picture-perfect December.

-December is a free play of my expressions.

-I choose peace over turmoil this December.

-I am basking under a self-created cocoon of positivity this December. 

-My heart is throbbing with December memories. 

-I feel elated thinking about last December. 

-December is like a beautiful promise fulfilled.

-December is my dream of snowflakes and waltzing. 

-I feel like composing a ballad for December. 

-December is a novel where wishes get fulfilled. 

-Vibrating at a similar frequency of December for more fun. 

-My imagination soars high in December air. 

-December is my dinner table full of desserts.

-Choosing laughter over worries to celebrate the essence of December.

-December is my avalanche of merriment and creativity.

-Everything is possible because December is for magical beginnings.

-Red sweaters and printed scarves are my kind of December.

-My palette is full of cherry shades to celebrate the moods of December.

-Comfortable nook and corners of my mood are welcoming December.

-Dreams still float in my December sky.

-I am composing piano pieces to welcome December.

-It feels great to receive small gifts from close ones in December.

-Being “outstanding” is my goal for December.

-Purple unicorns and winter fairies are crowding my room this December.

-Dear December, Your graceful presence is a cure for my woes.

-Every single minute of my December is fraught with sheer delight.

-I am uninstalling my worries to have a gleeful December.

-Reindeers visit me in my December Dreams.

december inspirational Status

-December is a season for giving, celebrating, and spending time with loved ones. It’s a time to think back on the previous year and to anticipate the one to come.

-December is a lovely month because the world is covered with snow and the air is brisk and chilly. It’s the season for hot cocoa, toasty fires, and spending time with the people you cherish.

-December is a transitional month, marking the start of the new year and the end of the previous one. Time has come.

-The end of the previous year and the start of the new one fall during the month of December. Now is the time to let go of the past and eagerly embrace the future.

-During the month of December, we open our hearts and our wallets to those in need. May the month of December be one of giving joy and the satisfaction of changing someone else’s life.

-Happy and pleasant greetings for the start of the month of December! I wish you all a happy holiday season full of joy, love, and laughter.

-Greetings for a joyous start to the month of December. May the enchantment and splendor of the holidays surround you.

-May your days be full of joy, love, and happiness as we start the month of December.

-Happy December 1st, and best wishes for a joyful holiday season. May you achieve all of your goals and aspirations.

-Happy December 1st, and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season. May you have joyful and cheery days and a heart overflowing with love.


Can I say a happy new year in December?

 Yes! Why not? You can always wish your friends and family an early new year! As the new year is only a month, let’s start celebrating early! Why not start the early celebrations? There’s nothing wrong with wishing them an early new year, guys! You could wish them a new year and Christmas at once!!

A queen was born in December. Happy birthday to me.

You are a queen no matter in which month you were born! But December makes it even more special as you were born, my queen!! You born during this month brings more joy and happiness to your family as there are many occasions to celebrate! You get to have fun on your birthday as well as during Christmas!

Can I wish happy new year on December 31st

Yes, you have to wish a very happy new year on December 31st! It might just be hours before the start of new year begins!! With an advance new year to your family and friends! Once the clock strikes 12, your new year shall begin!!! Wish everyone a year filled with joy, laughter, and happiness, guys!!

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