301+ Happy Sunday Ideas for a Beautiful, Positive Day!

Who doesn’t like Sundays? We all ardently wait for this day throughout the week. Sunday has a special place in our hearts and we save the best versions of ourselves for Sundays. If you are looking for statuses to describe your Sundays here are 200+ WhatsApp statuses for you.

sunday status for WhatsApp

Sundays are like crispy endings. 

Sundays are our safe home after every day of fatigue.

Let’s chill a little more because it’s Sunday.

Sunday means extra cheese. 

Sunday is my sunshine.

We have other days only to look forward to Sundays. 

Sundays are what my heart longs for the entire week.

Sunday is the king of the week.

Sunday has its own quirks.

Sundays are endings with a fresh start.

All plans are for Sundays.

My home smells fresh on Sundays.

Sunday is a vacation for our souls. 

When we don’t get the leisure in weeks and the Sunday finally arrives.

Sundays are delicacies and need to be considered seriously! 

Calendars have values because of Sundays, 

Be a daredevil on Sundays. 

Homemade cookies and nut bars are my staples on Sunday 

Why does it feel so bright! Oh god, it’s Sunday! 

What are you waiting for! It’s already Sunday. 

My doggo understands when it’s a Sunday. 

You must have a personal to-do list for Sundays.

Happy Sunday Whatsapp

happy Sunday WhatsApp

Sunday is the best six-letter word. 

Holidays don’t mean traveling miles, it can be a moment of reflection, it can be a happy unday. 

Congratulations, you have made it up to Sunday. 

I wish I could hire more Sundays for my office.

They never told you but the beast became a prince on a Sunday! 

Sci-Fi movie and popcorn are the kind of Sundays we need.

More games and happiness may fill our Sundays 

Sundays are chill bosses.

We need more Sundays and Rainbows in our lives, 

All days throw tantrums except Sundays 

Can you guess the favorite color of Sundays? It’s Red! 

Let’s hop a little and dance a little because today is Sunday. 

Sunday is crazy and so we trust him and like him more. 

If I put a bow tie on your collar, where would you take me on a Sunday? 

Nobody ever told you but god loves Sundays too. 

Hello? Who’s on the other side of this call? Oh yes, Sunday.

Happy Sunday Whatsapp

Motivational Sunday WhatsApp status

If you’re lacking motivation just think about Sundays. 

Sometimes Sundays feel sad thinking of Mondays. 

Choose a work so that every day feels like Sunday.

A cup of coffee and a good book is my need for Sundays.

If only every day was Sunday. 

Sunday means something delectable is coming in our kitchens. 

Today’s happiness is sponsored by Sunday.

Let’s get ourselves one extra hour of sleep because it’s Sunday. 

Go away alarms cause today is Sunday. 

Time to log off from stress today is Sunday. 

Sunday means heavy breakfast.

Put on your headphones because it’s Sunday. 

Carry a tiny little blob on Sundays in your hearts and see how things change. 

Sprinkle extra happiness on your Sundays by giving yourself a treat. 

Well Sundays are our self-care days

We don’t need an eternity of bliss, we just need more Sundays.

Sundays please teach other days to be kind like you. 

You need to reconsider your choices if you only wait for Sundays. 

Sundays teach us waiting can be beautiful sometimes. 

We need more fairy tales, more chocolates, and more Sundays.

My coffee tastes better on Sundays. 

Sunday is a combination of guitar and fairy lights.

Remember yourself on Sundays. 

A placid lake and a boat ride are what my soul yearns for on Sundays. 

It is time for binge-watching and shopping because it’s a splendid Sunday. 

Magic is mermaids and unicorns and Sundays. 

If Sunday were a club I would have been a member of that for a lifetime, 

There are cobwebs of stress that we remove on Sundays. 

Happy Sunday Whatsapp

happy sunday status

Sundays are like exclamation marks on our essays on busy lives, 

How does it feel to be alone on a Sunday? Well still great! 

Warm shower and soothing music are my kinds of Sundays 

Did they tell you about the story of a boy with love in his eyes His name is Sunday? 

Seeing Sundays makes us realize that the theory of relativity is true. 

Time passes away with extra speed on Sundays. 

Sundays are like chunks of snowballs on your palm on a summer day. 

Beautiful is the sensation of Sundays 

Sunday is my ultimate therapist 

No plans for Sundays, it is worth going with the flow.

Sunday are realms of sloth and fantasies.

Thank god it’s Sunday and we can be officially lazy. 

Put an end to your overthinking because it’s Sunday.

Monsoon Sundays with Mojito takes me to seventh heaven What’s more can I ask for? 

Sunday is a surprise wrapped in golden glitters of joy. 

Hey over thinkers, you are going to be okay because this is a Sunday. 

I feel like a hunter of Sundays. 

If Sunday were a human being I could have hugged him till the end of time. 

Sundays make my moods cherry by killing the demons of stress.

Dear Sunday, you’re a delight to my everyday woe. 

Noodles and Sundays are cures for all pains.

Time to clean the clutter and strive for Glittering Sundays,  

If you are standing unfazed but unappreciated remember Sundays love you.

Sundays are answers to my weekday prayers. 

Time for some frothing tea and a haircut because it’s a delightful Sunday. 

I can give away any riches in exchange for Sundays. 

Goodbye to Worries! I have got my Sunday

Nostalgic Sunday Status

We all remember our childhood Sundays. 

We all remember that one extracurricular day as a child and it was Sundays. 

I used to make paper boats whenever it used to rain on Sundays.

I remember walking along a boulevard with my friend on Sunday evening Life was simple hen.

From no more homework Sundays to Lot of works at home we all grew up.

Recollecting my childhood memories surrounding Sundays, life was much sorted then. 

Sundays make us ponder over our childhood memories and feel nostalgic.

As a kid, I used to wait for Sundays to get my day off school.

I still remember this evening full of fireflies and fairy lights, the night of blanket and open sky what a Sunday was that. 

Beautiful Sunday Status

Sunday has his beat just dance along. 

Sundays give me the thrill of reading A Thousand and One Arabian Nights.

If you’re a sailor, don’t forget to anchor your ship on the island on Sunday. 

It’s good to eat, live and wait for Sundays. 

It should rain more often on Sundays. 

Sundays are good days for letting your secrets out.

I don’t need any bonus, I need Sundays. 

Have you ever been on a long drive on Sweet Sunday evening? 

Sundays are candy jars for kids. 

Just have faith in your dreams and Sunday mornings. 

Sunday have a white shirt and blue jeans vibe. 

Sunday has its own reasons for being famous. 

Rest on your laurels because it’s a gigantic Sunday.

Sunday is like classic piano pieces. 

I love Beethoven, the sound of rains and Sundays. 

Sundays are like finding an oasis in our busy deserts. 

Dedicate your day to the passing clouds and a fleeting Sunday. 

There’s solitude and peace on Sunday evening spent at home. 

I cherish moments that make me realize life’s sparks and the worth of Sundays. 

Don’t chase Sundays, let him come and visit you. 

It has been a while since I am holding onto my Sundays. 

Why do Sunday evenings give me mixed feelings of both happiness and dread of Mondays? 

Sundays are sweeter than honey. 

Don’t be ordinary, be odd on Sundays. 

Sunday is a party for the soul.

My books stare at me and call me on Sundays.

The arrivals of Sundays are tiny wishes fulfilled!

Sundays are tiny little trinkets of hope and faith and inspire us to wake up every day. 

Sunday takes me to places I have never traveled but I can only dream of. 

I wish I could compose a beautiful ode for Sundays.

Sundays are like poems of love punctuated by weekdays of separation. 

Sundays are like blue butterflies in the forest of your mundane days. 

How a tiny little fish dreams of reaching the ocean, I dream of Sundays. 

All we can do is still trust in the best of things and cling to Sundays.

Sunday is the nectar of rejuvenation.

Your nebula of despair will vanish soon just think of Sundays. 

They are often unsung melodies in life, just like Sundays.

Happy Sunday

If life is a monochromatic painting Sundays are unexpected strokes of color.

Take care of your mental health if you only long for Sundays at your work.

Sunday is a sundae of love and happiness. 

Sunday is our haven after traveling long in the week. 

Time to put on cool shades because it’s a great Sunday.

I am all about extra cheese on my pizza on Sundays. 

I wish I could steal all Sundays and keep them with me forever.

You know your actual mood and state of your mind from inside once your reach Sundays.

Rusty leaves and Autumn Sundays have something nostalgic about them.

Sundays sometimes seem like going back to where I originated.

God create motions like peace and bliss and then he created Sundays

Dedicate your days to holistic Sundays without an iota of worry on your face. 

Sometimes I wonder how it feels like to go on horse riding in the countryside on a Sunday. 

Sundays are like a scoop of vanilla ice cream on our brownies of life. 

Sundays are the true spice of lives.

We all hear voices that say “just a little bit more, Sundays are almost knocking the doors”

Sunday is like that knight in s shining armor, very brave yet humble. 

Put your chins up and look forward to Sundays.

Sunday is a reward once you solve the weekday puzzle. 

Sundays are new horizons of a fresh start. 

Toasty Sunday evenings are all about love. 

Sundays sprinkles new life to even inanimate objects.

Change your phone wallpaper and start something new on Sundays.

Sundays are like highways to comfort and rejuvenation. 

Sundays are anecdotes to our drab stories. 

Fly like a kite with no strings because it’s another sparkly Sunday. 

There is something magical about spending time on Sundays.

Save your positivity for Sundays.

Sunday feels like a cozy pillow after days of working hard. 

It’s time for pizza and ice cream because it’s Sunday. 

Sundays bring elevated moods and a new glint of light. 

Be cool as a fresh cucumber and enjoy the splendor of Sundays. 

May your Sundays are replete with tidbits of laughter and joy.

Sundays are what exactly suits my imagination 

Sunday is a new opportunity and a door to abundance 

The feelings of Sundays must define your moods and mindset for other days 

Sundays are a happy destination in my mindscape. 

Do you know something which disappears in the blink of an eye? That’s my Sunday. 

Sunday can be someone’s cute nickname. 

Sundays smile at us, we should laugh back 

Blueberry cheesecakes and limewater are my kinds of Sundays. 

Few more moments of laughter and another Sunday are gone.

Play chess, and it doesn’t matter if you lose it’s already Sunday. 

Sundays are like mini Christmas Eve.

I dedicate my Sunday to daydreaming.

Sundays are keys to self-care and happy moods. 

Nothing can replace the feels of an exquisite Sunday evening.

Hopes and desires soar high, things become brighter on Sundays. 

I request you Sunday to heal by bosom. 

Whiling away time on Sundays is my kind of future goal. 

Had I more Sundays, I would have been richer. 

Sunday is the gleeful balm for our anxieties of the week.

Keep reminding you of Sundays and you are halfway there.

The beach and a basket of fruits are what I need on a Sunday.

I would love to dedicate my Sundays to doodle art.

Sunday has its own aura of freedom and refreshment. 

Chuckles and tittle-tattles make a perfect Sunday.

Tea parties on Sundays are extra special. 

Sunday is a beautiful painting of life.

My excitement on Sundays amazes me. 

I don’t feel sleepy on Sundays because I try to make the most of out it. 

I feel like dedicating one entire album for Sundays.

Scroll through your photo gallery and smile a little more because today is Sunday.

Hop on the ship of Sunday and sail to ecstasy. 

Shades of yellow and bright Sunday mornings are my inspiration in life. 

Sundays tell us there’s always something to be grateful for.

Let’s maintain a gratitude diary for Sundays. 

All a little smidgen of Sundays on your heart in case you are feeling heavy. 

Let’s sit on a couch on Sunday and talk about what weighs you so much. 

Unplug and reload your mind on Sundays. 

Sundays are the reason to wake up peacefully. 

Sundays are nothing but comic reliefs to our tragedies. 

Sunday is a good day to reflect back and then just let go.

There’s something intrinsic interesting about Sunday lunch.

Let’s take a few deep breaths and enjoy the tranquility of Sundays. 

We know how the tingle of Sundays feels like. 

Sundays fire up our imagination and we feel like going to someplace that exists only in our psyche. 

Sunday is a morbid misfit amongst other days. 

Something electrifying happens in me when I reach Sunday. 

Close your eyes and trust in the spirit of Sunday.

Eventually, weekday battles come to an end, and we get Sundays as a price. 

happy Sunday status for WhatsApp

Watching birds chirping and leave falling off trees is the leisure I enjoy on Sundays.

Reaching Sunday feels like traversing miles of toil. 

If you’re feeling down, just remember the merry-go-round rides and lollypops we had in our childhood. 

It doesn’t take much to be happy.

Just a Sunday and a good book are all we need.

Sunday is the kingdom of euphoria.

Sundays are a blessing for our souls. 

Choose optimism and absorb the flavors of Sundays.

Sundays are breezy episodes of life. 

Watching stars from Windows on a Sunday is a tiny dream actualized. 

Sundays are like a sandcastle, so beautiful but ephemeral.

In the everyday rat race of life, Sundays seem like a trance. 

No more hustle-bustle it’s a placid Sunday. 

The space-time concept is not applicable for Sundays.

 Sunday seems out of this dimension.

I wish I could live on mars and only visit earth on Sundays. 

I carry a gypsy in my heart and a beatific Sunday in my soul. 

Nothing in this world but Sundays can give me buoyant moods. 

Sometimes we should journal and write essays on Sundays and then read them aloud to just make us happy. 

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