A Speech on High School Students Should Be Required to Participate in At Least One Team Sport

Today we want to discuss the fact that why all students should participate in at least one team sport in their lifetime.

In these modern times the group sports have become a very popular activity and pastime for both the students and their mentors as well, there is still many things to say about playing in a high school team. According to many studies, the students who take part in high school sports are able to learn the positive sides of representing their group or school on the field or court. This special feeling of group and the pride of representing the school team may make them mentally strong and compassionate.


The fitness level of many players in the high school sports programs cannot be underrated. According to a report from when students plays a team game in high school, their weight and body mass visibly improve. 

Many studies also proved that student athletes are less likely to take part actively in unhealthy behavior when they are playing some sports in high school level. 

Many studies also mentioned the fact that the students who are in the sports like soccer, football and even skateboarding can perform far better in the subjects like math, science, social studies and language as well. Because sports offer same chances to all the students at the high school level, these benefits in the academics extend to all places of the student population, including those students who are traditionally underserved.

We can say that the student athletes can earn some special character traits that and progress beyond the classroom: like, persistence, patience and practice. The team members can learn the fact that practice is needed, even when they would want to spend some time with friends. They learn that only through hard-work they can accomplish their goal. They also discover the truth that by never giving up, they are closer to achieve their goals. These life lessons can benefit students for a long time even after the high school years, helping them succeed in future.

High school athletics are mainly getting the help of some positive mentors, from the coaches from behind to the leaders on the team. Students are able to learn to work with a wide range of authoritative persons, who teach them many lessons about hard work, good sides of respect and good sportsmanship.

Students who are in sports often hold a close relationship with others on the team. These relationships are very important for mental, emotional and physical health. Students can bond together over a common interest, and the time they spend together builds strong bonds that often last long.

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