121+ Amazing Home Quotes And Status for All the Homebodies

Home means the same for everyone- that one perfect place where there are no inhibitions or judgments! Home means a lot more than just the four letters -it means to respect and security. Here are some of the best Whatsapp statuses on a home that you can share further- 

Heart-touching Home WhatsApp status

  • For me, home is where the heart lives and the only place where I am safe and sound, always. 

  • I live in a place and I call it my home are two different things. Please understand peeps 

  • A building can never be called home unless you live in it like you are in a relationship with it 

  • Once you build a home, it stays with you forever and after! Loyalty level= Infinity

  • Can anyone replace the home? For me, home is synonymous with mother; she makes the building worth calling “home.” 

  • There will be a time when home feels like a burden, don’t worry, it’s the rebel nature in us, and trust me, it is not practical at all.

  • The comforts in your own home cannot ever be replaced by a homestay per se! 

  • Let us take a moment and thank our homes for being with us ever since we were born. We are indeed lucky! 

  • Have you ever thanked your home for being the silent security in your life that you never realized? 

  • Home gives security to the soul, and if you still don’t feel it, then you should talk to a homeless guy once 

  • The feeling of being happy in your home is a lucky one indeed

  • If your life is a novel, the story of it surely begins from the confines of your home

  • It is called a “safe house” for some good reason! 

  • Let life take you to any part of the world; the best sleep you would ever get is still in your own bedroom. 
Home Quotes
  • All that glitters isn’t gold and so please understand that your friend’s home or a rented apartment isn’t home!

  • You can have the most luxurious and costly car, but at the end of the day, it is your home that shall make you feel comfortable. 

  • It is the family that makes a home worth living! 

  • All that we have achieved in life is nothing when compared to the amazement of owning your dream home. 

  • The population of homeless people is rising; do you still hate that home where you live with your parent’s brother?

  • You are a luxurious man if you have a home to sleep in at night! Enjoy and be thankful to live for this.

  • Out of all the pain in life, the feeling of not having a home, the one that kills from within, is extremely disturbing. 

  • The colors of the sky look better when you gaze at it from your home and not from the streets while lying beside a homeless guy.

  • Ever lived a nightmare? Imagine what would happen if you didn’t have a home to live! Ok, stop now and smile 🙂

Best Home Quotes For WhatsApp status

  • Home for me is not only a place but more like a person to whom I return after a hard toil in the field 

  • I have always believed that the comfort in your home is greater than even in a 5-star property 

  • What makes a building into a home is nothing but emotions and a beautiful family living in it 

  • When I close my eyes at night to sleep, I have a roof to sleep under, and I am thankful for that 

  • If anything at all bothers me, then it is the thoughts of those sleepless people during storms and rain. Life must be so tough without a home

  • I talk to my home quite often; it is a part of my family now! 

  • If it is a home, then it ain’t just lifeless concrete brother!

  • Every home hides some of the darkest secrets of the people living inside it 

  • My home has seen me do the worst, and now that I am successful, I am giving it a makeover (read renovation)!
Home Quotes
  • The feeling of being at home hasn’t still been replaced by any other greater and safer feelings on earth 

  • My world of fiction begins right from the confines of my home. This home is my character!

  • My home is my own little paradise where I dwell with all my thoughts, inhibitions, and dreams 

  • The truth is if you are not happy in your home, you probably won’t be happy in any other part of the world 

  • Home is like that blanket in winter! You love it, and it loves you back harder with all the warmth 

  • There is no big home or small home. They are just big and small builders! Every home is the same – a source of inherent security. 

  • Home is the single most unit of a wider circle known as society 

  • My home is so big, and we are such a massive joint family that the building feels like society at times 😀

  • Thank you, God, for letting me have a beautiful home where I can live when the world outside hates me or shuns me back 

  • Home is the ultimate place to fall back on after immense failure or even after a major success 

  • It is only your home that won’t treat you differently because of your caste or income or education.

  • If your heart doesn’t belong at home, are you even human? 

  • Cherish the time you get to spend at your home; not every person is as lucky as you. 

  • The relief of having a roof over your head can only be realized when you see a homeless guy struggle on the streets 

  • I love my home, and I will love this place till the time I turn into ashes! 

  • Home has memories of my childhood! I would definitely want my child to have is/her childhood in the same place too!

  • If you do not own a home today, do not worry because you will own one tomorrow, and the world is gonna see it!

Status and quotes about coming home

When you are away from home, your ultimate destination, you start feeling homesick. You start craving your mother’s handmade food, her warmth, and the security of being at home.

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, the distances between the two of you seem much less than ever, but the physical availability of your close ones is a different feeling.

To make you feel less homesick, we have gathered these quotes and status ideas.

  • “Coming home is clean water for my dry mouth. When I’m out of breath, there’s oxygen-rich air in my lungs.”

  • “In the morning, I run out of the house thinking only about time. I go to work and try to do a good job. I realized again that I am happier than I was.”

  • “My childhood home is full of joy and sorrow, loss of innocence, hope for tomorrow – when I feel cold and lonely, I close my eyes and go home in my thoughts.”

  • “Coming home is like visiting a quirky and trusted old friend.”

  • “It’s not easy to put your pride down and go home, but know that there is a special love for those who are lost.”

Status and quotes about leaving home

When we grow up, we always fantasize about moving out of the house, living independently, and exploring the world without any invigilation from our parents.

You might be heading into college life, a hostel, or a job outside your city. Excitement is a must, but the heart still belongs to your home.

There is no such place as home. Leaving your home, where you grew up, won’t be easy. So, we have put together a bunch of quotes to make you feel better.

  • “There is a yearning for home in all of us. A safe place where we can be and be unsuspected.”

  • “You can’t go home completely because a part of your mind is always in another place. That’s the price you pay for the wealth of loving and knowing people in multiple places.”

  • “Bless our homes as we come and go. Bless our homes as our children grow. Bless our homes as we gather together. Bless me with love and friends.”

  • “Home is the place you want to leave when you grow up and the place you want to return to when you get older.

  • “When it’s time to leave, don’t look back in fear at what you left behind.”

Status and quotes about home and family

No matter how closely you are to your friends and colleagues when you need a supporter in times of need, you will always find your family by your side, even if your friends back off. That is the kind of bond that stays the same till your last breath.

To be grateful for their existence in your life, you can always take the help of words that convey your feelings.

Some quotes might help you explain your love for home and family.

  • “Love stands on damp cement. The longer you stand on it, the harder it becomes to pull away without leaving footprints.”

  • “Everyone leaves you eventually, but most importantly those who come back.”

  • “When you go home to a friend with a wagging tail and a loving heart, every day is a good day!”

  • “Nobody realizes how great travel can be until you get home and put your head on a familiar pillow.”

  • “The thrill of coming home is the same as it always was.”

Home quotes for Instagram

Instagram is like a new world for people. They connect with many others through this interface, recreate their talents, explore themselves, and much more!

One such fine day when you feel nostalgic about home, crave your mother’s hand-fed food, your dog, and whatnot? Those days, you feel like posting about your home, your peace. But you are out of words?

What can the caption be, perhaps? Nothing to worry about! Below are the most heartfelt captions that you can use to make it a memorable post.

  • “Feeling like I’ve been home for as long as I can remember.”

  • “Get a dog when you’re bored at home.”

  • “The sooner you get used to being at home; the easier life will be.”

  • “There are two types of people in this world. Those who love the isolation and those forced to love isolation.”

  • “The magic of home is that it feels good to leave and even better to come back.”

Home Quotes

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