A Speech on How to Be a Good Friend

    Friendship is a very beautiful connection between two people. The friendship bond can last for years of years. Friendship can happen  between any kind of two people, no matter whether one is poor or one is rich , no matter one is black or one is white, no matter about their life has different situations. Friendship is a connection by heart.

               We all have many friends in each and every sector of life. There are many close friends and also that friends not so much close to us. Two different people are there. Sometimes life is going to be a hell without a lovable, caring and most important is that a trusted and loyal friend. Friendship is that relationship which became stronger by day by day.

                Everybody wants a good and real friend. As if we want a real and good trusted friend same like that our trusted friends also want a true friendship relationship from us. At first we have to be a true friend of other’s after that we can dream to have a good and loyal and a very much trusted friend. This friendship relationship has no age, no caste, no gender no religion .

             If you want to be one’s good friend at first you have to be a good person .After that you must have a great respect on any kind of relationship. You have to respect the relations. The most important part of to being a good friend is never breaks your friend’s trust on you. Trust is the basic structure on any kind of relationship. And in friendship trust plays an important role.

By any chance if you ever broke your friend’s trust on you then that friendship is gone immediately at that point and it never come back again . Because, after that incident your friend will never trust you.

              Being a good person is an also conditions of a good friend and friendship. Everybody wants a good person as lifetime friend. If you want to be a good friend then you have to be very honest and loyal to your friend.  For being a good friend it is important to being an extrovert also , not an introvert. If you are a good person then , not only your friend anybody can share anything with you and if you are a good person then your friend also  wants to share with you whatever interesting is happening with his or her life. Because, trust build a good friendship relation. 

              Now days there are so few people are exits , with which you can share everything.  If you share your personal matters with someone very openly, so it is confirmed that he or she doing publicity of it. So at first you have to be very careful before sharing any personal matters to others. But, if you have a personal loyal good trustable friend in your life then you must have share anything happens to your life.

            So at last but not the list, be yourself a good friend of others and teach others to be good friends too.

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