A Speech on “Hunting animals should be banned”

Hunting animals should definitely be banned as people kill them for no reason at all. It is really very cruel and also unethical. Hunting them is really a cruel act as the animals also feel the pain of a gunshot or the other murderous instruments. We have to know that humans can live on other plant based foods, which also can provide with good nutrients like protein, fat etc.

Therefore, it is not essential for us to kill those wordless animals. On the other hand the poachers and animal hunters kill animals for their own benefits without any valid reason. They don’t think twice before killing those beautiful and innocent animals, thus forcing them to walk in the path ofextinction.

We have to stop killing animals for our own fun. We have to remember that those animals also have same feelings like us. They also fear death and pain like us.

Hunting has been a very common practice since the ancient times. Our past cultures also showed that the animals they hunted were being used for food and clothing.  As time passes many tribes eventually mastered the art of agriculture for producing their own food. While using the necessary natural resources for survival, hunting may be a vital part of life. Those ancient cultures, however, showed more respect to the animals of the animal kingdom than the  humans today.

In this modern times, there are some who desire to continue to those past traditions. Those individuals often try to get a hunting license and take off into the forest. When it is not done properly, their  practice of hunting causes unnecessary pain to the harmless animals. Hunting was a way of survival for humans at one point in time. But now a days, it has become more of a sport or fun. The competition takes form of the problems like leading to many painful accidents, excessive kills, and many trophy hunting.

In the modern world, there is much more violence than is necessary. Humans have the various special means to live life happily  without the use of violence, however, we seem to seek it out. From the very beginning of the time, we have been attentive to starting wars and creating various devastating weapons. These violence often involves the misuse of many harmful instruments and guns. 

It is definitely not a secret that hunting can be a big blow on the animal population and safety. Many animals were hunted merciless and making them an extinct  species. Various  animals from our ancient times do not actually exist today, although some animal  fossils can prove that that they were once a food source for us. This should be taken into serious consideration at the time of the hunting licenses are handed out. Some hunters may hunt to excessive limits. When the hunting fields are open, it can be expected that many hunters try their best to take more than their share.

Even when a species is regarded as an endangered one, the hunting still continues. Illegal poachers are still very active in various areas of the planet.  Many special and exotic animals have some special and valuable body parts that are valuable in the underground market as well. 

Therefore to stop these problems and help our environment to maintain the required balance we should try our best to stop the crime of hunting.

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