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I Love To Write Day was discovered by the author named – John Riddle to enthusiastically write. Every year on the 15th of November, I Love To Write Day is organized and celebrated by all the people from different parts of the world. This day tells us to start our journey of writing.

I Love to Write Day Greetings, Messages and Quotes

I Love To Write Day – greetings

– Happy I Love To Write Day to everyone present all around the world. We should be enthusiastic and start writing whatever we want; we should also focus upon ourselves and open up.

– Happy I Love To Write Day to the writers present in all corners, but the fear of opening up is diminished. On this day, we should grab the opportunity to disclose our passion.

– Happy I Love To Write Day to the people who are not writers, but support the passion and help them open up. This encourages the art of writing, a sublime art it is.

– Happy I Love To Write Day to the people around the world who are still not aware of this day. On this occasion, we should listen to our hearts, mind and write up a bit.

– Happy I Love To Write Day to our own selves. Warm wishing to our own selves should always be our priority; this allows us to open up to others and spread knowledge regarding this day.

– Take a copy out, or we can write digitally about any topic you might be thinking about. Warm wishes to our own selves once again – A Very Happy I Love To Write Day.

– Warn wishes to our family members – A Very Happy I Love To Write Day. On this day, write and write as much as possible. Open up everything and share your write-ups with others for joy.

– Happy I Love To Write Day to our dear friends and their family members, who are writers by profession.

-Share your writings with them and ask them to do so; all together, share this with the world for more mass gatherings.

I Love To Write Day – messages

– A particular day was decided to be created by the author John Riddle and named it as I Love To Write Day in the year 2002 to encourage everyone to write and open up themselves.

– John  Riddle aimed at maintaining this day because to lift up the courage of the people who love to write. 

-John Riddle had completed writing more than 34 books and was on a journey in writing more and more.

– On the occasion of the I Love To Write Day, anybody can write anything that may include a novel, poem, short stories, greetings, paragraphs, and anything we wanted to write based on any topic.

– I Love To Write Day may be the beginning of opening up their writing skills to us for the very first time. 

-This day can reach its aim, which the author was dreaming of from the beginning.

– I Love To Write Day is celebrated now in different places, and events are organized for celebrating the day, specific locations ate school, halls, churches, and other areas of considerable public interaction.

I Love To Write Day quotes

“You have to write the book that wants to be written. And if the book will be too difficult for grown-ups, then you write it for children.”
― Madeleine L’Engle

“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”
― Toni Morrison

About I love to write day

Intellectual WhatsApp Status for Writers 

-The only source of healing for human beings is writing! It heals my soul every single time. 

-Life is a mix of good and bad. The good part involves writing and creating new pieces! 

-Every writer has a cause to represent, and the deepest reasons are with creative writers. 

-Every man is the same unless one of them has written a novel and got it published

-Writing helps you learn. Writing helps you earn. Writing makes you a better self; start today! 

-The cluttered thoughts of the mind are best expressed by the pen of a mighty writer 

-Writing is nothing but a reflection of the mind on the mirror called paper

-Age makes writing only better. I got better when I crossed my sixties! 

-If writing is exhaling, then reading is inhaling! Inhale more than you exhale to be healthy; got my point?

-All the scars of the heart in one paper? Only a genius writer can do this! 

-The bleeding heart of a writer is synonymous with the bleeding pen of the same

-Writing defines character. My readers know me more than my wife does (PS- She doesn’t read!)

-The blood of a martyr and the ink of a writer, both speak volumes yet emanate no sound! 

-Writing takes you to places deep within yourself that you never knew existed before! 

-The more you write, the better shape you give your thoughts and actions!

-The only way out of the abstract world is writing concrete things down and focusing only on them! 

-Every writer is creative. Not everybody can form meaningful sentences and get paid for it, right? 

-Writing replaces the stress hormones with happy hormones and hence makes feel better instantly! 

-Writing is the biggest and best form of meditation. 

-Not everyone who writes is a writer! Note this, please. 

-Through writing, you express what remains hidden in the deep corners of your heart!

-Every writer is a gift of god! Thank me later! 

-I have met people from various walks of life and still writers are the most interesting people on the planet!

-When you speak to a writer, virtue emanates itself effortlessly in the conversation!

-You only understand the layers of every human character when you are a writer or a tarot card reader! 

-I do what makes me happy- Writing! 

-Every writer is a gift of God. Imagine a world without a single writer, would it have been worth it? 

-Writers know more about a person than he/she himself! Stunning right? We do that, yes we do! 

-Unless you are tossing papers into the bin while writing, are you seriously a writer? 

-It is said in the prophecy that no writer has got it right in the first draft!

-When a writer copies from another writer, it is plagiarism. Copying from multiple sources is called research! 

– My writings are beautiful and hence the within of my mind is terrible!

Funny WhatsApp status for Writers 

-As a writer, sometimes I feel as useless as my first draft for any project

-Be someone on whom a writer would write or be the writer yourself! 

-Writing poetry for loved ones is old-fashioned they say! Sadly, writers can’t think of anything else when in love!

-For writers, writing is the only form of communication! They literally suck at expressing in any other means!

-Your writing muscles need to be active! Use it daily even if for the purpose of writing romantic texts, but use it, please! 

-Would accept a machine with unnecessary parts? Then why should a writer have needless parts in the write-up? Keep it concise! 

-Formula for writers – KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!)

-When your writing becomes art, it must have definitely come out from frustration! 

-The worst fear for writers is someday they will lose the power to create sentences!

-A common man lives only once but a writer lives multiple lives through his multitude of characters on paper! 

-I started writing a novel today. I am done with the page numbers already! 

-Every writer knows this – Funny and sad are the two best ingredients for comedy! 

-Writers don’t tell stories to earn. They tell stories to survive the urge within. 

-NOTE- As a writer, beware of the words you choose to use! The difference of a letter can change the whole scheme of things!

-The best part about fiction writers is that no one can judge them! What they write is fiction after all.

-There is a difference between a real writer and a content writer! 

-A copywriter is out of the league of writers who bleed poems and fiction! 

Serious WhatsApp status for Writers

-Being a writer is a serious profession. Stop behaving as if doctors and engineers are the only ones saving this world!

-A writer has many responsibilities which a layperson would never understand! 

-If you are serious then write, don’t just try it for fun and then leave

-The world would be a better place to live for writers if everyone valued their presence 

-I want every writer to say “No” to free writing samples. Do you’ll hear me? 

-You can shout at a writer but be sure he/she will shout back louder without making any noise and only through the pen! 

-Stop asking writers what they do for a full-time living! 

-No one ever said the writing profession was easy, think twice before you step in!  

-Once a writer, forever writer! 

-Stop talking about it and WRITE IT DOWN.

-What you wrote a week back is trash now and what you will write today will again be trash a week later.

-Writing needs a powerful and imaginative mind. I have got it, and you? 

-All you need to be a better writer is a life with zero distraction and 1000% concentration

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