Speech on “Importance of Teachers in Our Lives”

After the mother, a teacher always plays a crucial role in shaping the child in every way when you are standing in front of everyone, giving a speech on how your mentor helped you in achieving the best education in life, not just through books but practically as well through every incident that took place.

The words that you need to use should be very selective and decorative, so in order to guide you, a sample is written by me, seeing which will definitely help. 


Hello and very good morning to each and everyone present here. Today I feel very honored to be able to give my speech on a special day.

The teachers play an essential role in building the good future of their students. They also teach us about the ethical values and the moral values which we have to follow to become a good person. For these reasons, we can say that our teachers guide us to shape our personalities by transforming them into very strong and wonderful things.

A world without teachers cannot be a benevolent one. There are only a few people in our lives who unconditionally help us in building a good world for us, and teachers are definitely one of them.

Importance of teacher:

They play the role of philosopher and guide for the students. In some cases, they also become our friends and help us to deal with the personal problems of our lives.

Moreover, they watch and study all their students very carefully and can see the potential of their students when no one else can. Teachers also decide the future of a country as the youth of the country is in their hands. If the youth is well educated and well informed, the future of the country will be in good and safe hands.

Similarly, the future and upbringing of the students are in the hands of their teachers from their childhood days. They show the right path to the students to achieve greater heights and become successful in everything.

In that way, they turn out to be doctors, lawyers, pilots, scientists, and much more famous and respectable citizens, only with the help of a teacher.

Role of a teacher:

But you don’t think that it is a very easy thing to be a good teacher, the role of a teacher is very challenging and also very important. It is the main duty of a teacher to provide the correct knowledge in the right manner. They have to teach methodically and make it very easy to understand, for which they have to prepare their lessons beforehand.

Through this hard work, they can able to motivate their students properly by using accurate techniques.

A teacher gives tasks to their students and also checks them regularly for better practice of that particular subject. Besides, they plan and create easy methods to help their students to study the tough subjects very easily. At the beginning of the year, they plan the whole syllabus out for an easy and detailed lesson for their students.

A teacher is also a good organizer. They have to organize various extra-curricular activities that take place in school throughout the year. They have to take care of the other little but important things of the institution. They are responsible for maintaining the discipline and regulation of the institution.

Therefore we always have to respect our teachers in every situation of our life.

Thank you.

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