39+ Best Informal Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

Nowadays, couples seem to avoid the traditional rituals associated with the wedding. Wordings of an informal wedding invitation mainly include the names of the hosts and the address where the occasion will take place. The politeness should reflect in your weddings.

You need to convey all the information related to the wedding through the invitation, irrespective of it is formal or informal.

Your wedding invitation should persuade your relatives, friends, and neighbors to attend the wedding. You can show your uniqueness by being creative in the wording of your wedding invitation.

Informal wedding invitation wording ideas.

-Simon and Katie are getting hitched on coming Sunday. We invite you to join us and bless the couple.

-I cordially invite you to come with your family and be a part of our celebrations next Friday on the auspicious occasion of my son Simon’s wedding.

-I invite all of you to attend the wedding of my lovely daughter Katie on Monday. We will dance till late morning.

-Simon and Katie request you to share the happiness of their wedding on Tuesday, twenty-fourth January at 7 pm in the evening. The address is St. Peter’s Church, Birmingham.

Please attend the wedding ceremony of my niece Katie on 2nd March in St Peter’s Church, Birmingham, and help us to make memories on that day. We all are expecting your august presence to grace the occasion.

-Simon weds Katie on 20th December in St. Peter’s Church, Birmingham. I humbly request your presence on the day to bless the couple as they start a new journey in life.

-I don’t want to hear any excuse; avoid keeping yourself busy on the 10th of this month; come and join us as we celebrate the marriage of Simon and Katies in St. Peter’s Church, Birmingham.

-Simon and Katie never had any doubt about their love for each other. It was just a matter of time before they tied the knot, and finally, that day was decided, the 4th of November. I request each one of you to be a part of this memorable occasion that will take place in St. Peter’s Church, Birmingham.

-Our happiness will get doubled if you join us coming Wednesday on the occasion of our wedding.

-Please be present on the occasion of my son’s wedding on 29th September in St. Peter’s Church, Birmingham. Come and wish good luck to the sweet and lovely couple.

-I wish to see all of you next Sunday on the occasion of my elder brother’s marriage. You all are his childhood friends, and he doesn’t want you all on the special day of his life. So please be present in St. Peter’s Church, Birmingham, this Thursday. Smiles, happiness, and joy will surround us on that day.

-I request you to attend the wedding of my son Simon on 19th July in St. Peter’s Church, Birmingham. We have also organized a small reception party followed by marriage. Hope to meet you all and have great fun on that day.

-Hey, this is Simon, your best friend in school. I know how surprised you will be to hear the news of my marriage that is upcoming at the end of this month. I request your presence at the ceremony that is going to take place in St. Peter’s Church, Birmingham. Come and see your childhood friend tying the knots finally.

Informal Wedding Invitation Wording

Informal wedding invitation wording examples

-Join us on 23rd November if you really want to witness the victory of true love. The couple had to overcome many obstacles from their families to get married finally. The marriage ceremony of Simon and Katie will take place in -the beautiful St. Peter’s Church, Birmingham.

I invite you, on behalf of both Simon and Katie’s families, to join us on the wonderful occasion of their marriage. They will be delighted to see your presence; it will be a surprise for them. The date is 25th January, St. Peter’s Church, Birmingham. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help reaching the location.

-Please join us for an evening reception on 29th May at 10 Ripon Street, Nottingham, as we celebrate the wedding of our beloved daughter Katie.

-I am throwing a grand party for all my office colleagues in Park Hotel, London, this Friday to celebrate the occasion of my marriage. You all are requested to bring your better halves with you. There will be good food, drinks, dance, gossip, and fun. You will miss a lot if you fail to turn up on occasion.

-You have been a part of all the major celebrations in my life. I don’t want to be formal with you; come on the 10th of September to St. Peter’s Church, Birmingham to see your friend tying the knots with the love of his life and wish me a happy married life.

informal wedding invitation card canva templates

What to write in an informal wedding invitation?

  • Include your names 
  • Tell them how and where they can send the RSVP
  • Let them know the theme and the venue 
  • Tell them they are expected to be there to bless the couple

How to respond to an informal wedding invitation?

  • Congratulate the couple on their new beginnings
  • Let them know you will be there 
  • Share your experiences 
  • Mention you are thankful for being invited and be a part of their day. 
Informal Wedding Invitation Wording

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