Invitation Messages for Employees: 35+ Messages to Send

When you are working at any organization or any company, you usually tend to become more like a family than mere colleagues or co-workers.

During any special event or occasion, you get invitation from hem them and you invite them at your place as well.

When you grow some healthy relationships with your employees you feel like all the auspicious occasions are just boring and incomplete without their presence. They tend to complete the function and add a cherry to any celebration cake.

Suppose, you are having a big upcoming event at your house! Won’t you like to have employees’ presence over there along with all the relatives and other beloved ones of yours? Of course, you would want that provided you share a good and friendly relation with them.

Here are some invitations and greetings for your employees which you might like to refer while inviting your employees.

Here are Best Invitation Messages for the Employees

-Hey… I am pleased to announce that tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday. I would love to have your presence at my place.  I will be pleased by your presence and so will be my family.

-I am happy to announce that tomorrow is my son’s birthday. I will be eagerly awaiting you all. See you at my place at 6 pm. It will be great to have you all.

-Hey… hope you guys are doing well… I would like to inform you that you we have arranged a small house party at our place. You all are welcome at our place at the said time. Will be eagerly waiting!

invitation messages for the employees

-Hey guys… I am pleased to inform you that tomorrow is our first anniversary. You are invited to our house party. I will be eagerly waiting for your presence at our house.

-I hope you guys are doing well. I am excited to invite you in my house party this week. Your warm presence will add a cherry to the cake of the entire function.

-Celebrate the warmth of the season… Please join us for our Holiday Party & Gift Exchange on Friday, Hope to see you soon along with your family.

-I am happy to announce that my younger son is going to be 18 tomorrow. You all are cordially invited at my place. The time and venue are mentioned on the top of the card. See you soon.

-(company’s name) cordially invites you to join us for a festive holiday extravaganza
on Friday, the seventh of December at six o’clock in the evening.

-We will pop the champagne and toast to the reason. Colleagues, Friends, Food and Fun are a must during this season! Hope to see you all at the party.

-Hello everyone… I am glad to inform you that my wife and I are going to complete 5 years of togetherness this Monday… we heartily invite you all on our anniversary at the our place.

-Time passes just within a matter of blinks. It feels like yesterday we have just started our journey and see, now we have completed a full five years… you all are invited in the celebration party tomorrow.

-I am pleased to invite you all at annual anniversary of this company. I hope you all will remain present at the venue on time. Regards!

-She has spent five decades in spreading love and warmth. Now it is our turn to make her birthday a special one. We invite you to our grandmother’s birthday party at 7pm today at (venue name)

invitation messages for the employees

-Hello guys, you all are invited to our house party tomorrow at (address of the venue) on (time). I will be eagerly awaiting you and hope to see you all soon.

-It feels amazing that our daughter is going to be one year old tomorrow. It feels like yesterday that she was born to this earth giving us all the happiness of this world. You all are cordially invited.

-Isn’t it an amazing feeling to a parent of a twin? Our sons are going to 2 years this Friday. I sincerely invite you all in his birthday party. Please be present there to complete the ceremony.

-Hello… Hope you are good.  I cordially invite you all to my baby shower this weekend. I hope you all will be present there to bless the baby and us. Looking forward to see you.

-You are cordially invited to help us celebrate a terrific year! We would like to thank you for being such a significant part of our growth. Please join us for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres on Thursday

-Hey there… I take the pride to announce that my son has now become the new CEO of his company. We are throwing a small party to celebrate his success. Hope you guys join us tomorrow.

-Hello all… my husband I are going to complete One year of our married life. The entire journey with him so far was amazing. I cordially invite you all to our anniversary next Friday.

To help you write an inspiring invitation message for the party you are organizing, we have made a collection of Best Celebration Invitation Messages For Colleagues.

-I cordially invite you and your family to the engagement party to be conducted at my residence on Saturday,( exact time and venue). I would await your gracious presence at the party and the feast thereafter.

-Spring is here and wedding bells are near. Please join us to celebrate the engagement of (bride) and (groom) on Thursday, (exact time and location). We will be looking forward for you.

-The happy moment is finally here. My brother is getting engaged this weekend. I am so glad you all at the party venue. Please remain present along with your families.

-Hey there… I cordially invite you the reception of my brother. Please do make this occasion even more special and auspicious by your warm presence… regards…

-To celebrate the holiday season, with the fellow employees, co -worker and good cheer, we are planning a holiday dinner to end the year! Hope to see you all.

-Let the warmth of friendship take the chill from the air, and let the spirit of the season make winter easier to bear. I cordially invite you the Christmas party at my resident tomorrow. Please be present.

Invitation Messages for the Employees

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