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The province of Prince Edward Island celebrates a public holiday for all schools, colleges, and most other businesses for the general population called the Islander Day usually in the second week of the month of February.

Robert Ghiz, a former premier of the province had promised that he would declare a new holiday for the people of the province to enjoy and in 2009 for the first time, the holiday came into being.

Islander Day Messages, Greetings, and Quotes

-This is the best time of the year, happy Islander Day people!

-What can be better than taking a day off and just relax!

-We all know how important it is to not get lost amidst all the hustle-bustle and The Islander Day just gives us the perfect reason to enjoy!

-Happy Islander day to everyone in the province, may you enjoy it to the fullest!

-As we all look forward to this day, we must remember to celebrate it in the true spirit of love and togetherness!

-It really was thoughtful of Robert Ghiz to understand the need for this holiday and I hope everyone takes advantage of this day and really enjoys themselves!

-It is really precious to get a day off to just relax  and I hope everyone has a good time!

-The Islander day reminds us to not lose ourselves in the hustle-bustle and commotion of daily 

Life, so it is important that we celebrate the day in its true spirit!

-The Islander day is an important day that reminds us to live our lives and enjoy it!

-Let us remember to live and utilize Islander Day to catch up with our friends and relatives!

-Nothing in the world is more important to us than family so it is important that we give enough time to our family members!

-All festivals across the world celebrate something or the other but I think Islander Day is the best festival of all because it celebrates our family!

-The family should be at the topmost level of our priority list and the Islander Day is an important reminder to get our priorities straight!

-May this Islander Day help you to bond more with your family and relatives!

-May this Islander Day bring more joy to your life and may you be able to share that with your family and relatives!

-May the Islander Day be filled with love and laughter for everyone in the province!

-The most special thing about Islander Day is that it requires no extra prepping up, just requires you to chill with your family in whatever way you like!

-May this Islander Day be relaxing and wholesome for you and your family!

-We often forget to live our lives while earning, so Islander Day makes sure that we remember to live as well!

-We earn to live not live to earn however we often forget that so remind your friends to have a very happy Islander Day!

-The world needs more people to understand the balance between work and leisure in life and Islander Day helps us to balance our life a bit!

-Most human beings tend to regret not living the moment with their family members, so the Islander Day is a very helpful reminder to make sure that we do not regret!

-I would really like to thank Robert Ghiz for thinking and caring so much about the people of the province of Prince Edward Island for bringing this holiday called Islander Day to our calendars!

-Not many places in the world have the luxury to observe a holiday to just relax and chill with your pals and family, so we should consider ourselves very lucky and wish everyone a very happy Islander Day!

-Wishing everyone a very happy and relaxed Islander Day!

-Let us all devote this one day to simply lay about, watching television, catching up with family members, talking about old days while having tasty food!

-Let us all cook the previous day so that on Islander Day we can just heat up the old food and relax and have fun with the family!

-No schools for students, no office for office-goers, no business for businessmen, Islander Day is just a day to rejoice and relax!

-Hey everyone, the Islander Day is here and we can all have fun and enjoy!

-We know you have waited long and waited hard for this day to arrive, and here it is, our favorite Islander Day!

-We do not need new clothes, we do not need to pray or worship to enjoy this holiday, we just need to chill and have fun to celebrate Islander Day!

-I cannot think of a better holiday, Islander Day is the best holiday of the year!

-Here’s wishing everyone a chilled out and relaxed Islander Day!

-Too bad, the Islander Day does not come twice a year, so let us all make the most out of this one day!

-The true meaning of life can be found on a rainy night with all the family members huddled together gossiping or playing games and the Islander Day gives us just that chance!

-Let us hope everyone celebrates the Islander Day happily!

-The best thing about Islander Day is that you can spend the entire day just laying on the sofa while your kids tell you about their friends at school!

-This Islander Day let us help our mothers in the kitchen and let us all share the joys of cooking so that our mothers can have the rest of the day to enjoy!

-Let us remember to give our hand to our mothers in doing the household chores so that they too can relax on this Islander Day!

-Islander Day is a very good holiday as it reminds us that if we have a happy family, we can have a happy life!

-Hey people, we are back in February and let us remind everyone to finish their office tasks way ahead of time so that they can have a free mind while they enjoy the Islander Day!

-Let us sit back and rest and enjoy the Islander Day as the rest of the world races on at its fast pace!

-The best thing about Islander Day is it lets us breathe as that is what we forget to do living this fast life!

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