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Kobe Bryant day is celebrated on the 24th august of every year. The number is taken from two jerseys Kobe wore in his career. This day’s primary is to keep alive Kobe’s memories after he had died on a plane crash with his daughter. 

Kobe Bryant Day greetings:

– Its Kobe Bryant day, don’t just sit at home; the best way to celebrate it by going out and play some basketball with friends. Play basketball and pay him tribute as a true fan.

– Kobe Bryant proved the world that you don’t have to live a long life to be remembered; all matters is your actions. Happy Kobe Bryant day.

– To all my basketball lover friends, wish you a great Kobe Bryant Day ahead.

– If you’re a basketball lover, you must and should envy Kobe. The way he carried his team on his shoulder and let them to victory is remarkable.

– Kobe proved that your past doesn’t matter; it’s your hard work and sacrifice, which takes you to the height of your career. If you want to go to the top of your job, you need to make many hard work and sacrifices.

– Kobe has shown the world that it’s up to you how you use your pressure, challenges and negativity either you allow them to destroy you or use them as a ladder to step up in your career.

– Kobe come from a famous family of basketball player still he had to work hard enough to earn a name proved the world that you always have worked hard to make a name of your own. Don’t ever let anyone tell you got something because of your family.

– The world needs to have more heroes who thrive for greatness no matter what they do. Happy Kobe Bryant day.

– Its Kobe Bryant day. Don’t waste by laying around lazy; if you are his true fan, celebrate by practicing his moves. Even if he is not with us, make sure is the game remains among us.

– Your life is like a basketball. The more you dribble the higher you will go. Happy Kobe Bryant day.

Kobe Bryant Day messages:

– In basketball, you start by pointing one pointer, then move to two and three leads. In the same way, create your life goals by small goals and then go on to achieve higher goals.

– Be like Kobe inspire the world with your greatness.

– Make sure in whatever field you are, be so good that people compare you, Kobe.

People who say that they have never heard Kobe’s name have never listened to the word of work hard and greatness.

– Kobe was one of the best basketball players in the world who needs to be remembered for his contribution. 

– Make sure the world becomes good enough for people like Kobe Bryant.

– When Kobe died, almost everyone in the world cried, it proves that people only remember you for your work and greatness.

– Kobe was fearless; he was never afraid to fail; if you are his fan, make sure you, too don’t scared of failure.

– Kobe is the perfect example of never letting your success to your heart and losing to your mind; both are harmful to you.

Kobe Bryant Day quotes

“Everyting negative – pressure, challenges – is all an opportunity for me to rise.”
― Kobe Bryant

Heroes come and go, but legends are forever.”
― Kobe Bryant

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