104+ Lawyer Quotes & WhatsApp Status About Rights and Justice For All

Law and order are important things to ensure that our rights are not violated and the wrongdoers get their deserved punishment. If you are looking for WhatsApp statuses and messages to express your opinion on the law here is a list of the most amazing Statuses for you.

lawyer status for WhatsApp

  • As a lawyer, I understand the value of arguments and winning them. 

  • In a courtroom, I see everyone telling their own versions of the truth. 

  • I speak carefully because you never know when things escalate to defamation.

  • We all can scream, I feel it’s a part of “Freedom of Speech”. 

  • No drama can surpass the drama that happens in a courtroom. 

  • Sometimes losing a case seems like losing a page of my life. 

  • It’s sad that a lot of things are dependent on alibis and sometimes they are not trustworthy. 

  • As a practicing lawyer, I have understood that nothing is true, everything is but just a perceived truth. 

  • I feel a courtroom is a place for a lot of drama and falsities. 

  • Why are there no laws against copycats? 

  • Sometimes I feel traffic laws are the hardest of laws. 

  • There are no “mistakes” in the eyes of the law, it’s a “Crime.”

  • Recently I have realized that there can be many versions of the truth. 

  • I admire the patience of the jury, they take time to understand things. 

  • Studying law was the first-ever decision of my life that I won’t regret. 

  • I consider laws seriously because I want to be a responsible citizen. 

  • Divine judgment is beyond the jurisdiction of laws. 

  • Isn’t it strange to think some countries ‘illegal is very much “legal” otherwise? 

  • I am shocked at the law books, they have everything covered.

  • I feel there must be strict laws for copywriting of original ideas. 

  • Only law students like me know the struggle of remembering sections and articles.

  • Never underestimate the power of law attorneys. 

  • No matter how much you regret it, the courtroom is beyond mercy. 

  • I have a strange pull toward mysterious criminal cases. 

  • After seeing but a hundred cases, I feel something truth is hidden in layers. 

  • As a lawyer, my life is all about incidents and evidence. 

  • As per my understanding, Law is there not to restrict us but to broaden our freedoms. 

  • Fighting in a court appears to be the most decent of fights. 

  • It is always advisable to fight for your own grounds, your own freedom even if it’s in court. 

  • Dismissed cases have things confounding. 

  • There is no bravado in breaking laws, so u abide by them. 

  • I appreciate laws that make women feel more human. 

  • When I argue for a case, it’s never about the law but justice. 

  • As a judge, I take time to reach conclusions, because they are permanent. 

  • If people had more conscience, laws wouldn’t be necessary. Isn’t it?

  • Why are there no laws for emotional betrayal?

  • Sadly enough, I feel justice remembers people who can present their cases best. 

  • It’s great to watch two mighty lawyers fight. 
Lawyer Status For Whatsapp

WhatsApp status for law students

  • As a lawyer, I am learning to change weaknesses into strengths. 

  • Impressed to see how more women lawyers are emerging on the scene. 

  • Every case becomes a record of law.

  • I want to have the patience and prudence of the judges. 

  • I don’t think there is any heroism in breaking laws. 

  • There should be some laws and rules against tyranny. 

  • Every lawyer has that huge library full of books of laws. 

  • We should fight more battles with the help of laws for our rights. 

  • Why don’t people realize that laws are there for our own rights? 

  • Useless is the laws that suppress people instead of lifting them up. 

  • I have a special place for people who have fought for their justice. 

  • Shocked to think what was once illegal is so very legal now. 

  • May all the courtroom battles end injustice. 

  • Researching on cases that create new laws. 

  • The uniform of the lawyers is there to remind us it’s either black or white. 

  • legal disputes on the property make me wonder how the man thinks they own the earth. 

  • Wondering if the universe or our nature maintains a book of laws.

  • As an intensely private person, I feel privacy laws are most breached. 
Whatsapp Status For Law Students

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  • There should be strict laws for breaking privacy. 

  • When every other door opens, people knock on the court’s door. 

  • It’s so annoying to see people breaking laws just for appearing to be cool. 

  • It seems forming laws is easier, but governing people is difficult.

  • Just hoping there may be a law for common sense. 

  • If people had more righteousness and morals, there would have been no requirement for laws. 

  • It’s good to see unjust laws getting erased with time.

  • We should all feel proud to erase unjust laws completely. 

  • People should have more hope in the justice system.

  • Justice delayed is still justice, and it’s not a denial. 

  • Contemporary laws are more just and considerate. 

  • Believing that divine justice begins at the end of laws. 

  • I wish I had the argument skills of lawyers. 

  • It’s really arrogant for some people to think that they are beyond the law. 

  • Courtroom for me, a zone painted in black and white. 

  • The day I got my law degree was the happiest day of my life. 
Lawyer Law Students For Whatsapp

advocate WhatsApp status

  • Fighting cases for the rights of women is how we can move forward. 

  • Law is often the last resort of people when everyone and everything else fails them. 

  • I still have faith in the law, and I believe it will not spare the wrongdoers. 

  • It takes a lot of toils to win over certain cases, but it’s worth it. 

  • As what’s worth, I am patiently waiting for the law to punish the wrongdoers. 

  • Brave are the people who dared to challenge unjust laws. 

  • Lawyers don’t twist things; they just present things in a different light. 

  • As a criminal lawyer, I make sure that I don’t fight for the wrong side. 

  • In a courtroom, we all expect the truth to speak loud.

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