101+ Best Love Status for WhatsApp Ideas

When we speak about LOVE, it is undoubtedly the most powerful feeling in this world.

Love makes you smile, cry, and whatnot! Here are some of the best WhatsApp statuses for you- 

Love Whatsapp status

Posting love WhatsApp status has become quite popular now. They are quite fascinating. Whether you want to dedicate it to your loved ones or post something just because you feel like it, these ten messages will be perfect for you. 

-Love is all that is required.

-When I think of you, my heart starts to race in a way that you have no concept about.

-I won’t stop believing in you, so please don’t stop believing in me!

-A happy ending cannot be given to a story about genuine love since true love does not come to an end.

-I’m not interested in being your number one choice; I want to be your only option.

-Moments, not days, are what we are able to recall later on.

-When you are ready, and not when you are alone yourself, you should fall in love.

-You never fall in love with someone because of their beauty; rather, their beauty directly results from your love for them.

-When you’re around, life’s blessings have a way of multiplying their impact.

-There are only two periods in my life when I want to be with you, and those times are right now and forever.

Heart touching Sad love quotes for WhatsApp status

-When life soars high, the only anchor we need to stay rooted in is known as “love.”

-I am in love, and I haven’t felt anything like this before in my life! 

-Is this love? The magical feeling which beats all forms of motivation in this world

-Not always do we as human beings have control over our lives. Could you resist falling in love? 

-When life takes a beautiful curve, get ready to witness love at the next intersection! 

-My heart beats with the oxygen of love I get from my partner 

-If trees give you a reason to breathe, love gives you 100 reasons to live!

-Even the toughest guy on earth has some time or the other fallen in love. 

-The vaguest description of love is modern relationships! Nothing can beat love from your parents; that is what we call true love!  

-In life, whenever there are challenging situations, the only mood booster is a dose of love from the one person you can die for!

-When your heart beats for that person’s sight, realize that you are in love!

-Love is beautiful, and the only thing you would need is a beautiful mindset to live with love forever. 

-Not every love story witnesses the end, but I can never forget the memories she left with me. 

-Love gives me happiness, and so makes money. The only difference is money will be useless someday, but love never will

-When the world stands against me, all I have ever wanted is the hand of the person who loves me the most.

-Not every person is lucky to be loved back by the person they fall in love with 

-Life without love is like a road without direction and milestones. 

-Each day I pray to God that someday I shall meet the love of my life, and I hope God keeps giving me hints that she is the one! 

-The only definition of love is when a person doesn’t give up on his/her partner, no matter what! 

-I don’t want to top her list of lovers; I want to be the only one on that list forever and after!

-Silence strikes like a sound to the heart when love is in the air.

-The sky is pink, and the clouds are blue. Do you know that I love you? 

-When in love, we never count the days; instead, we cherish the moments that make us who we are! 

-Someone asked me what the most satisfying thing is ever. I answered- being loved back by the person I love. 

-When love happens, every other emotion seems distant, and our mind tricks us into happiness. 

-In the end, nothing else matters, and love is all everyone needs to be alive. 

-The only happy relationship that a man can have is that of love; everything else has subtle layers and masks.

-Love should never be a cure for loneliness! Let love be real this time and not an excuse to ward off loneliness. 

-All the hurdles in life feel smaller when you have the power of love backing you up!

-Love has the power to drive the greatest distance and move the biggest mountain. Try it, please!

-Is forever a synonym to love? I see a forever in you!

-A man can push himself to the limits if only love fuels him in the journey!

-Of all the dreams, falling in true love remains one of those that hardly come true for all.

-When in love, you finally understand that the different colors of life 

-For me, love is the discovery of the self with an explorer whom we call soul mate! 

-It doesn’t matter how long you have been in love; all that matters is holding on to it till your last breath. 

funny love quotes for WhatsApp status

-Love is like an influenza disease. It will never give you warnings; boom, you are in love!

-I am so sorry all my plans for the future are now in the backseat cos I am in LOVE! 

-I love you more than chocolate and pancakes! And I am not lying 

-Let there be love. I am here, and hence I don’t care!

-The most challenging days are when I fall in love with some, and they do not love me back! 

-I am more confident about interviews than love proposals 

-Being rejected in love has its advantage! You can try for the next without any guilt!

-All the good things happen with those who haven’t yet fallen in love!  

-Pairs are made in heavens, people say, but in my case, it doesn’t seem like anybody was even made.

-Not letting go of your love is one mistake you are making! Let it go, and try out the next! 

-” Your next is my ex” – this happens to be the modern interpretation of love!

-No matter what, I am yours. Take it or take it, no option! 

-When the best of your choices falter, it is time to understand that love is not your game! 

-I was in love, and now I am not in love but freedom! 

-I never planned, love, and still, I got you! This shows that planning sucks!

-In love, I would shave my beard if she wanted it that way.

-The color pink has many shades, and did you know it yet? If not, then you haven’t fallen in love yet!

-In love, nights are always better than the mornings! 

-70% of men cheat in love in America. The rest cheat in Asia 😀

-The cake of love only gets better when served with the icing of romance. 

-Involving in PDA? Well, love is blind, but the people around aren’t, so keep your hands to yourself, Mister! 

Funny Love Messages For Girlfriend

-If you have a girlfriend with a good sense of humor, you are indeed blessed. Here are some funny love messages for your girlfriend that you can use to make her smile.

-I would want to purchase you similar to how Facebook purchased Instagram. I adore you!

-My mother had told me that I wept a lot when I was a little child. She says that it was because I was sad. It wasn’t until today that I recognized the reason for it: I’ve been missing you.

-Let’s commit the ultimate crime together: you take my heart, and I’ll take yours. What could go wrong?

-I swore to you that my love for you would last till the end of time, but I soon understood that I couldn’t outlive you.

-You are without a comparable option, regardless of what the opinions of economics may be. You are the only person I can ever have in my life.

-There must be something physically wrong with me since I am unable to remove those glasses from you.

-You may fall from the sky, you can fall from a tree, but falling in love with me is the finest possible way to go down.

-The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words, but when I look at yours, I’m at a loss for words.

-The constant expression of happiness on my face has resulted in the formation of wrinkles. Please put an end to your sweet behavior!

-I am not too knowledgeable about chess, but if I had to guess, I would say that you are my Queen.

Funny Love Messages For Boyfriend

-If your boyfriend appreciates humor, a funny message is what you need. Thus, we have enlisted 10 funny love messages for a boyfriend that might be of great help.

-You’re like a Bunsen burner. You have the ability to soften even the hardest parts of my heart.

-Even though I don’t have a good grasp of humor, I have to admit that you can make me guffaw like a child of six.

-Even if you don’t work at a chocolate factory, you still bring me chocolates. I really appreciate it. That is one of your qualities that I really like. 

-When I look at my fingers, it never fails to remind me that even Saturn has its very own ring. The thought of us getting married fills me with joy and makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

-I attempted to save your voice from Spotify onto my computer. On the other hand, it was nowhere to be found. 

-Even though I don’t partake in gambling, I’ve just let both my emotions and my head place a wager on the fact that my feelings for you will never go away.

-It’s good to have someone there to enjoy the chocolates with you, especially when that someone is there for you.

-I really appreciate being able to count on you as my go-to chocolate provider.

-If “You plus me = “Perfect Love,” then the mathematicians would have been quite right in their calculations.

-I may not be able to play chess, but I am certain that you are my King.

Valentines Quotes Funny

Valentine’s day is celebrated worldwide as the day of love. However, this romantic day can be made even better with a touch of humor. Here are ten valentines quotes funny for uploading as your status. 

-The feeling of love is comparable to having an illness. It will never offer you any warnings; all of a sudden, you will find yourself falling in love.

-Since I have fallen in love, I am going to have to put all of my plans for the future on hold for the time being. I am really sorry about this.

-I adore you more than anything in the world, even chocolate and pancakes. In addition, I am not being dishonest here.

-It is time for love to prevail. I am now present, and as a result, I could care less about anything!

-The days that are the most difficult for me are the ones in which I fall in love with someone, but they do not love me back.

-I have more self-assurance when it comes to job interviews than when it comes to romantic overtures.

-Being turned down by the person you love may sometimes be advantageous. You have nothing to feel guilty about if you decide to try for the next!

-Those who haven’t yet given in to their romantic feelings are the ones who are destined to experience life’s greatest joys.

-People tend to think that matches are made in heaven, but in my experience, it seems as if nobody at all was created.

-One of the mistakes you’re making is that you won’t let go of the love you have for someone! Let it go, and try your luck with the next opportunity!

Funny Quotes To Make Him Laugh

-When you have a boyfriend with a good sense of humor, sending him hilarious and innovative messages is a brilliant idea. Here are 10 funny quotes to make him laugh.

-I had something in mind that I knew would put a grin on your face, but the mailman ordered me to stay away from the mailbox!

-I without you is like a dork without braces, shoes without laces, or a sentence without spaces. It just doesn’t make sense.

-I am now looking for work despite having a degree in kissing, a certification in caring, and a certificate in hugging. Do you have a position that I may apply for?

-Excuse me, but as I was gazing at your images again, I accidentally dropped something, that is, my jaw.

-I adore you the same amount as I adore french fries.

-Even if I’m not a professional photographer, I can still see us being together.

-Do you know what you would be if you were a vegetable? A cute-cumber!

-You are being held for the crime of being too adorable.

-I want to take you out to a romantic meal with candles and say those three words to you. The bill must be paid!

Love Status In English

When in love, a person loves to show happiness to the whole world. The best way to do it is by posting a love status in English. Here are 10 such messages that are perfect for this occasion. 

-I never planned, love, and nevertheless, I got you! This demonstrates that planning is a waste of time!

-If I loved her enough, I would cut my beard off if that’s what she desired.

-I want to love and be with you despite your flaws and shortcomings.

-You are the sun in my life, the one who brought light into the depths of my heart.

-Your love always makes me feel incredibly unique, and it gives me the impression that I was destined to be yours from the moment I was born.

-It isn’t easy to take deep breaths when I try not to look at you.

-You know you’re in love when you’ve reached the point when the joy of others matters more to you than your own.

-You are not just my deepest desire but also an absolute prerequisite for my continued existence.

-You are simple but magnificent, and the most important thing is that you are mine.

-You couldn’t possibly deceive me since I can read the honest expression in your eyes.

New Whatsapp Status

Posting a WhatsApp status is a daily activity of most people today. You will definitely want to portray your love story online if you are in love. Below are 10 new WhatsApp statuses that are perfect for you.

-It seems as if there is not enough oxygen in the air when you are not there.

-Although there is a shortage of time and many things to accomplish, I am very glad I met you.

-Being in your presence is what I want more than having physical contact with you.

-It’s possible that I won’t be your first love, but I promise to be your last.

-The way you accept me compels me to accept you in the same manner.

-When it comes to love, the link between two souls is more important than the body itself.

-It is written in the stars that we will cross paths someday, and no one can stop it.

-My love is one thing you will never be able to alter.

-As soon as you decide to be with me, I claim you as mine.

-Because of my stubbornness to love you, I shall continue to do so forever.

Miss You Quotes For Whatsapp Status

Missing someone makes us emotional. It is no news that we love to post about our daily lives. So we have collected 10 “miss you” quotes for WhatsApp status for you.

-When I shut my eyes, you are always there to greet me in my dreams.

-We just split so that we may be together again.

-The realization that I will never get over missing her provides some consolation.

-You will never leave my thoughts; no matter where you go, you will always be close to my heart.

-I miss you tremendously, incomprehensibly, pointlessly, and painfully.

-Every time I go to sleep and wake up, I think about how much I miss you. I have a dream that you and I will always be together.

-I glance to the sky tonight, hoping to see you amid the stars.

-Two hearts that lack beats from each other may be reunited by distance.

-I keep thinking about you, and tonight it seems like I’m drowning in it.

-When I am thinking about how much I miss you, I gaze at my heart because there is nowhere else for me to look to find you.

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