A Speech on Man Animal Conflict

A very good morning to all the persons present here. I give you my heartfelt thanks to give me this chance to be the person to talk about today’s topic of man animal conflict.

At first we have to know the meaning of the term man animal conflict.

It is a conflict between the humans and animals, which takes place when animals pose a direct threat and impending or recurring threat to the lives, habitats or safety of people, resulting to the persecution of that species. 

About the causes of man animal conflict:

The rapid increase in the human population and expansion, the degradation and fragmentation of habitat, land use and increasing densities of livestock grazing in protected areas can be the main causes of man-animal conflicts. There were more than 17000 instances of crop raid by animals also can be found from the data given by the state forest department.

Instances of human –wildlife conflict are a common problem in some of the areas in North America. A number of more than 23000 instances of man-animal conflict caused death or harms to people of America between the years 2016 to 2020.

Man animal conflict also has some “hidden dimensions” that are not being focused regularly like the more visible dimensions. Conflict with humans is a well-known incident of the declines the populations of lions in Africa. Habitat loss due to conversion of land for agricultural progress has forced the lions to live in closer proximity to the human beings and human civilization.  Many people lost their lives as the result of this man-wildlife conflict.

As human population expands and natural habitats shrink humans and wild animals are coming into conflict over living areas and requirement of food.

More than 2000 people in India were killed by elephants and more than 200 people killed by tigers in the last five years.

Therefore the main cause can be seen as the fright of losing their home due to some practices of the humans.

Prevention of the problem:

Bio-fencing, hedges and crash guard rope fences are done and used to prevent the interaction of the wild animals and humans as much as possible. These will also help in reducing the scopes of conflict between the animals and people living in close proximity with the vicinity of forests.

We have to be careful on our process of the rapid urbanization and population growth to give enough space to the other living creatures of the Earth. We have to be very careful to the habitats and eco-system of every living creature to maintain the proper balance of the environment. All humans have to be careful during those encounters for their own safety; we have to remember that killing them is not a solution but is the invitation to a greater problem for ourselves.

Therefore we have to act like a responsible citizen and help in increasing the awareness of the wild-life and animal preservation for the healthy future of all the living beings on Earth.

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