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March Equinox or the Vernal Equinox is one of the four equinoxes which marks the start of the Springs in Northern Hemisphere and the Autumns in the Southern Hemisphere. At this particular equinox, the Sun crosses the celestial Equator moving from South to North. This generally happens in the region of 19-21st of March every year. On this day generally, the night and day are of equal lengths. 

Below Is A List Of Greetings And Wishes For March Equinox To Celebrate.

March Equinox Messages, Greetings and Quotes

-This day marks the birth of Springs. Let us all get fresh and lively!

-The Spring has sprung with the feeling of joy of the warming Sun.

-Its the welcoming of the warmth after the chilly winter days.

-On this day lets see the flowers start to bloom after they have shed all their leaves.

-Happy Vernal Equinox! Its time for the Sun to cover us with warmth after the winters.

-Today on this equinox we mark the end of winters welcoming the Spring.

-Today lets welcome the bright sun to shower us with its warmth.

-On this Vernal Equinox, we the people of the Southern Hemisphere lets bid adieu to the hot sunny days and welcome the Autumns.

-Happy Spring Equinox, may the days ahead be filled with light and warmth.

-As they say within every ending there is a seed of a beginning, similarly, we mark the beginning of the Springs in the northern part and the Autumns in the Southern Hemisphere.

-Happy Fall! It is the starting of the Autumns and the starting of the shedding of leaves.

-On this day we see how beautifully the balance of nature happens around the globe.

-Today let a part of the World be filled with Greenery.

-Today the Southern part of the Earth will mark the change of the color of nature. Nature will change its color from Green to Yellow gradually.

-Let nature be surrounded by the fresh smell of blooming flowers with the shining Sun around.

-Today, unlike others, half of the world is filled with the smell of drying leaves.

-This day as the name suggests teaches us about how to maintain the equilibrium.

-Let the equinox preach us about equality.

-On this equinox let us try to spread equality among all people without any distinctions.

-Today the world stands at the threshold, maintaining the perfect balance of Winter’s darkness and the Summer’s light.

-Today signifies the time of rebirth, the time of nature’s creation.

-On this Vernal Equinox lets plant our dreams and the warm sunshine do the rest.

-On this equinox lets support and strive for women equality in the society.

-Let the Equinox brings to us joy to our lives as the sunshine brings it to the new seeds.

-Equinox tells us about equality, let it help us reciprocate in our lives too.

-This Equinox lets us learn how a single motion can put up a smile and to two spheres of the world in two different ways.

-On this day let us take an oath to spread happiness among us.

-Happy March Equinox. Let us rejoice in the new beginning and put an end to all the haunted past.

-Let us take the responsibility of women empowerment on this March Equinox.

-Let this Equinox bring new openings in everyone’s life.

-As the Equinox welcomes the Spring, let it fill our heart with generous love for others.

-Let us take an oath to support greenery in the society in this Vernal Equinox.

-This Vernal Equinox lets make an oath to plant trees like it welcomes the greenery after the winters.

-Happy Vernal Equinox. Its the welcoming of the celebration of many ceremonies.

-On this Vernal Equinox let us pay tributes to our loved ones like they do in Japan.

-Let the happiness of Spring brighten our lives for the rest of the year with loads of love. Happy Spring Equinox.

-On this Spring Equinox with flowers blooming here and there there are happy faces everywhere.

-We know that the best time of the year is here with colors splashed by nature everywhere.

-On this Vernal Spring Equinox, happy faces, blooming flowers, and happy nature are what we celebrate.

-Vernal Equinox is all about sun-kissed days.

-This Equinox day is said to be the best time of the year as on this particular day nature celebrates the balance of life.

-On this day let us greet the sun-warm hills.

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