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To set up a refreshing drink for the summer, the “National Mint Julep Day” is celebrated on May 30th every year. People from all over Kentucky gather together in the Kentucky Derby for a glass of Mint Julep. This southern classic is a traditional drink in Kentucky, United States.

National Mint Julep Day- Greetings. 

– Wishing Happy National Mint Julep Day to each and everyone around the globe. I hope you all have a glass of Mint Julep and celebrate the day with utmost joy.

– Wishing a Happy National Mint Julep Day to all the people who gather in the Kentucky Derby for a glass of Mint Julep on that day. It’s you all for whom the day is special.

– Wishing a Happy National Mint Julep Day to ourselves too. We can learn the recipe of Mint Julep and try that out sitting at home.

– Wishing a Happy National Mint Julep Day to our parents. While we’re trying to make it, we can ask our parents to help them learn some new recipes.

– Wishing a Happy National Mint Julep Day to all my offline and online friends around the world. We can send them greetings through social media and spread the word. 

– Wishing a Happy National Mint Julep Day to all the people involved in organizing the Kentucky Derby. It’s from you the day commences and also the reason behind this day’s existence. 

– Lastly, wishing all the people related directly or indirectly to the celebration and success of this day a Happy Mint Julep Day to every individual. After all, each individual makes a difference. 

National Mint Julep Day- Messages. 

– Every year, to set up a relaxing toast to the summer on 30th May, the “National Mint Julep Day” is celebrated.

– Basically, Mint Julep has originated actually from the Northern United States, and it was trendy and a refreshing drink from then to till now.

– Officially from the 1930s, the Mint Julep was the cocktail for the Kentucky Derby, and on the 30th, people gather there to share a glass of it. 

– The recipe for meant julep is relatively easy as it needs only mint leaf, bourbon, sugar, and water. Its preparation varies from one bartender to the other.

– Studies suggest that the Mint Juleps were used to cure upset stomach and other stomach problems in the early 1700s.

– Mint Julep and ice have a fantastic relation. If Mint Julep is added to ice, the drink becomes Hailstorm Julep!

– Basically, the word “Julep” from mint julep means a sweet drink, particularly used as a medicine vehicle.

– Even today, researchers say that the Americans also enjoyed a gin-based julep in the 19th century, which was even tastier. 

– So, on this National Mint Julep day, you can try out different mint Julep recipes and post on Social media for our friends to know more about it.

– Hope all these are points are crystal clear to us. Let us take this Mint Julep day about learning more about it and going into its details. 

National Mint Julep Day quotes

“Tragedy did that—brought people together in ways you could never force.”
― Nancy Naigle

“Tough on the outside, but fragile when you got close. A walking contradiction.”
― Nancy Naigle, Mint Juleps and Justice

“Sometimes you just have to slow down and enjoy what’s right in front of you.”
― Nancy Naigle

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