78+ Money Quotes and Sayings of All Time

Money has been the most important impetus of society from the earliest of times. These days almost nothing is possible without money.

It is also desired most by us. We all want to earn money and make a fortune. Money has a fundamental role in our life.

To run our government, money also plays a key function.

Though it is believed that money is the key to happiness, it has also caused many devastations throughout our history. Many wars and invasions happened over money. Here are some of the best money sayings as follows:

Money Quotes and Sayings

-It is not Honey; money is the sweetest ingredient we can have.

-All the best things you can have in your life are money.

-When someone says money can’t buy happiness, I tell them I would like to cry inside my private jet of millions of dollars.

-If you have a lot of difficulties in your life, you just need one solution: money.

-Yesterday I woke up with a frightful dream that I didn’t have any money inside my wallet.

-I wish every new year came with one million dollars in my account.

-Please, Santa, I don’t want any gift… give a lot of love and a few million of money.

Money Quotes and Sayings

– If someone would give me a few dollars for walking a mile, I would have covered the whole world a thousand times.

-Peoples say money can’t buy love. Then why do I come back home with an empty wallet after every date with my girlfriend? 

-Some say save one penny a day, and the day will come one day when you will be a millionaire, but hey! Why are there many poor?

-Well, I don’t know a lot about paradise. But maybe this place looks like a place with a lot of money.

-When love comes with money, then the money is the loveliest.

-Well, do you all think six-pack abs are cool? I’ll say 6 million dollars are cooler.

-Wish I’d be given a million if I gain weight of one pound…then I’d have some million dollars in my pocket.

-If you want to earn a lot of money, You would have to invest a lot of money and some vision.

-we all can be poor artists until we have lots of money.

-The thirst for money is never ending…if you have already earned a bunch of cash, your mind craves more.

-Money is like a virus… once it gets into a relationship, it gets infected forever.

-The best thing about a true artist is he is not much concerned about money.

-Wealth cannot buy you happiness… No man can keep peace with himself with lots of wealth.

-If you do something only for money, then you are not doing it actually…you are just becoming a slave for money.

-Money is not a great concern until you have a lot of it… 

-Money doesn’t matter… but being poor matters.

-Hyperactivity cannot give you money…you have to keep peace and wait for your chance.  The farmer does not hurry with his crops but simply waits for the harvesting season.

-You are investing your time and energy in something and don’t want to take any risk, then your dream of earning money will remain a dream forever.

Money Quotes and Sayings

-Sometimes money not only costs our time, energy, and patience but our life, relations, and friendships too…

-Nobody is poor… we all have our chance in our hands…time is the greatest wealth..

-Assume every day as your bank account… You have a duty to fill it with not only money but with good memories and experiences.

-Money will love to come to you when you are able to deal with your every failure and learn from it.

-Having only money is not fun… but to have something of possessions that few have is the actual fun of having money.

-Don’t invest only money to have money but invest your experience and vision too. Only all three of these can make you wealthier.

-If you want to invest in the money market, then having a vision is the most decisive factor. Your vision will tell you what is dangerous and what is a money spinner.

-In the money market, keeping yourself calm is the most important factor. Once you lose your patience, you lose money.

-Money is not the cause of happiness. You can be happy with a little income but greater expenditure, and you can be restless with a high income and a little expenditure.

-Having a great sum of money or not having a bit of it can give you freedom. Money can give you financial freedom, but having no money can give you mental freedom.

-If you concern only about your look then surely you will lose money… but if you concentrate more on your performance, it can earn you great wealth.

-Money costs a lot of sweat and hard work.

-Earning money is an infinite loop… once you get into it, there is no escape from it.

-Money can not make you happy, nor will it make you look better. Once You earn a million, your mind says it needs another million.

-Formal education cannot make you a wealthy person. It just makes you an office slave of a fortune holder… be self-educated and turn your fortune wheel on your hand.

-Poor is a person who he has a lot of money but always craves for more.

-possessing a lot of money is not happiness until you feel the thrill of earning it and enjoying it.

-One who lost money has not lost anything at all. You will lose a great if you lose the trust of other people.

-Always check regularly whether you lost something that money can’t buy.

-Go for your love always… do what you love… only running for money will keep you thirsty for money forever. Enjoy the thrill of work… Money will love to come into your pocket.

-If you want to become independent by being wealthy, then you will always remain a slave of your thought… freedom comes with your thought, not with money.

Money Quotes and Sayings

-Just saving your money in your bank account does not make a person rich. But a wise investment does. No millionaire has become a millionaire by saving his money in his savings account.

– Making money is easy when you become innovative… always try to innovate in your work.

-Don’t let money become your master… make him your slave… let your money do the work… No hard work does earn a fortune, but smart work does.

-Once you lose control over your money… your money will always control you forever.

-Don’t just become wealthy… but enjoy your wealth. 

Money Quotes and Sayings

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