A Speech on “Music with Foul Language Should Not Be Allowed at School Dances”

As a child, I didn’t remember hearing much foul words around me until a certain age. I certainly had no clue what they meant even if I heard. In this society now, such words are commonly used and keeping it away from children is a hard thing to maintain. So, at least in schools we adults should take steps to avoid even the slightest of such offensive words near to a child’s ears or eyes. 

Music is the best way to learn new words. It can be good or bad depending entirely on the song being played. Source of music to a child is any kind of media at home or from schools. 

When we think of music in schools, the first thing that comes to our mind is the classroom nursery rhymes and school dances. Keeping the purity of the songs that are played in such spaces should be the key responsibility of the school faculty and authorities. Kids develop language from schools at an early stage, exposing them to such foul music and bad words could be an unhealthy move. Though our teachers and parents could not ban them from hearing these unhealthy words from an obvious age; but we could avoid the chances that may appear for such terrible incidents.

Dance and music play a huge role in a child’s life from kindergarten days to high school days. Revealing children to music in an early developmental stage could help them in learning new sounds and new meanings of words. Similarly, dancing to good music can also work on their fine and gross motor skills allowing them to practice self-expression and body movements.

For both children and adults music can also help to strengthen their memory skills. Types of music can express various kinds of behaviour and emotions in an average human, but in children it will be on it’s peak. Even with these good developments and many other positive aspects of playing good music, it can be ruined extremely by just playing foul language or profanity music especially around children.

Profanity music might be effective to hear, anyone who hears it will most definitely enjoy and get addicted to the upbeat sounds, they are also much easier to leave a mark in our minds; the words of the music are too catchy. Mind of a child from the age of three works twice as fast as an adult’s mind.

Yes, it may be hard to keep these kinds of music from around children in general, but at least by keeping an eye on this serious issue, we could work things better at schools. Among grown ups it’s common that they always hear music with such profanity in it; thus making it a habit to use these kinds of bad language in their normal conversations. To reduce that situation in an early stage, let us build up a behaviour of minimizing or even stopping children from hearing foul language music. 

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