38+ Best New Hire Luncheon Invitation Wording Ideas

New possibilities open up for an organisation when they are looking for new hires to join. The fresh talent always adds more value to the business.

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What to write on New Hire Luncheon Invitation?

  • Mention that you are finally opening for new employees
  • Make sure that everyone you invite is present
  • Tell that it wouldn’t be possible without them
  • Don’t forget to ask for blessings from elders
  • Don’t let anyone leave, until the food is served

How do you Respond to New Hire Luncheon Invitation?

  • Congratulate the host for new hiring process
  • Mention that you are super excited to work with them
  • Make sure to tell that you are looking forward to it
  • Before you leave, shower them with your happiness

It is stated that a person is only considered a new hire when they are an absolute fresher to the company or on the other hand if they were previously hired by the company and out of office for a term of 60 days consecutively.

For companies looking for new hires, here are some of the invitation wording calling for new joinees and they can be really effective if put out strategically-

New Hire Luncheon Invitation Wording Ideas

  • New hire is what takes the future of the organisation ahead and we are actively looking for people who can make it big with us. Come and try your luck!
  • Opportunities do not come twice and this is why you should try and hard and grab it with both hands when you are getting it. On (date), (company name) is hosting a recruitment event. Do come with your best skills 
  • (company) is organising new hire event on the (date) and every new budding talent is invited to appear for the positions and give a kickstart to their careers. 
  • You can only regret once you miss out on the opportunity offered by (company name). New talent hiring is the key and if you are a fresher , come and attend the interview process!

_Here’s a call out to all the supremely talented upcoming professionals of the IT industry for the walk-in interview of (company name). New talent is being hired and this just may be it for you!

_We never know our deepest ability unless we try them out. If you have got what it takes to make it big in the industry, come and visit the office of (company name) as we are actively looking for new hires. 

_Try and hone your skills for the best as (company name) is starting its new hire programme from the month of (month name). All the best, you can surely make it through 

_Every opportunity is the hand of God and hence you should be ready to grab it with both hands. We will test your skills and if you are the best new hire we are looking for, your career doesn’t ever needs to turn back! 

_(date) is the last day for you to try and make it big with the (company name). Come and try your skills out at the interview going on at (venue). New hire program is on!!

_Come and join us for the new hire meet organised at (venue) on (date). It’s time we make the new blues feel at home and let them grow in their spaces 

_Every new hire is invited for their luncheon with the management. Hoping to see you all and having an interactive session to know each other better! Date and time attached below

_Let’s make some noise and throw a party for the new hires of the company. Each of you is a future to the business and hence you are welcome big time! The party begins on (date) and (time). 

_All the talented professionals looking for a job change are requested to be present at the walk in interviews organised by (company name) on (date). We are eager to meet you and pick the best ones to join our company at the earliest!

_If you are looking for a job, it is the best time! (Company name) is looking to expand their process and hence looking for new hires who can be their assets. Come and attend the interview on (date and venue). 

_Challenge yourself to the limits and grab the best opportunities coming from (company name) as they go on a new hire absorbing spree from (month and date) at their office venue. 

_Every new hire is an asset to the organisation. Come be a part of the future of (company name) and make your career the high point of your life. We are waiting for you!! 

_You are cordially invited to the new hire dinner party at (venue) on (date). Each of you must attend and we will be happy to host your entire family too! Bring your guest along! 

_It’s a call to all new hires of (company name) for the (year) from the seniors of the organisation. Let’s interact over a cup of coffee and snacks on (date) to understand each other better and transform ourselves into one single bonded team. 

_Keep calm and work hard because (company name) is again coming up a set of vacancies and new hires are at highest demand now. You could be the one, prepare yourself for the day. 

_Your dream job is just an interview away! Come and attend the interview for (job role) on the (date) at (venue). New hires are being seeked by the cosmonauts at the earliest. 

_Loud shout out to the new hires of (company name) to come and assemble at (venue) on (date). The entire management will have a one on one interaction and introduction session with the freshies. Attend the experience!

_Something that makes every person happy is a job that makes them satisfied. If your present job isn’t satisfying, come and join the (company name) as they are looking for new hires. 

_What if we have a great opportunity for you and it is ticking away soon with time?? Come and grab it at the earliest. Recruitment for new hires is at full swing in this season. 

_Best opportunity never comes knocking every time! As you read this post, come and be a part of the company and make the most of your talent. New hires are most welcome! 

_Have you got what it takes to be the best employee for (company name)?? Delay no more, join the force on (date) and clear the interview with your amazing skills and personality. 

_(company name) requests every new hire to come and be a part of the team lunch organised on (date) at (venue). We look forward to having a great time. 

_Let’s unite as a team and make it big in the industry? Agree? Come and attend the walk-in interview on (date) and if you are the new hire we are looking for, there’s no stepping back ever. 

_Work hard and you may always end up getting your dream job with us! We are on the constant lookout for new hires that can make a significant addition to the company. Let’s meet on a cup of coffee (we call that an interview though!)

_Plan your career and make the right move. Be the best new hire for (company name), we have walk-in’s organised on (date) for budding talented professionals. 

_Who would have the last laugh as we end our search for most efficient new hire on (date). If you haven’t yet attended the interview, we are more than happy to have you! 

_Every new hire is asked to attend the luncheon of the year with all team. Come dressed in the dress you love the most! We are eager to see the team. 

_Dear new hires, happy to have you on board. Let’s celebrate your joining on the (date) at (venue). Please be in formals. 

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