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Nova Scotia Heritage Day is celebrated on the third Monday of February across the province of Nova Scotia to not only praise the remarkable and outstanding heritage and the rich culture of the province but also to praise, honor and pay respect to the people, artists, and communities that have added to this beautiful culture.

On this day, the schools and universities remain shut and the employees of various sectors are given a day off without a loss of pay.

Nova Scotia Heritage Day Messages, Greetings and Quotes

-It is truly wonderful to see that our heritage is being acknowledged by all of us with so much pride!

-Have a very proud and happy Nova Scotia Heritage Day everybody!

-Let us all thank the artists that have made us proud and hope that they inspire the younger generation as well!

-It is marvelous that we are getting to celebrate our wonderful heritage with the help of a holiday!

-It is important that we all take part in the celebrations for the Nova Scotia Heritage Day as it will help to inculcate a feeling of oneness and pride within each of us.

-Hey everyone let us all buckle up and shake off our weariness as the Nova Scotia Heritage Day is just around the corner!

-We should encourage everyone to celebrate this day as it brings about a feeling of unity among the people of the entire province!

-We should do our best to preserve the heritage of our province and celebrating Nova Scotia Heritage Day is one of them!

-It is such a good initiative to give a holiday for celebrating the Nova Scotia Heritage day because, in that way,the common public tends to appreciate the cause even more! 

-The heritage of a province is so important because it directly affects the style of living of the people of the province and so let us all wish each other a happy Nova Scotia Heritage Day!

-Hope Nova Scotia is getting all ready to celebrate its big day, the Nova Scotia Heritage Day!

-One of the most admirable factors of the celebration of the Nova Scotia Heritage Day is that the organizers pick up a single person or a single community who has shaped their heritage to celebrate every year!

-Welcome to the grand celebration of the Nova Scotia Heritage Day where we pat each other’s backs and hug each other and feel proud of our heritage together!

-The ideologies we abide by and the heritage that we feel proud of and the stories that we tell our children all determine the diminishing or the persevering of the heritage of our province!

-It is amazing how a holiday and a celebration can help in the preservation of the heritage of a province!

-The preservation of the heritage of a place relies heavily on the thoughts and tales about it that are communicated across generations to people residing far and wide, and a celebration of the heritage precisely achieves that!

-The most important feature of the Nova Scotia Heritage Day is that it intrigues people to talk about their wonderful heritage!

-The trick to the preservation of heritage is making a big fuss about it so that people get to hear about it for a long time!

-It is not wrong to adopt new techniques and fashion of living but it is definitely wrong to forget one’s beautiful heritage in the process of doing so!

-We will only have ourselves to blame if one day our grandchildren and grandchildren have no idea about their beautiful heritage!

-If you love your province and if you feel proud of your origin,then rejoice,for here the Nova Scotia Heritage is just around the corner to help you celebrate your pride!

-On the day of celebration of the heritage of Nova Scotia, we encourage kids and teenagers to learn and educate themselves about their wonderful heritage!

-Every year that we celebrate Nova Scotia Heritage Day we make sure that we dig deep about the past and listen to  what every one of the provinces has to say about the heritage of Nova Scotia!

-It is so important that we do not forget to talk about our heritage with our children as with the new generation becoming more and more digitalized, the chances of our heritage getting lost is even more!

-The Nova Scotia Heritage Day is so important to us because it celebrates who we are, our identity and our heritage sums up all that!

-Heritage, culture, beliefs, and ways of living all together make up a civilization and so when we celebrate the heritage , we are actually celebrating the civilization!

-The new generation needs to realize that badmouthing one’s heritage is not as cool as the heritage of a person has a lot to do with the identity of that person!

-As the Nova Scotia Heritage Day is just around the corner let us vow to tell at least one story from our childhood to the children so that the children have a better idea of their heritage!

-Happy Nova Scotia Heritage Day to you and your family as we hope that you get to celebrate this day with music, fun, stories, and a lot of nostalgia!

-Nostalgia is an important element of the Nova Scotia Heritage Day as celebrating heritage has a lot to do with celebrating the past!

-The Nova Scotia Heritage Day answers a lot of questions that the little ones ask  and so we definitely look forward to celebrating this day!

-A person who has no idea of his or her heritage deserves to be pitied and felt sorry for!

-The worst kind of imbecile  is when a person, although highly educated has no knowledge of 

his own heritage!

-The people of Nova Scotia are very proud of their heritage and they eagerly wait for the month of February so that they can celebrate the Nova Scotia Heritage Day!

-As residents of the province of Nova Scotia,we can proudly vouch for the rest of the Nova Scotians that they are proud of their heritage and look forward to celebrating the Nova Scotian Heritage Day!

-One of the reasons why we put so much effort into celebrating Nova Scotia Heritage Day is that we want our children to have an idea of their heritage and the lifestyle their ancestors had!

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