210+ Parent’s Status About Family and Support

The feeling of being a parent to your kids is an amazing thing but you don’t realize it until you become a parent.

You should look after them and spare time for their little moments. Here are some Parenting WhatsApp statuses and Messages to show your affection to your child.

Parenting Whatsapp Statuses

-Live in such a way that your kids will wish of you when they think of justice, care and decency. 

-If your child has never hated you, then you will never be a father. 

-The lesson your parents teach you will last a lifetime. 

-The best gift I have received is from my mom and dad. 

-Publicly praise your kids and secretly blame them. 

-Kids rarely want to know who their parents are before they become parents. 

-When we tried to teach our kids everything about life, our kids taught us what life is. 

-The worst thing you hear from your parents: I am disappointed in you. 

-Don’t make your parents angry to please others.  

-Parents should teach their kids the principles of respect and acceptance 

-When we strive to let kids learn to live, kids teach us what life is 

-There is nothing worse than a 13-year-old child.  

-No matter how far we go, our parents are always by our side 

-No matter how old they are, kids always need their parents 

-Maternal love is peace. It does not have to be obtained, nor does it have to be earned. 

-Find your independence, because deep down, you are very dependent on your mother. 

-When kids have sad parents, they often feel obligated to cheer them up and make them happy. 

-There is no perfect parent, that’s the truth. 

-Your child needs your presence more than your gift. 

-Love is the chain that connects kids with their parents. 

-We may not be able to prepare for our children’s future, but at least we can prepare for the happiness of our children. 

-Has anyone noticed that parenting is more like crisis management? 

-The parents have some evil radar. You always call when you know what they will think is wrong. Or at least it is risky. 

-Your child needs your presence more than anything. Give them time, that will be your success at parenting. 

-Before getting married, I had six parenting theories; now I have six kids and no theories.

Parenting Whatsapp

-Don’t teach your kids to become rich. Train them to be happy. 

-The worst thing you hear from your parents is that they are not happy about your actions 

-The presence of adoptive parents is not to replace the biological parents, but to improve the child’s life experience. 

-If you want kids to stand on the floor, you have some responsibilities on your shoulders. 

-Parents are the only God who can help and guide you in your life. 

-It is a very sad time when parents are a little afraid of their children. 

-Always love your mother, because you will never have another one. 

-Never forget your parents, because they are the reason for you and who you are. 

-Parents do not pass on wealth to their children but instead pass on respect to them. 

-Being a parent is essentially listening to your own voice, because no one else will do it. 

-It is fun for parents, even if their own kids are the most disgusting. 

-Love is a chain that connects kids with parents. 

-I believe that we are always five years old in the presence and absence of our parents. 

-Treat your parents with love. Only when you see their empty chairs will you realize their value. 

-No matter how often you share, Heavenly Father’s love is full. 

-The mother’s heart is always with the child. 

-Never complain about what your parents cannot give you. They probably only have these. 

-I thank your parents. You never know what sacrifice they made for you. 

-Sometimes, raising a child seems to just bite the mouth to eat. 

-Love can change a person, just as a parent can change a child in uncomfortable and often unpredictable ways. 

-Your parents are the only ones forced to love you; you must earn it from the rest of the world. 

-The child who needs love the most always asks with the least love. 

-Love your parents. We are so focused on growth that we often forget that they are also getting old. 

-Live so that when your kids think of justice, care and decency, they will think of you. 

-Before we become parents ourselves, we will never experience the love of our parents. 

-Before getting married, I had six parenting theories; now I have six kids and no theories. 

-Parents, especially adoptive parents, sometimes disappoint their children; they fail to keep their early promises. 

-Love gives kids all your time and attention. 

-Family is one of the most powerful words because the letters in the family mean father and mother, I love you. 

-Little child, as you can imagine, how much I love you. 

-The happiness of parents is a secret, and so are their worries and fears. 

Parenting Whatsapp

-Your parents are the only ones forced to love you; you must earn it from the rest of the world. 

-You can’t let your parents get close to your true humiliation. 

-If your parents said, “Because I said so,” you know you said it well. 

-When I found out that my parents were right, my kids did not believe me. 

-They are your parents. They are to love you because there is never malice. 

-Your parents may not be perfect, but they are the most precious gift God has given you.

-Parenting is a tough job. Be respectful towards your parents.

-Parenting means sleepless nights. Parents stay awake for nights to worry about your future

-Parents’ love is the purest. You have it. Be lucky.

-Parents will never leave your back. They will love you no matter what.

Parenting Whatsapp

-Being a parent is a job that requires undivided attention, but one wouldn’t have it any other way.

-It’s true that parents never stop worrying, but the reward of seeing their children grow more than makes up for it.

-It is impossible to destroy the love bond between a parent and a kid.

-Parents always want to create new and lasting experiences with their little children, one day at a time.

-Being a parent is a lot like being a teacher; you never stop learning and expanding.

Our parents’ love for us is unwavering and unchanging, regardless of the choices we make. These mom-and-dad quotes will help you honor your parents’ struggles to make you smile.

-Being a parent is described as the path that is both the hardest and the most satisfying.

-Parents always look forward to new experiences with their beloved children. This is what makes them the best.

-Bringing up children takes a village, so a big thank you to my parents who have loved me, supported me, and raised me right.

-Having children ensures that there will always be someone to adore, learn from, and laugh with.

-No one can love you as much as your parents do. That is a universally accurate fact.

The love of one’s parents is one of the purest and most unrestricted kinds of love that can be found anywhere in the world. Here are some parenting quotes for hard times to remind you of the sacrifices your parents made for you.

-Being a parent while going through challenging circumstances is comparable to juggling blades while wearing gloves. 

-Friends may or may not stay by your side during hard side. But you can always rely on your parents. They will never leave you in distress.

-Being a parent amid a crisis is like being a one-man circus. 

-If there is anyone who will always love and support us, that’s our parents. No matter what, they will always stay by our side.

-Being a parent is no easy task. This is why we must never discard our parents’ struggles.

Parenting might not be easy, but mothers will always enjoy every aspect of it. This is why we have collected some of the best parenting funny mom quotes to lighten your mood.

-Why is it named ‘quarantine’ when it seems more like ‘parenting boot camp’?

-Being a parent during a pandemic is comparable to playing the role of a superhero but without the ability to wear a snazzy outfit.

-Attempting to keep up with a job, homeschooling, and parenting during a crisis is like to trying to juggle plates while holding sticks.

-Just when I thought I had this whole parenting thing figured out, a worldwide epidemic entered the picture.

-Who said that being a mom is easy? They clearly did not raise two toddlers together!

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