Photography Business: 16 About us Page Samples

When visitors go to your website, the first place they go is your landing page. If they have an interest past your landing page, they will probably go to your “About Us” page to learn more.

When a website visitor decides to go to the “About Us” page fo your Photography business, he or she is on a fact-finding mission, as well as looking for the “story” of your Photography business. It’s crucial that your “About Us” page says what goods or services your Photography business provides.

What to write on the about us page of a Photography business?

  • Do not forget to mention the date of the journey when you have started this business
  • Mention all photography services in detail
  • Share your portfolio that may help clients to understand your work better
  • Tell your customers how they can contact you
  • Be specific while mentioning the location where your business is operating.
  • Mention the loyal and regular clients to express your company’s positive aspect

Photography Business About us Page Examples

Template: 1

‘Photographer Name’

We invest noteworthy energy in wedding photography, corporate, family and senior pictures, normally heading off to your objective to get the perfect moment in the perfect place. From the shores here in Lake Geneva to the shorelines of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee and Chicago and past.

We will be there with you consistently your exceptional minutes are gotten until the end of time.

To us photography is about people being veritable and after that allowing us to depict that moment to remember it until the finish of time. This is the story that issues most: authentic people, real stories, certifiable minutes.

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We are incredibly respected to have a gathering of photographers who work with us on some irregular week’s end. You should take two or three minutes to wind up progressively familiar with us.

We would love to visit with you by phone or eye to eye and discourse about your wedding, event, picture session, or video adventure.

Template: 2

‘Photographer Name’

I started clicking pictures years ago. In any case, so what? The last time anyone checked I accept that there were 1 lakh photographers in New York City, and more are pressing through the splits each day. So who am I, precisely, and for what reason am I in the state of mind to conflict with 1 lakh to 1 chance?

All things considered, I started my vocation as an expert on-screen character, so I think about long shots. What’s more, photography truly occurred by possibility.

I never intended to be an expert photographer. Be that as it may, photography? My granddad, was an exceptionally effective photographer, with undertakings authorized by ____, and I spent a lot of my youth with him in his darkroom. My dad is a skilled movie executive whose work has been seen at the Venice Film Festival.

My mom, was an effective Ford demonstrate (must be the place I got my dazzling looks). So being around a camera is certainly in my blood. All things considered, I wasn’t motivated. That is to say, where’s the show? Where’s the adulation? Where’s the drape call? I was appreciating achievement in acting, so I didn’t give photography another idea.

That is, until the point when I saw a display by photojournalist ___. At that point, my demeanor started to change. He had a remarkable capacity to catch an individual’s embodiment and to recount a story.

His subjects are constantly delightful on the grounds that they are human. Photos like _____ picture of a model embracing an elephant never truly intrigued me, however, _____’s pictures of mankind moved me. I needed to figure out how to photo individuals personally. Before long it turned into a side interest. At that point, it turned into energy. In any case, I still never figured it would turn into a profession.

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One day I was at a companion’s home, glancing through her headshots. Not one photo said the scariest thing regarding her. They were exceptionally conventional, very studio, and extremely exhausting. When she disclosed to me what she had paid, I nearly stifled on my Starbucks. Silly! I’ve been simply the casualty of that a couple of times myself.

The following day I got my camera, took her up to the rooftop, and shot two snappy moves previously the sunset. That was it. I was snared, regardless of whether I knew it or not.

Template: 3

‘Photographer Name’

Acclaimed big name photographer, ‘Photographer Name’ , is known for her rich and private pictures, which have been included in the media around the world. She spends significant time in maternity, infant and magnificence photography, and her style mixes publication, mold and compelling artwork pictures.

Her mark look has pulled in worldwide dignitaries, open figures and famous people. She talks much of the time about her adventure from foreigner to one of the world’s driving photographers and how we would all be able to have any kind of effect with our work.

She additionally ministers masterclass workshops, tutoring individual photographers on the best way to locate their own style and take their artistic expression and organizations to the following dimension.

In 2017, She established The ‘Photographer Name’ Fund, her philanthropy that engages ladies at each phase of parenthood by upgrading a mother’s ability to advocate for herself, her family and her locale.

Template: 4

‘Photographer Name’

For a couple of years now I have been on an otherworldly adventure that has caused a move in my spirit. I began to feel that as my point of view on life developed, my motivation for taking photos didn’t impact me any longer. It as of late hit me that my explanations behind adoring photography could advance inside me also.

I used to take pictures trying to stop time. I felt frantic to clutch past recollections, instead of living in the now. I in the long run understood that I need to take pictures not to look back, but rather with an end goal to commend the vitality of the present minute. Presently is all that we have.

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When I glance back at old photos, I would prefer not to feel that mixed sentimentality for what used to be.

I rather what to be re-propelled to find that inclination of affection for what is in my present life… the associations, the delight, the adoration that I have today.

Template: 5

‘Photographer Name’

Brought up in New York City, ‘Photographer Name’ has been shooting life’s most wonderful minutes in the Big Apple and past for over 10 years. Her affection for this city and the mixture of differing societies drives her enthusiasm for shooting wedding festivities of different types.

‘Photographer Name’ has been included in esteemed print article distributions, for example, The New York Times and Sophisticated Weddings. Her work can be seen on destinations, for example, The Knot, and, Refinery29, Huffington Post just as incalculable as others.

While New York will dependably remain as a cherished memory to her, ‘Photographer Name’ has voyage everywhere throughout the world for her couples. She has shot phenomenal festivals and occasions.

When visitors go to your website, the first place they go is your landing page. If they have an interest past your landing page, they will probably go to your “About Us” page to learn more.

What to write on the about us page of a Wildlife Photographer?

  • Mention the detail of your establishment.
  • Tell clients how you have started this photograph business.
  • Share your portfolio to leave a good impact on people.
  • Mention your ‘WOW’ moments on the site.
  • Tell if any course you offer to students.
  • Mention your contact details to get clients.

When a website visitor decides to go to the “About Us” page fo your Wildlife Photography Business, he or she is on a fact-finding mission, as well as looking for the “story” of your Wildlife Photography business. It’s crucial that your “About Us” page says what goods or services your Wildlife Photography business provides.

Wildlife Photography Business About us Page Samples

Template: 1

‘Organization Name’

Steve is an honor-winning proficient untamed life picture taker situated in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. He has been a sharp naturalist and picture taker for more than 30 years, lived on the Yorkshire Coast a mind-blowing majority, and accepts there is no better place for an assortment of environments and astonishing untamed life.

Motivated by the common world around him Steve catches mind-boggling natural life pictures. In 2013 he was “Commended”in the “Untamed life Photographer of the Year Awards”, “Enormous Picture USA – Natural World Photography Competition” and “English Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards” in which in 2015 he was “Profoundly Commended”.

.His work has been distributed in national and local media and magazines, handouts, sites and productions. Steve has likewise been highlighted on BBC Countryfile, Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, local TV programs, and as of late being a specialist/area right hand on Channel 5’s “Yorkshire | A Year in the Wild” arrangement.

Steve recently worked for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds as Education Officer at Bempton Cliffs and has participated in various activities for the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, National Trust and other preservation associations. He additionally runs normal displays, workshops, and conveys talks and addresses.

Steve is likewise a Director of Nature Tourism Company “Yorkshire Coast Nature” situated in North Yorkshire, which conveys nature visits, photography workshops and occasions over the Yorkshire Coast and past.

Template: 2

Organization Name’

Welcome to my universe of artistic work natural life photography, where you can buy prints, book photographic safaris or simply appreciate photos of great untamed life. Inquire frequently, as this site is refreshed consistently.

I’m a picture taker of natural life from New Zealand living in London. I touched base in late 1989 for a multi month venture I’m still here traveling more than twenty years after the fact. A portion of my most loved spots are Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Botswana, and Richmond Park which is only a couple of miles from my home in London.

I lean toward a compelling artwork style, speaking to purchasers of confined photography. In spite of the fact that I’ve an inclination towards high contrast, shading highlights firmly as well.

I have gained every arrangement of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year arrangement since its initiation in 1991. They have been and they keep on being, my greatest motivation. In 2011 it was a benefit to see my image A Flick of the Tail decided for its cover. My photos have been distributed worldwide and my prints embellish the dividers of numerous people groups’ homes.

Template: 3

‘Organization Name’

‘Organization Name’ – Celebrating Wild Africa

Wild Africa motivated us. What’s more, it transformed us. We need to rouse a similar positive change in others.

Observing Wild Africa is an approach to associate with who we truly are. It makes an exchange with the wild and ourselves, helping us reconnect with something the cutting edge world needs to shroud: our wild side.

Praising wild Africa spurs us to build up a more profound comprehension of who we really are. It is both the course and setting for adventures of self disclosure, and it is the thing that previously enlivened ‘Organization Name’ every one of those decades prior.

In the meantime, we cherish how Africa can improve the world. Bubbling and captivating, Africa ought to be the landmass showing whatever is left of the world.

Wild Africa is made manageable by the spearheading job of neighborhood individuals and networks, who have polished protection for a huge number of ages. No place else has conveyed such spotlight on self disclosure and such responsibility to protection: Africa’s kin are a proceeded with wellspring of motivation to us.

By testing and changing observations we look to motivate a genuine and legit account that ponders what truly goes in Africa.

By helping individuals make credible associations we make them story tellers – verbally, outwardly, universally – who participate in the festival of wild Africa.

Template: 4

“photographer’s Name’

I’m Will Burrard-Lucas, a natural life picture taker from the UK. I am blessed to have the capacity to bring home the bacon from two of my most noteworthy interests:

Capturing astonishing untamed life in remote unsettled areas

Creating assets and gadgets that help other people push the limits of their own photography

I am most likely best-known for the imaginative gadgets I have made that enable me to catch pictures of natural life in new ways. This all began with BeetleCam, a remote-control carriage that I made in 2009 to enable me to draw near up pictures of conceivably risky creatures in Africa. From that point forward, I have likewise built up a scope of gadgets for camera trap photography.

Template: 5

‘Owner’s name’

Welcome to online arrangement of ‘owner name’ untamed life photography.

Conceived in a town Venkatachalapuram close Theni,a town in Southern India,Owner has dependably had a wild interface with the dramatization of nature.Now she is situated in Chennai. A MBA/Computer Engineer, she was drawn towards the photographic catch of this show as a vocation in 2003 at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, an UNESCO world legacy site.

Owner is apparently one of India’s chief natural life picture takers. She is energetic about winged creatures and is gaining practical experience in fowl photography. In recording winged animals through her photos, she has built up a style of specialized greatness joined with an enamoring story.

She has ventured out to a large portion of the National stops in India, and has additionally been to national stops in Africa. For untamed life photography isn’t just for her an enthusiasm, yet an incredible medium to help moderate nature. She is an individual from (NPS)Nikon’s Professional Services.

Her work has been valued and included in a few national and global productions and additionally presentations. She routinely leads untamed life photography workshops and holds talks all over India. She has served on the jury board for national and worldwide Photography competitions.

She wants to shoot Indian backwoods, as she trusts India has extraordinary compared to other Fauna and Flora .She clicks her photos with the witticism: Every time I press the screen ,it’s one bit nearer to Mother Nature.

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